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Name: Jocasta Vita
Traditionally Pronounced: Yo-casta Vee-ta

Commonly/Personally Pronounced: Jo-casta Vee-ta
Other Names: Jo

Race: Human
Ethnicity/Culture: Asrakosian

Gender: Female

Age: 23
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Status: Single
Home: Eldpoint

Places She's Been To: Astrakhan (hometown), Linlea, Storm's Landing, Sangrian lands.

Occupation: Soldier, Seamstress, Falconer, Poet

Physical Description: Jocasta is around 6 feet tall, with a slightly broad-shouldered, mesomorphic frame that weighs about 156 pounds, most of which is well-sculpted, powerful muscle. She carries herself with a straight, proper posture, but that’s essentially the only thing proper about her. Her skin can generally tan, but it’s quite pale and rosy at the moment, as she hasn’t seen a proper summer in three years. Jo’s hair is generally a dark, dusty brown, whilst her eyes are more chocolate-toned.

Personality: Jocasta is a typical working woman of her culture- determined, tough, and has very few qualms about clapping back at her opponents. Newfound confidence means she enjoys sparring and horsing around. However, she's also quite strong-headed, and so she often will make an ass out of herself pursuing something that really ought not to have been- even if it is risky or possibly illegal. This is likely due to the fact that her family pressured her into making certain decisions throughout her life, so she has an intense drive to not only be independent, but to make the right decisions and support the right people in her life. An educated woman, Jocasta is thoroughly capable of using her wit to charm, insult, or confuse people, depending on the situation.

While she relishes the prospect of fighting for a just cause, she isn't pugnacious for the sake of pugnacity. If she isn't personally or politically involved in a dispute, she'll generally try to get out of the way, though often this is hard for her, as she enjoys muttering quips and making possibly provocative commentary in the background.

Drinking Habits: Jocasta can drink a lot, but she's still liable to get tipsy, but she makes sure to never go farther than that. She mostly drinks tea, now though; it's a habit Hadley put her on to.

Smoking Habits: Has never and will never touch a cigar in her life.

Other Substance Habits: None.

Eating Habits: She’ll eat most things and she eats when she’s offered food, even if she’s dislikes it. Her favorite food is chicken, usually broasted.

Exercise Habits: Jocasta keeps herself in good form by taking long runs or walks, shadow-boxing, or by running from awkward situations. She usually exercises in full panoply, with all her weapons and her marching kit strapped to her.

Family: Jocasta’s family live as textile-makers with moderate means. Her father (Kosmas Vitus) and mother (Agathe Vita) were competitive, outgoing and helped instill her with an intense drive to learn about the world around her. Her brother is an infant, and her younger sister- Galla- is a part of the Basileos’s Tagma of Amazons. Her eldest brother- Kaeso Vitus- died in battle, which allowed Galla to join the Amazons after serving in the Legion for four years.

Sadly, the expectations set by her parents for their children were high to the point of being toxic, and when Jocasta failed to join up as an Amazon due to being unable to meet physical and disciplinary requirements, her family showed intense disappointment and began to consistently compare her to Galla, which neither sister was pleased about. Galla had to keep her mouth shut about her displeasure towards her parents if she was to keep in their good graces and find a place in their will.

The decision to leave Astrakhan, therefore, was made out of anger, ambition and jealousy.

Jo finds herself being dragged back to Astrakhan for one thing or another, but it's not so bad because she likes most of the people there, nowadays.

Current Status:
She is okay.

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Inventarium e Abilita
(Inventory and Skills)
General Outfit and Inventory:

Being in the colder north, Jocasta has cast aside her shorter tunics in exchange for a longer tunic, a set of boots, and a pair of pants.

- Her longsleeved Basic Tunic that she wears with pants and boots/sandals

- Her white, summertime tunic. This goes down a bit past her knees and she often accompanies it with sandals. Doubles as swimwear.

- Her Bearskin Cloak, taken from a brown bear she took down herself.

- Her new kopis, which she uses as a weapon and a utility "knife."

- Her daggers and knives, which she keeps strapped to her hips.

- A basic knapsack filled with bandages, bread, and water.

- A coinpurse.

- A little bag filled with dried dormouse treats for Casca.

Fancy Outfit/Special Equipment:

- A fancy, silk tunic she purchased on a drunken impulse. In this link, it's the one on the far left. Sword not included.

- Her brother's rhomphaia. Right now, it's a rather rusty and bent up- she's hoping to get it fixed so she can properly train with it.

- Her own rhomphaia, which is pretty plain. She's hoping to use it on someone who deserves it at somepoint. Here.

- Her sister's armilla- military armbands that serve as an award for good service. Galla gave them to her before she (Jocasta) swanned off in the middle of the night.

- Her armor, made by Podric. Currently it is composed of a spangenhelm with a plated neck guard and facemail, a vegetable oil boiled rawhide lamellar war-vest that goes down to her knees, a mail hauberk, bronze-faced steel greaves, and blackened steel, segmented shoulder guards. The design was taken from the armor of the Amazons.

- A large, round shield covered in indigo-dyed leather.

- A simple winged hunting spear.


Casca has been Jo's constant companion for her three years of travelling. He is a northern goshawk, and being untrained, he is rather snotty and likes to screech (when he clearly knows it's not allowed). However, he has been slowly learning the trick of the falconing trade, even if he does use it to sniff out and steal sausages. Jocasta likes to complain about how whiny and uptight the bird is, but she loves him dearly, and Casca thinks of her as his mother. Here.


Falconry- 7/10- Jocasta is a decent falconer, and goes hunting each morning for her breakfast.

Socializing- 10/10- A natural gossipmonger, Jocasta enjoys talking to people, cracking jokes, and has long since passed her days of being a wallflower.

Insults- 6/10- She's very good at poking fun at people- but doesn't like to make people feel bad, though she will often unintentionally do so anyways.

Fisticuffs- 6/10- While she can block, jab, hook, knee, elbow, and generally make use of her body as a weapon.

Knife-play- 5/10- She can stab you pretty well.

Rhomphaia- 10/10- Jocasta can use her rhomphaia with deadly precision, able to perform such feats as slipping it beneath the armor of foes or slicing through shields.

Drinking- 6/10- Jocasta is slowly learning how to hold her alcohol- or maybe she's learning how to operate effectively when she's drunk off her ass. It's difficult to tell. Either way, the six tankards of warm beer a day are helping her.

Dancing- 10/10- Jocasta loves to dance, but will never do it in front of people.


Common (Language): Fluent.

Asrakosian (Dialect): She knows all the words and phrases of her homeland. Yet, her intense fear of being ridiculed or even attacked by the Northerners she’s surrounded by makes her usage of it to be limited.
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The Vitus/Vita Family:

Father (Kosmas)- Jocasta dislikes her father for his inability to admit his own mistakes and his habit of trying to live vicariously through his children. Still her dad, though. (NPC, but is up for grabs.)

Mother (Agathe)- Likewise, Jocasta dislikes her mother for the same reasons as above, as well as the fact that Agathe tries to pit her children against each other for her maternal affections and whatever property is in their will. Still, she's her mother, and she cannot help but feel some love for her. (NPC, but is up for grabs.)

Eldest Brother (Kaeso)- Jocasta was just five years old when Kaeso died, but she misses the stability his mature nature brought into the family. She has come to the understanding that his death was the likely catalyst for their parents' bad behavior. (NPC, but is up for grabs.)

Eldest Sister (Galla)- "You're a giant teddy bear, even if you don't want to admit it." Galaxy

Youngest Brother (Nikolaos)- Nikolaos is just a baby. She misses him. (NPC, but is up for grabs.)

Garrett L. Herennius (Adopted Brother)- "You are a grown man now- and still you get yourself hurt! Ah, it doesn't matter; I'm so proud that you're finally on your own! I'm always here for you if you need me, Garry.." Galaxy

Romantic Affiliations:


Mira Laranja (Neighbor, Fellow Brawler)- "I'm glad to see that you and Lana are happy in your new home! I hope we can talk more; you sound like a good person to know~! Perhaps a friendly sparring session to show you how well armor really works?" drbrownca

Lana Wake (Neighbor, Book-Worm, Poetry Lover)- "You know, when we first met, I just thought you were some froo-froo scholar at Frostwarts, but since then, I have seen just what a wonderfully fun and kind person you are. I just pray that I do not let you down as a friend, considering all those praises you gave me.." I am Wake

Count Leighton Altham (Boss)- "Just when we were developing a friendly report, you up and vanish! I miss all our tea-time chats, boss! But, no, really; you've given me everything I could have asked for; a home, a good job, and plenty of arms and armor. I wonder how you'll take my suggestion to go abroad for more work, though.." Mapboy

Countess Carling Altham (Kephale, Fellow Seamstress)- "I wonder where you've gone off to, too.. I hope you aren't too swamped in work, wherever you are. Maybe when you can come back, we can compare weaving styles, hm?" MelodyComplex


Remus Herennius (Cute Bug Kid)- "I'm glad that I won't have to take care of your insectoid messes anymore, Rem! Still, it's fun watching you hop around like a grasshopper and annoy the crap out of people.." ShamelessSauce

Imani Zaire (Priestess)- "You're a little soft and have a weird sense of humor, but don't get me wrong; I like hanging around you, even if you think I'm a brute." DizPanda

Rivals/Enemies/People She Hates:



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