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[Ignis Synnove] Mathaeus von Kourtnay


Bored Brit

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Show worship of a Divine for at least one month OOC from the creation of a divine profile/thread.
18/05/22 - 18/06/22

The character must be at least two months old OOC.
October 2018

The character must be at least sixteen years of age.
Mathieu is in his late teens to early twenties.

Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host an event which is of thematic significance to their divine.

Three notable acts in line with their Divine (Hunting, Healing, Bartering, etc) separate to the event(s) above.
- Abandons his Blessings and Service to Jax in order to follow the faith of his forebears and receive his true inheritance.
- Takes claim of the titles 'Heir to Arcturus' and 'Heir to Lavoyard' as previously held by the Anhalder Reichs, in accordance
with Ignis' sixth tenet in relation to his own bloodlines.
- Regains his claim over the County of Haven- home to the Holy See of Podric Flanders- in accordance with Ignis' sixth tenet
in relation to his own bloodlines. He explicitly holds this title in personal union, free from Kaltic Overlords.

One offering of an item to their Divine at the Grand Cathedral. (Place in hoppers.)

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