"Heresy and You: The Discipline"

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Ritualistic and spiritual discipline that centers on communication with soul-based entities.
Much of the spellwork involves binding an entity, either to a trinket or a target soul as a curse. The mechanics of spellcasting take a symbolic tone, with most involving some sort of ritual or chant in a strong occult aesthetic.



Means through which Animancers actively communicate with the dead in a meaningful manner.
A seance is a ritual through which an Animancer may speak to the dead. The specific factors in the ritual may vary, though it always involves the name of the target soul and a reflective surface in which its image will appear.

Application of Anima to emotion.
Inducement pertains to offering a magical suggestion towards a certain emotion. Any effect spontaneously produced is subtle at best, and thus best applied in conjunction with other encouragement.

Magical effects, conditions, or other tomfoolery that are created by binding an entity to a target soul.
Curses are longstanding detrimental effects upon a targeted person. Maintaining a curse costs a number of spell points for each day that it is active.

To cast a curse, the Animancer must have any fetish with the appropriate entity to bind for the curse.

The catchall description of items or paraphernalia that an Animancer has imbued with magical effect.

Ͻ Charms Ϲ
Idols or totems that grant some form of boon to their surroundings.

Ͻ Wards Ϲ
Worn devices that convey some degree of protection against elements or magic by binding an entity with the appropriate aspect. The effectiveness of this protection varies on the strength of the entity bound, and therefore the aptitude of the caster.

Ͻ Malaprops Ϲ
Items that produce a singular effect associated with a planar entity when broken.

Ͻ Jinxes Ϲ
Objects that can contain a curse. The conditions of activating the curse are dictated during the construction ritual, and the curse itself must be applied at its culmination.
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