HollowWorld Staff: A Code of Respect

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HollowWorld's Announcer

No member of staff shall....

abuse fly
look through other players chests unless investigating a theft
bypass a locked door unless investigating a crime*
walk into someone's house unless invited or investigating a crime*
interfere with an RP event unless invited*
visit a town unless invited or turning up 'in-character'
teleport to a player while visible unless investigating a reported crime
teleport to a player unless vanished to avoid breaking immersion
teleport a player to them without the approval of the player
abuse chat or swear in chat i.e breaking rules that normal players are expected to adhere to
kick/ban or kill any player for fun

Although certain staff can enter creative mode they cannot...

give themselves (or others) experience
give themselves (or others) excessive amounts of items
give themselves (or others) unlimited money
give themselves (or others) illegally enchanted weapons and/or armor*
give themselves (or others) illegally obtained spawn eggs (unless approved for an event)*

Staff have a responsible position granted to them - we expect them to generally behave with common sense and respect for the whole community. We do not tolerate power hungry behaviour or bullying of players nor do we tolerate the abuse of any power that may give them the upper hand when playing Minecraft legitimately either alone or with another group of players. The powers given to them are for the purposes of moderation and investigation only.

If anybody has any grievance with a member of staff, bullying or any other personal issue they should contact Solus using the PM feature on the forums. She's aware some members play around with the /punishment feature or kicks with friends or as light warnings, but if it borders on abuse, please let her know so she can sort it out.

As a gesture of our commitment towards this goal, we have disabled certain commands like giving ourselves experience (xp) or items.

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