January Newsletter 1.1.2020


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Sunderday, 1st of Snowdown, 2307
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Help Us Run Hollowworld-- Due to hitting a donation goal limited special titles specific titles have been made available. Make sure you have 1 HW donation credit in your inventory (Must be of Legend Rank ). The next set will be released on February, so stay tuned! [x]
    • Valentines (February): 105797105798105799
  • Archon's Hand - Revival Rework-- Due to the recent events of the last campaign, Unhinged, the Sisterhood revival system has had a rework to accompany new developments within the world of Altera. [x]
  • Head Texture Database-- Recently, the code of our plugin HollowCrafting has not been kind to the custom playerheads of skins and textures from the headsdatabase for minecraft. [x]
  • Wutgeist-- A massive wolf-like creature has been added to the beastiary. [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • Support Tickets-- Support Tickets are still available for utilization of all members of the community for increased ease in contacting staff and logged/recorded tickets so less is forgotten. [x]
  • Contributor Perks-- When contributing to the continued operation of the Hollowworld server a number of titles and other possible perks cane be gained. [x]
  • Auction House Plugin-- Need a few extra radiants in your pocket or a good deal on some materials for an upcoming build? Make sure to check out the auction house for some sweet deals by typing [/ah]. Here is a helpful thread for any new players or old players who need a refresher on the commands offered while on the Hollowworld server. [x]
  • Guilds-- Now, upon request, owners of Prestige Guilds on the Hollowworld server may have a subforum put in for said guild within the 'Organizations' forum. [x]

Campaign Events
  • With the conclusion of the Unhinged Campaign so to comes a number of ongoing changes to the world of Altera. [x]
Player Events-- Currently scheduled player events include the following.
  • [Frostwart] Winterfeast R.A.D.s - Jan. 2nd 3:00 p.m. EST - 6 months have passed since the last R.A.D. and the second term has come to a close... [x]
  • [Pits of Magic] Return to the Depths - Jan. 3rd 4:00 p.m EST - Postings would be made on the noticeboards of major ports around Altera... [x]
  • The Kalstaat Masquerade Ball - Jan. 4th 5:00 p.m. EST - Those of noble houses across the lands receive an invitation, as well as the allies of Kane. Cursive blank ink on fine paper, sealed with the black wax of House Kane... [x]
  • Forest of the Damned - Jan. 4th 3:30 p.m. EST - The Military Encampment established in the south to gain a foothold against the spiders is coming under repeated attack... [x]

  • Make sure to check the calendar or front page of the forums for any new events. [x]
Recipe of the Month

✾Ink Vial --
  • Glass bottles on bottom, ink sacs on middle row.-- To write down your New Year resolutions!

Riddle of the Month

If you think you know the answer to this months riddle PM Tideborne, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer, and receive a 1000 radiant cash prize.

This Months Riddle --

This months riddle is heavily lore related and will require some digging in the Hollowworld Lore Book [x]: Within the waters I skulk and wait. Soon they fall in and I do elate.To the depths I drag them, to my nest of gold. They are not one who will ever grow old.

Hint: The answer is hidden somewhere within 'The World' section.

✾Next Month's Riddle? --

If you have a riddle that you would like to have featured on the newsletter, feel free to PM Tideborne. If it's used in one of the Newsletters to come you will receive 5000 radiants in game. Extra points if it's lore related!

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