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The parallel between Altera and Earth extends into the realms of flora and fauna, otherwise known as plants and animals. This includes what is visually represented in vanilla Minecraft as well as what is not. In other words, most known plants and animals on Earth exist in Altera - though within the Kingdoms this must remain appropriate to the Medieval Europe/Mediterranean setting. Alteran flora and fauna also extends to include some species not present in Earth's ecology.

What Earth biology is included in Altera?

While, fortunately, some of Altera's plants and animals do have representation in-game, not all that of the entities do exist in the world have a medium to present themselves on Minecraft. Avian and marine creatures, birds and fish, and all manner of other land animals from bears to snakes remain present in the world despite not being among the in-game mobs. Many varieties of herbs, trees, flowers, and even corals are also present in Altera's ecosystems. This parallel also includes micro-organisms like bacteria, and characters could notice their effects, but would likely have cultural rather than scientific explanations for the cause.

What Alteran biology is unique?

In terms of flora and fauna which exists in Altera but not on Earth, only what is represented by vanilla Minecraft or specified by the Lore Department exists in-game. Naturally, the Core Races are the obvious example, but there are a few odd ones lying around courtesy of the Minecraft developers...

Explained in lore terms, the creatively named 'Mooshroom' is in fact just a cow that has been affected by a fungus with symbiotic tendencies, and the ominous 'Killer Rabbit' is in fact just a rabbit with a bacterial infection (generally harmless to the Core Races) which is colloquially known as Mad Rabbit Disease, causing manic behaviour, fever, and probable death for the rodent.

How much does my character know?

It should also be noted that, as with all lore areas, it is also important that information about flora and fauna here on the forums is not meta-gamed or treated in RP with an informed modern perspective.

Realistically, the average character would be most familiar with plants and animals native to their region which are most important to them. For example, characters would be more likely to know of plants that are edible, poisonous, or common in fields, and animals kept as livestock, hunted as game, or known as predators of the two.

Why use Earth biology?

Finally, as a note from the Lore Department, we chose this system because of its simplicity and RP convenience. In short: it is easier to RP in familiar settings with familiar things.

It would be difficult, especially for new players, to consult a wiki or thread for the properties of every single plant and animal brought up in RP. Even more time-consuming would be the writing and publication of so much information. This system allows the Department to focus more on other areas of lore that need attention and do not have ready-made earthly systems of 'lore and order'.

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