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[IMPORTANT] Pocket Migration


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Hello all,

As I'm sure anyone who's ventured there has noticed, the pocket world has nearly unplayable amounts of lag and is generally hurting. Under the hood it's eating about as many server resources as the actual main map, so we're going to generate a fresh one without the 8 years of inactive pockets that need to be loaded.

The timeline for this is about two weeks; on the 9th of January I'm going to make the new map and start migrating pockets. At this point, the old pocket world will be inaccessible, and /pocket should take you to the new map. Sit tight while this is happening, I'll try to power through them all as quickly as possible.

If you have a pocket, I would like you to fill out the form below in a reply to this thread. The old world will still exist if anyone really needs to get in to it/move their pocket, but I'll see evil things if people start asking about it immediately after the migration.

On a tangential note, I recommend storing things in barrels rather than chests, as they're significantly easier to render while still having the same storage efficiency. I don't think there are any outstanding bugs/unreliability in storing things in them, but let me know if they're actually terrible and I'll remove this.

Please only respond to this thread with migration applications. Any questions, please drop them in the discord.

Migration Form:
Pocket Coordinates: (Can be any point inside your current pocket, just for reference if something gets lost in the shuffle)


Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
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IGN: Jasper151627237
Pocket Coordinates: X, Y, Z is 29, 146, 171


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IGN: Kurzik

IGN: BLargtheawesome

Is there a chance we could have our pockets put together?
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