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To whom it may concern,

It is with a heavy heart that I must send this letter. Aracena Mithtanil, wife, friend, mother, and more.. is pronounced dead. The Mithtanil family, and all of Thiil, would like to welcome you to a small intimate gathering of friends and family to say our wishes and goodbyes. In the most troubled of times, Aracena will be looked upon as a source of light to lead us in the future, and her memory will never die..

Athryl Mithtanil

+This letter has been sent to the following folks: [If I forgot someone let me know I tried to remember important folks in the Mithtanil life]

-- Cloud The Living Ghost
-- Tzemik Kevasn Michcat
-- Nylarii Veileth Elz
-- Nwalme Fuvur blargtheawesome
-- Hazrin solus
-- Vhaejek TurtlePrada
-- Vukrell Subkilk Deathmoron
-- Aewin Darwyn Lannis
-- Ced J'sera Ced
-- Vevila Draugus Sizzix
-- Ashna Khovr solus
-- Albiorix Estes241
-- Vorar Baron
-- Naelwyn Talreyn Naelwyn
-- Omriel Joweh
-- Aethelsa Arcana
-- Thiil Citizens

OOC Information: A private funeral
Where: Thiil
When: Sunday, January 3rd, 2PM EST[If that works for the invited folks!]
TurtlePrada BrianAT16
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The Brainz
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Sadly won't be able to make it due to IRL reasons. But... have as much fun as you can at a funeral xD
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i'm the wench if you're the cake ;)
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Only gonna be able to stay for about an hour at the event, if I'll make it xD