June Newsletter 2019


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Greetings, Alterans!

Server and Forum Updates

Technical Update

  • Brewery is still undergoing bugfixes.
  • Auction House is now up and running again.
  • A Support Ticket System is being created: a new way for players to interact with staff so that requests to staff are not lost to the wind. This will be out fairly soon.
Lore Update
- Divine Overview and Review is going through backend changes by volunteer players and Solus. Elz is managing current Divines and Progress and Lannis had made a staple Blessing progress list.
We'll be doing what we can to make this section of magic run smoothly. [x]
- Flora and Fauna Updates:

  • Forlorn Flora [x]
  • Stones and Mutations [x]
- Reminder: Make sure you pay your rent to Kam/Ayda for this month! [x]

RP Updates:
Campaign Events
- Upcoming

Player Events

  • Upcoming
  • (7/6/19 @5pmEST) [Private] Brass Genesis [x]
  • (7/9/19 @3:30pmEST) Steadfast in Faith [x]
  • (7/22/19 @6pmEST) A Lover's Reverie [x]