June Newsletter 6.1.2020


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Townsday, 1st of Lightshine, 2306
Server News

✾Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes

  • Planet Minecraft Revamp - We are still looking for a few more screenshots of builds on the server to better showcase our community on Planet Minecraft. [x]
  • Region Highlight - Every month from now on we will be trying to highlight a particular region, if you would like to have your region considered please submit! [x]
  • Lore Art Contest - The first of perhaps many to come, this Lore Contest aims to find a good visual representation of the Desert Spirit monster. [x]
  • Committees - Many of the branches of the staff team have taken the time to put together commitees to create more content and allow players to have a larger impact on the server.
    • Events Committee -- [x]
    • Lore Committee -- [x]
    • Spawn Committee -- [x]
✾On-Going Server Facets
  • Support Tickets-- Support Tickets are still available for utilization of all members of the community for increased ease in contacting staff and logged/recorded tickets so less is forgotten. [x]
  • Contributor Perks-- When contributing to the continued operation of the Hollowworld server a number of titles and other possible perks cane be gained. [x]
  • Guilds-- Now, upon request, owners of Prestige Guilds on the Hollowworld server may have a subforum put in for said guild within the 'Organizations' forum. [x]
  • Archon's Hand-- Revival Rework-- Due to the recent events of the last campaign, Unhinged, the Sisterhood revival system has had a rework to accompany new developments within the world of Altera. [x]
  • Head Texture Database-- Recently, the code of our plugin HollowCrafting has not been kind to the custom playerheads of skins and textures from the headsdatabase for minecraft. [x]
  • The Lost Frontier -- Do not forget about the availability of the Lost Frontier and your ability to freely claim four plots to build in. [x]


✾Campaign Events
  • AUGURY is back in full effect will a continual flow of private and some public events. We will be moving on to phase two of the campaign in the coming months.

  • AUGURY - Group Registry -- This thread will simply be a place to document each player group (and its designated DM) and who is in them, as per the request in the "RENEWAL" threa. [x]
✾Player Events-- Currently scheduled player events include the following.

  • Hunting in the Frozen Tundra - June 2nd 5:00 p.m. EST - With a hunting party formed under the guidance of Boetius Forehorn and Rook Corvus together the brave hunters have planned to go after some rather dangerous quarry out in the frozen tundra West of Halbed in the Northern regions of Sangria. [x]
  • Seeds of Miscreance - June 2nd 5:30 p.m. EST - They took my eyes, I learned to hear. They took my ears, I learned to smell. They took my nose, I learned to feel. They took my nerves, I learned to taste their fear. [x]
  • Memento - June 8th 4:00 p.m. EST - Smoke rise to stone hold storm. A recitation receives. [x]

  • Make sure to check the calendar or front page of the forums for any new events. [x]
Recipe of the Month

✾Sweetroll --

  • One bread surrounded by Sugar. -- Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?

Riddle of the Month

If you think you know the answer to this months riddle PM Tideborne, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer, and receive a 1000 radiant cash prize.

✾Last Month's Riddle --

Last months riddle was: It is as soft as cotton, softer then a bog. When it inflates it is much like a frog. It grows in water, where it plunges, what is it?
  • The answer to this riddle was: (A) sponge
The first people to get it right were..
  1. Galaxy
  2. The Cartoon Witch
  3. Morbid
  4. Fluffy Bristle
  5. GhostKairo123
✾This Month's Riddle --

This months riddle is: I love to play games with my brothers. And I can take a man's house and build another. I have a home but do not sleep, though I have a heart that will never beat. I am a king like three other. What am I?

✾Next Month's Riddle? --

If you have a riddle that you would like to have featured on the newsletter, feel free to PM Tideborne. If it's used in one of the Newsletters to come you will receive 5000 radiants in game. Extra points if it's lore related!

Art Showcase of the Month

Month's Showcase --

This month's art showcase goes to our very own Bartooliinii!

Make sure to check out one of his newer songs -- Valiant Field March! -- [x]

Nominated by The Cartoon Witch

✾Next Month's Showcase --
If there is an artist within our community that you feel deserves a shout out, PM Tideborne and I will choose one to include in the next months newsletter. Art can be anything from painting, skin making, or even music!
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Awww man that's so nice! :heart: thank you for showcasing me! What a nice surprise :) I love you all!

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