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"It is more fun to misbehave."

Age: Adult
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Promiscuous and nondiscriminatory
Occupation: Fortune-teller, hustler, poor-decision-maker

Height: 6'3
Weight: 160 lbs
General Traits: Idri bears the dark skin and grey eyes of his Sooleran heritage. Lithe and limber, he carries his tall frame with a confident grace.
Distinguishing Features: He is most often seen wearing the multicolored garb and inexpensive trinkets popular among the Sooleran people.
He keeps a disheveled mien too flawless to be unintentional, and generally exhibits a rakish demeanor.
Hair: Idri's hair is long, and of an unnaturally red shade. Loose at the front, tied at the back, his hairstyle is like a mullet, but the party is everywhere.
Expression: He wears a crooked grin as an almost-permanent fixture of his appearance, with the laid-back attitude to go with it.

Scars: A thin scar across his left eyebrow, where a hustle went wrong. A few on his kneecaps, and a few barely visible on his knuckles, from things he doesn't talk about.
Voice: Similar vocal characteristics and speech patterns to Sypha Belnades. Dubiously more masculine-sounding.

Motivations and Goals:

"It doesn't matter if the story is true, so long as it is good."

Idri lives his live from amusement to amusement, always seeking the next diversion or thrill.

Immediate Goals:
-Earn enough coin in the day to spend that night.
-Don't settle down.
-Find company for the evening.

-Hold the perfect performance.


"Gift? I am the gift!"

-Loose, multicolored garments fastened and drawn tight in strategic places to advertise his figure.
-A single turquoise earring, worn on his right ear.
-A pair of small gold hoop earrings, worn on his left ear.
-Several sashes on his person. One seems to hang heavier than the others.
-A mangrove-handled dagger, with two names carved upon the wood.

Tools of Trade:
-A deck of tarot cards, dark grey with white lines composing the depictions and decorations.
-A pouch of small bones, carved with runes to be cast and read.
-Several sets of dice.
-A pair of loaded dice.
-A long sash lined with a strip of chainmaille.

-His tarot cards
-A large tattoo upon his back, depicting a mysterious woman in a similar style to his cards.
-A nondescript wooden mask.

-His deck of tarot cards.
-Mangrove-handled dagger.
-A gold crest-bearing ring.
-"jal-Idri Ahar"


"Life is too short to not indulge."

Selene: Good company, but more reserved than Idri. They have an enjoyable rapport.
Sadbh: Brawler, hell of a woman.

Rian: Aggressive, hell of a man.
James+Raalvara: Never did get around to reading their fortune.
Sugar: Holy shit

Would not:
Kam of Hakiaz: Would, but she is taken. He still enjoys her company.
Lisbet: Shy, and uncomfortable around such debauchery that Idri embodies.
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