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IGT is Recruiting!

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HollowWorld's Announcer

[ IGT is Recruiting! ]

The In-Game Technical team is now recruiting new members! With the new separation into two parts of the team, an aspiring member can apply to either Build or IGT; or both! The team is currently still small, but that’ll need to change with the addition of Build Requests to our responsibilities.

Although we need Builders on the build team, we also are looking for people who have a solid understanding of the technical side of the world; those who understand architecture or how it would truly need to look or function in a medieval setting. Similarly, no one is required to have experience with WorldEdit or VoxelSniper to join the team; as training will be provided to all who are accepted (even though with experience!)

Those who are looking to apply to IGT should create a ticket with In-Game Technical on the forums or discord, with the following form:

IGN: (Your in-game username)
Forum Name: (Your forum username)
Date Joined: (The date you joined the server.)
Age: (You must be 18 to join Server staff.)
What part of our department are you looking to join? (Build, IGT or both?)
How experienced are you with Building? (Feel free to provide screenshots!)
What’s your experience with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper? (None is okay, too!)

We look forward to seeing your applications and wish you good luck if you do apply!
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