Kam Hakiaz - Journeyman


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Minecraft name: Kamaoe
Character name: Kam Hakiaz
Link to normal character profile: Link!

Current Rank/Proficiency
Sparked through Arianne

Overall Rank: Journeyman

Spell Points: 50

Active Student: Yes


Active Teacher: Yes


-Rose/Arianne - Magician's Profile - Formistry
-Leofaren -
Magician's Profile - Formisty
-Kopii -
Magician's Profile - Formistry

Protege(s)(Current rank):


Sustained Effects:

A love of tactile senses has developed
Feels uneasy upon unsteady ground including ships and boats
The skin of her extremities begin to toughen, growing more rough and calloused.

She finds herself holding strange or new solid objects, and feeling the textures of it.
The skin of her extremities have darkened to match the granite of the area around Bol'tn'thar, and they have a stony texture.

Current Magical Status:
Learning, gaining a deeper understanding of forma and how to interact with this new world before her.
Planning for her future as a Formist now.

Known spells:

Pigment [Cost: 5][Times cast: 3][Successes: 3]
Rend [Cost: 10, 25][Times cast: 2][Successes: 2]
Shell [Cost: 15][Times cast: 1][Successes: 1]
Fuse [Cost: 5][Times cast: 15][Successes: 11] (2 nat 20)
Weave [Cost: 10][Times cast: 3][Successes: 2]
Thimble [Cost: 15][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]

Kali [Cost: 5, 10][Times cast: 4][Successes: 4] (1 nat 20)
Prana [Cost: 5, 10][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]
Layer [Cost: 5][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]
Dust Devil [Cost: 10][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]

Numb [Cost: 5][Times cast: 3][Successes: 2] (1 nat 20)
Mend [Cost: 5][Times cast: 1][Successes: 1]

Accelerant [Cost: Variable][Times cast: 1][Successes: 1]
Beanstalk [Cost: 5][Times cast: 1][Successes: 1]
Bounty [Cost: 5][Times cast: 3][Successes: 2]
Capsule [Cost: 5][Times cast: 5][Successes: 1]

Season [Cost: 5][Times cast: 8][Successes: 3]
Taint [Cost: 5][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]
Grease [Cost: 10][Times cast: 2][Successes: 2] (1 nat 20)
Viscous [Cost: 10][Times cast: 4][Successes: 3]
Identify [Cost: 10][Times cast: 2][Successes: 1]
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