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21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngName: Jenette Vow. She has an Elven namesake but that is kept close to her heart.
Reason or meaning of name: God's gracious gift ( Jenette ), A solemn promise ( Vow )
Titles: Caretaker, "Priestess"
Character’s nicknames: Jen, Missus
Reason for nickname: An informality of her name ( Jen ), called by Maebh ( Missus )
Birth date: x
Current Status: Eager and attentive, to the point of restlessness.

Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Race: Silver Elf
Age: Twentynine winters, being an Elf, she still appears very youthful.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Jenette is apathetic to such affairs, she cares not and seeks no romantic affection.
Languages: Elven, Common
Weight: Around 10 stone, 63 kg, 138 lbs
Height: 5'6ft
Body build: Defined triangle, she has grown some strong muscle definition to her body, primarily her legs and thighs.
Shape of face: Heart-shaped, she bares a beauty mark under her left eye.
Eye color: A crystal blue with a hint of silver flecks in her irises
Skin tone: Pale, border lining a snow-white.
Distinguishing marks: She is mainly wearing white and wears clothing that is very clearly elven, Often extremely analytical
Predominant features: Her hair is quite thick in nature, flourishing in large curls.
Hair color: The color is a grayish blonde, mirroring the finest of smooth sand.
Type of hair: Loose yet forms into several curls.
Hairstyle: Large coils wrap down her back and shoulders, thick in volume. It is often embellished with floral headwear and braids.
Hygiene: She has a religious bathing routine.
Voice: Sweetly mellow but mature. Her pitch of tone is quite deep for a woman but undeniably resounding due to how passive and quiet her nature is. She's able to raise her voice but she chooses not to, preferably would rather speak gently.


21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngGrown out of her painfully shy anxiety, motherhood has certainly given the woman a new refined attitude and outlook on life. She still holds a kindly and gentle nature around her, never resorting to violence or raising her voice. She finds herself indifferent to difficult or upsetting situations and prefers to move on with time, tears are foreign for her, these days.
Good personality traits: Jenette has a burning love for helping people, whether it may be minor or major. She is always open to conversation in any regard, including the sour, uncomfortable, or depressing topics, wanting to give a person an ear if they want someone to talk to and she will happily listen. There is often great concern towards difficult situations, but never would she pity someone, always resorting to helping or perhaps learning more about something or someone for the greater good.
Bad personality traits: Despite her amiable and gentle nature, she is not one is expression much emotion, nor would they show in large quantities. Sometimes she comes across apathetic and it conflicts with some people, but that has rarely been the issue for her. Jenette is a woman of silence and still nature, she is a natural introvert, preferring the comfort of nature and her willow home. However, she has a wild heart and sometimes acts before she thinks, which often with people who view her weak and she feels the need to prove herself.
Mood character is most often in: Still and restful. Jenette holds your typical calm emotionless calculation found in Silver Elves during most moments of her life, undisturbed.
Sense of humor: She lacks most of her humor, often coming to a serious conclusion and immediately questioning it or challenging someone to live up to their claims.
Character’s greatest joy in life: Aragorn and Maria, Her religion, The Grove
Character’s greatest fear: Wolves, the memory sticks with her.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: She would do almost anything to save a person's life.
Character is most at ease when: Within the Grove, Emyn Arnen. The echo of nature surrounding her is where she is most at home.
Most ill at ease when: Sometimes, settlements.
Enraged when: When people view her as weak or useless.
Depressed or sad when: Rarely does feel upset. There is nothing so far for her to shed tears over.
  • Her children
  • Her studies
  • Her Religion
Life philosophy: “Make your life a masterpiece. Imagine no limitations on what you can do, have, or do.”
Character’s soft spot: x
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: x
Greatest strength: Her compassionate nature.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Her compassionate nature.
Biggest regret: x
Minor regret: x
Biggest accomplishment: x
Minor accomplishment: Becoming a Blessed of Shalherana. { Divine Profile }
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: x
Why?: x
Character’s darkest secret: x
Does anyone else know?: No.


Drives and motivations: Her hope of bringing comfort to people's lives runs like wildfire. However 21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngway she can help, she is usually gravitating immediately towards the situation or keeping a watchful eye and continuously learning new things in hopes to gain more knowledge for lending a helping hand.
+ - Done
/- In-progress
x - Failed

- Abandoned

Short term goals:
{/} Learn the ways of Shalherana from Citrine.
{/} Help maintain the Magnolia Monastery
{/} Advocate of Peace?
{/} Learn more of Shalherana
{/} Finalizing her ideas
{/} Knowledge
Long term goals:
{/} Raise Aragorn and Maria
{/} Maintain Emyn Arnen and preserve its nature.
{/} Faith
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Start them immediately. She is not one to idle or wait.
How other characters will be affected: Hopefully for the better side of things.

21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngColor: Green, white, blues, yellows
Least favorite color: She is not really inclined to dislike a color.
Music: Typically songs that tell stories, particularly ones that tell tales of heroic knights.
Food: She takes a favor towards pumpkin pie.
Plant: White roses
Literature: Jenette tends to favor non-fiction.
Form of entertainment: Stories and any form of acrobatics.
Most prized possession: An old stuffed mouse toy, Cheeshie. It wears fabric-made armor.
Combat and Skills
21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngPeaceful or Violent: Entirely peaceful, she would never lift a hand against any being or creature.
Weaponry: x
Combat Training: x
Skill List:
+ Crafts and Skills [ 4.6 / 10 ]
Medicine [ 6/10 ]
+ She knows basic aid, still learning.
+ Learning from Leofaren
+ Knows how to handle burns, bruises, and injuries
+ Properly clean wounds and instruments
+ Advancing
Herbology [ 4/10 ]
+ Knows a few tea recipes
+ Seeking knowledge.
Poisons [ 7/10 ]
+ Has no use for them.
Potions [ 9/10 ]
+ She is aware of them but has no use for them.
+ She grows curious after being handed a healing potion.
Cooking [ 10/10 ]
+ Whatever Maria brings back home, she makes into a meal after a prayer.
Art of Dance [ 7/10 ]
+ Ballet was a Mockingbay tradition and she has learned all movements when she was younger. But she rarely dances these days, preferring climbing.
Whittling/Sculpting [ 1/10 ]
+ She is not skilled in this but she enjoys watching her daughter whittle little wooden statues.
Music [ 3/10 ]
+ Profound in the ocarina
+ Learning the flute
+ Diplomacy [ 5 / 10 ]
Architect [ 4/10 ]
+ She knows how to form coverage, beds and a campfire from nature
+ Learning more about living off the land and forming primitive structures from her bare hands
Religion [ 5/10 ]
+ She is devout of Shalherana and relishes in understanding nature, however, she keeps a firm grip on her beliefs while conversing with others.
+ Currently learning all there is about the divine as a whole so she may teach others one day.
+ Espionage [ 4.7 / 10 ]
Acrobatics [ 8/10 ]
+ Due to Ballet, she is extremely flexible, the dance requiring your body to bend in certain stretches.
+ Climbing has always been a virtue of hers.
+ She is quite nimble
Athletics [ 2/10 ]
+ She is able to throw things far if they're light.
+ She bares a firm grip, able to hold onto things for long periods due to her virtue of climbing mountain cliff sides and regular rope climbing.
Deception [ 1/10 ]
+ The woman is extremely transparent, often blunt despite her gentle nature.
Infiltration [ 1/10 ]
+ Never.
Intimidation [ 1/10 ]
+ She is definitely not intimidating.
Persuasion [ 5/10 ]
+ She has a silver tongue on her, but she will never use it for ill will or gain.
Stealth [ 1/10 ]
+ Jenette is often barefoot and steps lightly, especially in forests.
+ Player Skills [ 5.2 / 10 ]
Charisma [ 7/10 ]
+ She uses her benevolence and philosophy, but rarely uses Charisma as it has no use for her.
Forbearance [ 9/10 ]
+ Extremely and almost always patient with many things.
Dexterity [ 3/10 ]
+ See Acrobatics
Intelligence [ 6/10 ]
+ For Altera, she's lucky to be considered average.
+ Constantly seeking knowledge
Strength [ 4/10 ]
+ She's not all that strong but she's able to lift lighter things.
Wisdom [ 7/10 ]
+ Jenette is one for sharing wisdom and comparing ideas between herself and others. She believes wisdom can be learned, earned, argued, and taught.
+ Protection [ 6 / 10 ]
Weaponry [ 2/10 ]
+ None.
Defense [ 7/10 ]
+ She has begun seeking out defense aid from Eren Abel so long as it does not break Shalherana's tenets
+ Shield training.
+ Foot and hand-work against attacks
+ Weapon Skills [ 4 / 10 ]
Archery [ 5/10 ]
+ Ironically, she knows how to shoot a bow from her previous marriages, but has never used it against a living being.
Dual Wield [ 3/10 ]
+ x
One-Handed [ 5/10 ]
+ x
Shield [ 4/10 ]
+ x
Two-Handed [ 2/10 ]
+ x
Health and Timeline
21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngIllness: x
Sleeping Habits: Her sleeping routine entirely depends on Aragorn.
Energy Levels: She holds a strong and high energy level, her time climbing trees, mountains, and running cross country as served her well, gaining a fit body.
Eating Habits: Usually vegetarian but she will prepare what her daughter brings back home. She eats when she needs to.
Exercise Habits: She is constantly on the move. Currently, she trains hard and runs through hefty obstacle courses, equivalent to military training.
Memory: Immensely high.
Unhealthy Habits: Being social is something she is still working on.

21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngHometown: She grew up in Mockinngbay most of her childhood.
Type of childhood: Before her adoption, she lived an adventurous life with her parents, often residing in the woods. After however, was rather sheltered.
Pets: None
First memory: Meeting Kam.
Most important childhood memory: Two baby brothers, lost to her.
Why?: It was quite the experience and the reason she was finally able to make friends.
Childhood hero: Her adoptive parents. Without them, she would be lost to the living.
Dream job: A High Priestess of Shalherana. Reaching peak divinity is her dream.
Education: Growing up as a noble, her education is quite high, particularly within religion.
Religious Inclination: Shalherana has always been an interest.
Finances: Whatever she can carry on her person.

21-215626_vintage-flowers-tumblr-for-free-download-on-ya.pngCurrent location: Emyn Arnen
Currently living with: Aragorn and Maria
Animals: The list of animals here is not pets, but rather ones that she has helped regain its health and released back into the wild.
- Abandoned baby Robin bird - 85% -
Religious Inclination: Jenette has always admired everything to do with life, it's purpose and it's meaning, from the strongest being or creature to every little detail and thread that weaves together a single leaf. While having adorned the aspects of devoting to the All-Mother, she's never really had a motive to dedicate herself until now.
- Dearly devout to Shalherana -
- Resigned from Jishrim -
- Resigned from Visage -
- Neutral but a firm acknowledgment to the Grey Lady -
- Has a clear but distant memory of Korog -
- Holds fierce respect to Theodra -
- Indifferent to Jax -
- Resigned from Skraag -
- Indifferent to Ignis -
- Indifferent to Sallana -
- Has a fondness of Valiant -
- A vivid and dear memory of Silas -
Occupation: Seamstress, Therapist, Aspiring Herbalist, and Physician, Blessed of Shalherana
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+ R E L A T I O N S +
Loved 100-90% | Treasured 89-80% | Friends 79-70 | Neutral 69-50% | Disliked 49-30% | Hated 29-0%
[ Credit to Morbid and Jeroxia I like this format ]


Loved +〚
There are none closest to her heart. She would give everything to see their happiness flourish.
+ Name: Maria Vow { Sophe }
+ Percentage: 99%
+ Relationship description: Daughter
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Maria is Jenette's firstborn. She had Maria barely out of her maturing age but it was a life-changing experience. Motherhood had certainly given Jenette the courage she's never had before in life and she hopes she can aid Maria on her path to enlightenment anyway she can.
+ Theme: Nocturne - Secret Garden {Link}

+ Name: Aragorn Vow { x }
+ Percentage: 99%
+ Relationship description: Son
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Her son, although still a little bundle, he continues to show strength and high spirit for adventure. It makes the mother think if her children will be far more wild and untamed than her. But that does not worry her too much.
+ Theme: Nocturne - Secret Garden {Link}
〛+ Treasured +〚
Family or dearest of friends she holds dearly.
+ Name: Kam Hakiaz{ Kamaoe }
+ Percentage: 89%
+ Relationship description: Adopted mother
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ While James had taken Jenette in at a young age, Kam was always a mother-figure when she needed one. She admires Kam, as she's sure many others do too and is grateful to her to this day. Jenette's only regret was not telling her about Aragorn or Maria.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Bliss Goodman{ RagingLunacy }
+ Percentage: 85%
+ Relationship description: Adopted sister
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ As far as Jenette can remember, Bliss has always been a bundle of joy, it sometimes is very unsettling. She is happy Bliss has made her own little family.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: James McGuffin{ Tot }
+ Percentage: 82%
+ Relationship description: Adopted father
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ The same as Kam, she is grateful to him to this day. She has not seen this man in years, hopefully, one day that will change. Heard he was young again.
+ Theme: x
〛+ Friends +〚
Amiable people that she has formed a friendly connection with and enjoys their company.
+ Name: Eren Abel{ DraKonum }
+ Percentage: 74%
+ Relationship description: Valiant friend
+ Quote:
"Valiant is the god of war... but he fights for peace and justice... It is the same reason I fight, and all my brothers fight... We fight so others don't have to."
+ Impact on Jenette:
~ Eren has been a positive force in her journey to divinity. While she vaguely expresses her concerns and doubt, he is always there to deny it. And so far, he has been right.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Linden Silveira{ RagingLunacy }
+ Percentage: 71%
+ Relationship description: Sallana friend
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Linden is her friend and maybe the sweetest and sincere man she met in this world. She does adore his pumpkin pies.
+ Theme: x
〛+ Neutral +〚
Jenette is not a complicated woman when it comes to regarding people. She views each individual with equal acknowledgment and vague respect.

+ Name: Leofaren{ Shankster }
+ Percentage: 69% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
+ Relationship description: Mentor
+ Quote:
"You are the image of what the devout should be, miss Jenette."
+ Impact on Jenette:
~ Leofaren teaches the art of medicine to Jenette. This alone has developed the woman to admire the man, and it only continues to grow the more they speak.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Kaarina{ The Cartoon Witch }
+ Percentage: 68%
+ Relationship description: Aspiring Shalheranan.
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Jenette is Kaarina's guide in her journey as a Shalheranan. She finds her naive and worries too much when it comes to Aragorn. In time, maybe she will relax more.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Citrine{ Samiwashere }
+ Percentage: 61%
+ Relationship description: Shalherana's profit.
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Citrine is Jenette's tutor of sorts and head of the Magnolia Monastery. The few events held by her have been very enjoyable.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Yrdl Hakiaz{ Baron2537 }
+ Percentage: 60%
+ Relationship description: Adopted brother.
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Strong and seemingly level headed like their mother. Jenette wishes to speak to him more, especially with him being family.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Branko{ Kostadim }
+ Percentage: 58%
+ Relationship description: ???
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ A murderer, apparently. He is skittish of people, and violent when he thinks he is in danger. There is a small part of her that want's to know why.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Aryn { Lannis }
+ Percentage: 54%
+ Relationship description: Theodran
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ The conversation was pleasant and brought some sort of comfort when in settlements. He is nothing more than a type of fellow wild lover, and that is what is comforting.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Marceau { Morbid }
+ Percentage: 52%
+ Relationship description: Ignite
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Respectable boy. She is unsure about how he can handle Illyrana.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Azalea Silveira{ Sophe }
+ Percentage: 52%
+ Relationship description: Caparii noble
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Linden is her friend and maybe the sweetest and sincere man I've met in this world. I do adore his pumpkin pies.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Maebh { Magic Intern }
+ Percentage: 52%
+ Relationship description: Fortune teller
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ It does not hurt to watch over her from time to time. Though, she has a spark. Jenette does most see a reason to worry about her regarding her eyes, apart from her offer to her. She is capable
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Jorvun { GhostKairo123 }
+ Percentage: 52%
+ Relationship description: Valiant blessed, patient
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Jenette's first patient. She is determined to break this curse that conflicts him and will do whatever means to do so.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Rowley { Philipe }
+ Percentage: 51%
+ Relationship description: Valiant blessed, counselling
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ He was all smiles and banter before the break-up. Jenette makes it a habit to check in on his progress, particularly through Eren. She is familiar with his pain all too well.
+ Theme: x

+ Name: Illyrana{ The Cartoon Witch }
+ Percentage: 50%
+ Relationship description: Rude noble
+ Quote: x
+ Impact on Jenette:

~ Jenette is unsure what to think of Illyrana. At most, she views her as a rude noble.
+ Theme: x
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