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Humans are known for their adaptability and their variety of characteristics. Over the years, they have adapted to many environments and adopted several beliefs and customs of the other races, which has led to quite an array of cultures and individuality. As a short lived race, they tend to focus on the here and now. Humans often congregate together in cities and are known for the many kingdoms that rise and fall during their short lifespans.

Height: Males range from 5’7ft to 6’2ft. Females range from 5’2ft to 5’7ft.
Weight: Males range from 140lbs to 185lbs. Females range from 110lbs to 145lbs. These weights could increase or decrease based on muscle mass, diet, health, and/or height.
Build: As mentioned, humans are the most varied race. They can be nearly any variety of build, within their height ranges.
Eyes: Blue, green, brown, grey, hazel
Skin: There are a variety of colors that range from dark brown, white, rich reddish browns, and many shades in between.
Hair: Black, brown, red, and blond. Men are known for facial hair in some cultures.
Other Traits: It is not uncommon to find men and women shorter or taller than their averages, but humans do not have the bone density to support much taller frames. Humans that are taller than average place a detrimental burden on the skeletal system, and often experience pain and difficulty as a result. Their ears are short and rounded, as they have adapted to live in the loud, and crowded cities.
Lifespans: Humans are among the shortest lived races in Altera. They can live between 50 and 90 years, depending on diet, environment, and health. They reach maturity around 16 to 18 years of age.
Pregnancy: Nine months

Languages: Common. Any other languages are dependent on subcultures.

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(Credit to Cherry, Fitz, Michcat, and the Lore Council)
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