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[Jax] Haefer - Unranked


Soul stealer
Retired Staff
Jax's Lil Harlot

IG NAME: samiwasthere
CHARACTER: Haefer Aquarus
PROFILE: { Link }
TIER: Unranked

STATUS: Making money any way she can, creating opportunities for herself and making a little bit of chaos everywhere she goes.

Show worship of a Divine for at least one month OOC from the creation of a divine profile/thread. [ ]
The character must be at least two months old OOC. [ ]
The character must be at least sixteen years of age. [ ]
Must significantly contribute to (by attending) or host an event which is of thematic significance to their divine. [ ]
Three notable acts in line with their Divine (Hunting, Healing, Bartering, etc) separate to the event(s) above. [ ]

+ When the charity night was being planned in Storm's Landing, Haefer took advantage of the generosity of strangers for her own gain by busking and implying her earnings would be donated to the cause. Though she didn't earn a great deal, what she did earn she kept half of, and used the rest to purchase a small gold statue to leave as a gift for Jax in his cathedral shrine. (item location)

One offering of an item to their Divine at a shrine/church/etc (Log its OOC location for collection.) [ ]

Divine Log:

+ A Religious Revelation.
After one too many close scrapes with death and the law, Haefer deems herself lucky to be alive and this pushes her to thank Jax in a moment of vulnerability. Light passed over the roof tops of the slums with the rising sun, and flickered over her rings, the gems shimmering brightly. In the moment she felt like a diamond in the rough and began to hope for more. She sees this as a sign and begins her worship of him.

+ Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Haefer will pretty much do anything for money, but has recently broadened her prospects in order to include nobles and those of high standing in society. Whether it be gathering information for them, or simply being a pretty charm to have on their arm at a ball, Haefer is making friends in high and low places and swift steps to better her standing.


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