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This is a legacy character, she is on the roster. (Just in case)
She falls under the old rules, being a legacy Earthspawn. I have added some of the current rules to make the transition for her offspring easier.

=+=^Dat Art by Me^=+=
Character’s full name: Kam Hakiaz (Has begun using her clan name as her last name in official business)
Reason or meaning of name: Kam means 'stoned' or is short for 'to stone' in Eark'zian, Hakiaz is a pun name that basically means 'hackill' in Eark'zian
Titles: Guard Captain, Regiment Sentinel, Queen of the Earthspawn
Character’s nickname: Mummy Kam | Mum | Mama | Girly | Beauty | Utkal | Emya | Formist
Reason for nickname: Reasons
Birth date: Unsure of exact date, but sometime in early summer.
Languages: Common (Doesn't know some words, Can now read and write common, though handwriting is rough and spelling is okay)
Eark'zian (Fluent, can read and write it)
Elven (Fluent in listening, has trouble forming sentences and some words, can not read or write it)(Taught by Bell)
Mok'yra (Greetings and a few basic phrases, no reading or writing)(Being taught by Ventare)

=^=Dis art by Elz=^=
(So darn cute! :heart:)

(Picture to give general look at her)
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Race: Earthspawn
Age: 28
How old does he/she appear: 27-28
Weight: Around 300 lbs
Height: 6 ft 7 in
Body build: Muscular
Shape of face: Pointy and square
Eye color: Yellow
Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: None
Skin tone: Gray-green
Distinguishing marks: Being a big honking Earthspawn and all associated with it. Arms too long to be in proportion. Tattoo on right bicep, tattoo on left wrist. So many scars. Up to the elbow and knee, her extremities look hewn from granite in Bol'tn'thar.
Predominant features: Pointy ears, cheekbones, and chin.
Hair color: Oil-slick black.
Type of hair: Straight
Hairstyle: Two braids hanging down her chest to her upper thighs, the rest of her hair up in a large bun.
Voice: Deep, smooth and smokey. (Like a Marlboro© cigarette) Harsh accent that sounds like our real- world Russian.
Overall attractiveness: If you like strong features she's got 'em. Quite lovely to members of her own race. To anybody else, she'd be pretty ugly.
Complextion: Rough, scarred, slightly mottled from time in the sun.
Physical disabilities: None.
Usual fashion of dress: Chain mail armor or tribalish wear. She keeps her stony appendages uncovered.
Favorite outfit: Armor
Jewelry or accessories: Skull belt, heirloom tusk necklace, ear piercings, and an amulet in the shape of a crab. Fossilized deer antler. A simple gold band on her left tusk. Hair thingies.
Status: Learning more about formistry and Valiant. Planning for the future.
Broken right hand [Healed]
Broken right leg [Healed]
Stab in upper left thigh [Healed]
Stab in the area between neck and shoulder [Healed]
Sprained ankle [Healed]
Pride wound [Healed]
Sickness (fever, paralysis, and hallucinations) caused by spiders [Healed]
Slash to left side [Healed]
Leg wound [Healed]
Scratch on jaw [Healed]
Face scars [Healed]
Forearm clawed up [Healed]
Cave sickness x2 [Healed]
Spider bite [Healed]
Bear mauling [Healed]

Acidic spit from Ari [Healed]
'Chemical' burns on left side of face from harming pot [Healed]
Wolf bite to left forearm [Healed]
Right eye taken by Murquel [Healed/replaced]
Two... cuts on her abdomen [Healed]
Broken shoulder [Healed]
Acid burns from falling into a pool of acid on her neck/shoulder [Healed]
Broken left arm [Healed]
Stab wound in right shoulder [Healed]
Cuts from the mirror golems [Healed]

Good personality traits: Loyal, introspective, protective, compassionate as circumstances permit, generous (will give what she has if someone else needs it), hardworking, and has a good sense of humor.
Bad personality traits: Angers when she can't understand something, cynical, can be ruthless even when not needed, tendency toward blood lust in battle (though she's trying to suppress it), a bit too self deprecating, and superstitious.
Mood character is most often in: Pretty mellow.
Sense of humor: Likes to make jokes and rarely takes jokes directed at her to heart.
Character’s greatest joy in life: Learning new things, kids, Azgir, friends.
Character’s greatest fear: Large bodies of water, drowning in them, Shoreless Gulf.
Why?: She almost drowned once and it's haunted her ever since. She can ford rivers and such though. It's an ocean elemental.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: Touching a butt. Been there, done that.
Character is most at ease when: No work needs to get done, with Azgir/someone she trusts
Most ill at ease when: In a spooky setting.
Enraged when: In battle, her family or friends are harmed
Depressed or sad when: Things end, when her friends or loved ones die.
Priorities: Family>Friends>Self>Neutral>Enemies
Life philosophy: Learn what you can, build what you can, change what you can.
If granted one wish, it would be: To help her race. (And maybe be smarter)
Why?: She wants to break the Earthspawn stereotype that all Earthspawn are dumb.
Character’s soft spot: Will not harm the old, children, or unarmed civilians. Worst she'd do is knock them out if they tried anything.
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Yeah, she never makes it a secret.
Biggest regret: [Redacted] Letting that demon get away.
Minor regret: Smashing in a Mar Dolk guy's face.
Biggest accomplishment: Learning to read, adding to her race, raising strong children
Minor accomplishment: Not killing that guy who called her a monster.

Beautiful art by Catena :heart:
I love it thank you so much!

Drives and motivations: To become smarter and help the Earthspawn become more than they ever were before.
[/] In progress
[X] Complete
[Y] Failed
[~] Abandoned

Immediate goals:
Finding remaining Earthspawn [/]
Learning to read better (Has a limited grasp of the common written language) [X]
Find a teacher to help her in reading quest. [X]
Find Azgir [X]
Do what she can for the Anhald/Fuvur war. [~]
Stay safe through the war and give birth [X]
Not die a prisoner of Anhald [X]
Keep self and babies safe [/] (This is a forever goal)
Get new place for all these babies. [X]
See if Cymic ever shows his face again. [X]
Talk to Sif about Cymic's death [~]
Find out what this whole comatose thing is about [~]

Heal [X] (It feels like this is a forever goal.)
Recover full use of right arm [X]
Build on Bol'tn'thar [X]
Find out what's going on with these dry caves [X]
Give birth to babies safely [X]
Tell Azgir he'll be dadgir 2.0 [X]

Find out more about the situation with the gods [X]
Make things right with Kov'gra'sek [X]
Get Jerr'co's bounty removed [X]
Prepare for the cave exploration [X]
Lead folks into the cave [X]
Gain experience in Formistry [/]
Learn more about Valiant [/]
See Pod get his ass kicked []
Help Cymic on his quest to find Jax [X]

Long term goals:
Building up the Earthspawn before it's too late for them [/]
Learn to suppress battle blood lust. [X]
Record Earthspawn lore and fiction []
Babies? [X][X]
Raise babies [/]
Be a better parent to her non-eark children [Y]
Jecht [Y]
Get Bol'tn'thar cleared out [X]

Murkztob [/]
Get her eye back [X]
Hunt the Siren [/]
Formisty Mastery [/]
Help her clan move to Valiant [/]

How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Play it by ear and try really hard.
How other characters will be affected: Hopefully in only positive ways.

Art by Beidak on DA

Hometown: Was in a nomadic loose collection of friends and family that traveled, raided, and shared camaraderie.
Type of childhood: Typical Earthspawn childhood, trained to raid and fight and all that good stuff.
Pets: None. Though she would like to get a dog someday.
First memory: Her mother telling her a very special story about one of her (supposed) ancestors.
Most important childhood memory: Meeting other races for the first time.
Why?: It sparked her interest in the betterment of her people.
Childhood hero: Her mother
Dream job: Author of Earthspawn folklore and recorder of pre-existing folklore.
Education: Was taught to read and write Earthspawn, then drove herself to learning as an older teenager. Currently can count to around 50 unassisted, after that she has to use her fingers, and has a very basic reading level. Can speak Common and Earkzian. Has trouble grasping abstract concepts, they tend to frustrate her. Has some tactical training and knowledge.
Religion: Raised to follow Earkzian traditions and Murkztob.
Finances: Fairly well off from raiding and selling swords for work.
Occupation: Was a mercenary from 17. Decided to get out of that line of work.

Current location: Mockingbay, Halbed
Currently living with: Azgir, Nardoc, Streggi, Jerr'co, Rinka, 4 young children
Pets: A tarantula named Zo, 6 orphaned boar piglets.
Religion: Has moved to seeing Valiant as her chosen deity + older Eark traditions
Occupation: Freelance guard work and odd jobs. (Getting things off the top shelf for shorties) Guarding. Patrolling. All day long. Regiment Sentinel of Sangria.
Finances: Rich, because she very rarely spends her money or treasures.

Mother: Hol (Deceased)
Skin: Red
Relationship with her: Her mother was caring and set the standard by which Kam set herself for a long time. Hol taught Kam humor and instilled a superstitious nature in all her children. Hol worked hard to provide for her family and this was passed on to Kam through imitation. Kam hungered for her attention and adored her mother. Hol was her ideal: strong, independent, and loyal to her mate. In the end Hol succumbed to the racial mind degradation and Kam put her out of her misery as per previously stated wishes.
Father: Lur
Skin: Green
Relationship with him: Lur was a sword for hire and was rarely home. When he was home he would teach all his children fighting and sword craft. It was through this warrior that Kam learned leniency to the civilians and loyalty to comrades. When he was with his children he would take them to meet new and different types of people and would give freely. Through him Kam learned generosity. Though they were never particularly close, Lur loved all his children. When Hol died he left and is presumed dead.
Siblings: Because of the Earthspawn lifestyle many did survive to adulthood. Here are a few who did;
Vil: (Deseased) Kam's oldest sister, she was afflicted with the disease that limits Earthspawn conception. She died giving birth to her stillborns. Red.
Rac: Kam's oldest brother followed in his father's footsteps and became the stereotypical Earthspawn. Is presumed dead. Green
Yur: Kam's youngest brother followed Rac into the merc trade and also became the stereotypical Earthspawn. Is also presumed dead. Green
Relationship with them: Was close to Vil, and loved her brothers even if she was not very close to them.

Spouse Baby daddies: Azgir, Cymic, James
Relationship with him: Pretty good all round. Azgir is mate, others are friends.
Children: Jecht, Jhaeros, Ventare, Jenette, Tavaril, Isabell, Ember, Nardoc, Streggi, Jerr'co, Rinka.
Relationship with them: N/A
Other important family members: :B Pffffffft Nope. There are likely more, but I can't really be bothered to come up with more at the moment. But please note that this is under construction and can be changed later.

Color: Lilac, gray
Least favorite color: Sea green
Music: Anything with a beat
Food: Anything with a meat
Literature: Anything she can get her hands on
Form of entertainment: Books and oral stories
Mode of transportation: Walking
Most prized possession: Tusk Necklace

Hobbies: Learning new things, dancing (not always well), reading, and telling stories
Plays a musical instrument?: Can play a pretty mean skin drum too long out of practice, has recently taken up the harp.
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Bettering reading skills or trying to learn patience
Spending habits: Pretty frugal, but gives money to the less fortunate
Smokes: Tried it, didn't like it
Drinks: Ale
Other drugs: Nope
What does he/she do too much of?: Belittling her own intelligence
What does he/she do too little of?: Appreciating herself
Extremely skilled at: Fighting (I think that's an Earthspawn pre-requisite) and drum playing, dancing, throwing things.
Extremely unskilled at: This thing called patience, and controlling blood lust in the heat of battle
Nervous tics: Right ear twitches when she gets nervous or superstitious
Usual body posture: Back as straight as an Earthspawn can get it, but can't help hunching over because lore friendly spine curvature.
Mannerisms: Tries to be polite and uses hand gestures when speaking
Peculiarities: Is friends with Cymic. (That counts, right?)
Exercise: Exercises and trains with scimitar and polearms daily.

Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist, sometimes blindly optimistic
Introvert or extrovert?: Is always willing to talk, but likes to listen more than talk
Daredevil or cautious?: Has learned that caution is better in most situations, but is still often first to charge in.
Logical or emotional?: Generally ruled by emotion, but is trying to make more logical connections
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: Swings between the two depending on how lazy she feels
Prefers working or relaxing?: Likes to keep herself busy
Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Unconfident in her intellect despite her not being stupid, but confident in her fighting ability.
Animal lover?: Likes dogs, cows, spiders, and babies of other races. Everything else she's neutral to.

How he/she feels about himself/herself: Overall in a positive way, but tries to better herself. Finds herself leaning more toward justice and upholding her own brand of it.
One word the character would use to describe self: Restless
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: (As Kam) I am Kam, I like to walk around. Can't stay still since my family moved around when I was young. I want to learn a lot of stuff. I want to be smart, and patient. Learning this thing called patience is hard. It's harder than learning numbers or words. I just get too restless. At least I'm not stupid enough to wear my boots on the wrong foot. I like dogs and cows and jokes. If I can give to others I will. I won't put myself in the poor house to do it, but I enjoy making people smile.
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?: Her sense of humor
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?: Her poor self control
How does the character think others perceive him/her: A big hulking beast
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: Her intelligence level (she wants to be a genius, but that'll never happen)

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: You can't judge a whole population on the actions of a few, so she doesn't judge based on racial prejudice.
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?: Pretty vocal when the time and place is right. (Won't openly slander something at a pep rally for that thing)
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Possessions: Basic chainmail, tusk necklace, crab necklace, a thick but ragged cloak, some furs, a shield (gifted by Ruckus) 'lost' it in a bet, a simple gold ring, some gold coins, a gold ingot, an uncut ruby (x2, one from Ronn) (All previous from exploration on Horror Island). Eisenheim Guard uniform. A simple knife (From horror island), Two diamonds. A fossilized deer antler necklace (Gift from Cymic), some turtle plushes, an orange scarf, a thick golden amulet, and bear claws. A green tusk dagger made from an Earthspawn tusk, an orcish scimitar, and a pole-arm (Awl pike)(Broken). (All from Urist). A Cloak from one of the Skeleton Demons that attacked Linlea. Azgir doll, plush tree, tokens of affection, and scorpion coin. Potions (Regeneration, healing, night vision x2 (Why does she need this? She doesn't. I don't know why she bought them.), 'Dwarven Lexicon' (Bought in Queen's Port). Bear pelt, gold coins, leather armor, new hair scarf. Several wendigo items, including; two skulls, a dried hand, a hide, and a skeleton. Helmet and crystals from nether. A strangely large and sturdy harp. Ancient piece of jewelry. Several gold coins, expensive gems, and a good amount of fine jewelry. An inscribed electrum and emerald ring. Tinted Pole hammer, tinted war scythe. Big bear pelt, boar tusks, Greyling skull, Shadow Rider's preserved head. A blessed double bardiche that was made by Thordil. Antis extoskeleton, Harvester gem (An acorn sized yellow sapphire). An assortment of fake teeth, a silver circlet with a swirly pattern, 4x green light stones, a number of dragon scales, 2x dragon claws, Dragon's Femur. Harvester's eye. A faceless coin from Cymic, it allows for a single reroll. A winged helm, crafted by Thordil.
Name: Harvester’s Eye
Description: An intricately cut and polished corundum gem the size of a fist.
Effect: Once per OOC week, the attuned may see through the eyes of the nearest applicable animal (Those being: bird, bat, rodent, feline, canine, deer, bear, or other non-sentient creature. No insects or bugs.) If there are plausibly multiple animals nearby which could be “closest” roll a dx to determine which animal the attuned gains the perception of. They merely spectate, and the effect lasts for approx. 15 minutes but can be cut short with a minimal amount of concentration. Can be unattuned by attuning the eye to someone else, or by storing the eye secluded for a single week.
Attuned to: Kam Kamaoe

Carried inventory:
Wooden Crab necklace (Always on), Gold ring, deer antler necklace (Gifted by Cymic) [X], tusk necklace, (unless otherwise noted), ear rings, electrum and emerald ring, a flask (Filled with rum or absinthe), scimitar, tusk dagger, awl-pike, a book, a ledger, writing implements, money pouch, scorpion coin, carving implements, assorted bones to carve, assorted bone carvings, her double bardiche (usually not carried in times of peace).

Beautiful art done by Smurf :heart:

Has started to wear less clothing, made up of hide and leather. Wears a grey suit on formal occasions. In the cold will wear cloaks and furs. Very rarely wears dresses. Wears armor when the occasion calls for it, chainmail only, depending on location one of two different tabbards. Black and grey outfit that won the prize at the Ghostmoon ball. (I'll never get over that she won, lol.)

Jewlery and accessories:
Heirloom tusk necklace made from Earthspawn tusks, fossilized deer horn necklace, carved wooden crab pendant, animal skull belt, gold plated earrings, gold band around left tusk, thick golden amulet (not worn), bear pelt.

Prized possessions:
Heirloom necklace, fossilized deer horn necklace, her weapons.

Funds/ wealth:
Money from job as Sentinel of Sangria, Gold coins, gold ingot x5, uncut rubies x2, diamonds x2, uncut sapphire, inheritance from Cymic after his death.

Manor in Mockingbay, Large home in Sanardu, House in Halbed, Large house in Linlea, Bol'tn'thar.

Zo the spider
Won a fight against Sir Crust the crab.

6 wild tamed, trained boars
Hand raised from infancy after being found in the woods, their mother dead. (From her, but yeah.)

Simple knife, bear claws, turtle plushes, Scorpion coin, potions, 'Dwarven Lexicon', a ton of pelts from various animals, a ton of bones from various animals

Green Earthspawn tusk dagger, Orcish Scimitar, Awl-pike, Battle Hammer, Shield, Pole Hammer with a tinted head, War Scythe with a tinted blade, Double Bardiche,

Art by the wonderful Elz :heart:

Training and skills:
Sword Training:






Harp playing
Because of her inability to move her individual fingers nimbly enough, she would only ever be a passable harp player. She will never be physically capable of becoming any better.

Throwing Bottles and Flatware
[Your grandma's finest China/10]



Image by SereneRiver on DA

Size (Racial trait)
Intimidation factor (Racial trait)
Strength (Racial trait)
Sensitive ears (Racial trait)
Sensitive eyes (Racial trait)
Can hear higher and lower frequencies than other races (Racial Trait)
Combat training
Tries to be open to new things
Knows her own strength
Can do most things one-handedly from losing use of one or the other arm multiple times

Size (Racial trait)
Intimidation factor (Racial trait)
Sensitive ears (Racial trait)
Sensitive eyes (Racial trait)
Can't eat processed grains or dairy products (Racial trait)
Can't swim well
Can't ride horses
Wary of things she doesn't understand
Terrible archer
Can't cook
Below Average Intelligence
Not terrific Formistry
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Kam at the spa by Solus :heart:

Azgir: <Ez: "You are strong. We will get through this. My med."> Jazzper [:heart:]
Kam's mate, she loves him dearly. One of the two people she would be any kind of vulnerable around. Though she still doesn't act it all the time. Was very happy when he claimed her and defended her from Kraug.
After some talk, they've agreed to spend more time with one another and their children.

Jecht Seymour: "I will be there for you more. I swear it."
Feels as though she has neglected him, she plans to be more a part of his life.
Jhaeros: "Congratulations!" Rang3r0wns94

Ends up taking him hunting often, then having to take care of him because he often gets hurt. He is getting married and Kam couldn't be prouder.
Isabell: "I should be there for you more, forget my absence." Ruulu
Has been neglecting this one for a while as well, feels bad and will be trying to give her more attention.
Bliss: "My newest Grandchild, a bundle of happiness~. Welcome to the family, little one~."
Loves newest grandbaby, looks forward to spending more time with her.
Reid: "A guard hmm? Not a bad career choice.~" SpiritTheLightning

Yet another one she's neglected, going to be spending more time with him as well.
Jenette: "You have gotten so big! In so many respects." Ruulu
Yet another child that has not recieved much attention. Going to try and spend more time with her.
Nardoc: "I love you mey bariek.~" Cymic_
Loves her babs.
Streggi: "I love you mey bariek.~" Asirel Luik
Loves her babs.
Jerr'co: <Ez: "Things will be better soon, Bariek. People will be helping."> The Tottot
Loves her babs. Secretly glad he kicked Kraug in his ceremonials. Extremely proud of his desire and drive to learn. Worries for him.
Rinka: "Growing up to be quite honorable, aren't you?" Ruulu
Loves her babs.
Ember: "You are welcome in our clan, child." HogoShi_Kitsune
Newest elf child, has begun to teach Kam Mok'yra.

Ventare Seymour: "Told you. Welcome to the family." ShaolinPunk
Cymic's eldest son and the one who takes after him the most. Is yet another new recruit (E). Kam likes him. Adopted him a bit out of annoyance, but it counts to her.
Yrdl: <Ez: "Don't try and pick a fight with your brother."> Baron2537
Loves her babs. He's a little fighter and she can't wait to teach him more things.
Kuuhtaz: <Ez: "Stop putting things in your mouth.."> ShaolinPunk
She worries for this one, but finds his connection to the swamps to be a good thing. She just needs to teach him more before the goes out.
Urzul: "I love you, mey bariek.~" RagingLunacy
Loves her babs.
Izhmoz: "I love you, mey bariek.~"
Loves her babs.


Cymic Seymour
Fenric Varkious

Another beautiful art by Samwych :heart:

Close Friends:
Cymic Seymour: "I am glad I have been able to help. It haz been so long since you've smiled like that."

Her closest friend, she treasures him more than she should. She even knows this. But he has earned her friendship, trust and respect. Knows him better than almost anyone else.
She treasures their friendship, and holds him in full confidence. After she's given him the tools he needs to go on a spiritual journey, she hopes they can close the gap which formed between them.

Fenric Varkious: "I am glad to see you back, my friend!" Colonelgames
Works with him in Sangria, both as Sentinels. Likes talking to him, they should do more of that. Nice guy, after what he's shown her she feels she can trust him. He got hit with a space rock. :(

Arianne Soresta: "Thank you for teaching me, Belik." BobDdoss
She's known this elf for years, and recently they've been able to grow closer through the teaching Arianne, now Rose has been giving her.
Kam knows this woman has placed an immense amount of trust in her, simply through the fact that she sparked her in formisty.

Ava Grey: "You are funny, and interesting." Joseph12Q

Tried to help with the savages who were wiped out. With Niko they planned to take a savge to a bar.
Niko Variclav: "You want to help those people. I like this." Niko
A friend of Cymic's, they planned to take a savage to a bar.
Sugar: "Sweet as her name implies.~" Ruulu
Likes this lady and loves the dolls she made, and her food's good too. Wants to talk with her more.

Dinn: "<Ez: Shame you were not able to spend more time with our people.>" BoredBrit
Feels sorry for him because he wasn't able to spend much time with their shared race. Wouldn't mind talking more.

Thôrdil Bárúmur: "Glad to see you alive, stay that way." Jazzper
She doesn't know much about him, but she wasn't going to leave him to die where he was. He told her about some other Earthspawn and has been nice, so she likes him.
Tzemik (The Nakat, not the Fuvur): "That poor man. Still, that dressing down you gave was funny." Michcat
Has interacted with this woman several times and is always impressed and intrigued by her. She's got a mouth on her that'd make a sailor blush, and Kam wishes to get to know her aside from the magic.
Nwalme Fuvur: "I thank you for your help." blargtheawesome
Has had a few interactions with this man, and generally likes his humor. Feels slightly bad at the thought that she might have made him feel like a walking favor machine.

Leofaren Venna "I thank you for the care." Shankster
An elf she's met a few times, and danced with once. He helped her and the hunting party once they reached Compendium.
Asero Crow "That waz a tough spot we made it out of, huh?" Electric
A man she's talked to a few times, she thinks his tattoos are cool and that he's a fun guy to talk to.
Astrid Seymour: "Little grape, stop drinking so much!" Ruu
Cymic's daughter, Kam helped to keep her alive when she was first born and holds a love for the girl based on who her father is.
Selene: "Next time our gamblez will not end in my lozz." NIAH
Whenever Selene is around, things are pretty fun. Even if Kam ends up losing whatever's being gambled.
Elizabeth Kane: "I see you are growing up good." NIAH (Again)
Doesn't know this one too well, but feels a bit protective of her because of the help her mother gave her in the past. Would help her out if she asked for it.
Idri Fate-Friend "Fate-Friend, we muzt tozz the bonez soon." Lannis
A fun one, who told her what her future holds, even though she guessed that a long time ago.
Uriel Valhart: "Rezpect getz rezpect." BoredBrit
He's treated her politely and with respect, so she will act in kind. He's been a help in sorting out some messes and she looks forward to seeing more of this one.

Alison Kane
Angleo Eberhall

Fadast: "Glad you could find a partner. Congratulations." Jak

Can not help but let a little racial bias get to her with the Greyling, but ignores it since she doesn't see this one a lot.
Theo: "Nice guy." Blorbis83
Doesn't talk to him often, but he seems nice enough. Gave Jerr'co a toga.

Evelyn Fuvur: "Stone arm. How?" Lannis
A third of the reason Kam will be more cautious gambling in the future. She doesn't know this woman well. Sailed with her through the fog.

Awesome art by Samwych

Unsure of:

Ashna: "I know why. But It does not change what you did." solus
Respects this woman because she let Kam with Grafjell across the sea to the Eastern Lands and the exhaustive work she put in. Was saddened to hear about her death. After Jerr'co's trial, she is unsure of what to think of this woman.

Wary of:

Afraid of:


Podric Flanders: "Waz he even aware when you did the deed?" Luam
Given he killed her son, it's no wonder she doesn't like him at this point in time.


Gone Bye-bye:
Althalos: "Sorry to hear you are gone." Electric

Didn't know him except as Azariah's date to the ball.
Gruk: "I am sorry, I hope you make it back. You are needed." hatybee
Likes him, hopes he came back.
Angelo Eberhall: "The world is poorer for your loss." Joseph12Q
Thinks he's a nice guy and that he'll go far with his attitude. Sadly it did not get him far and Kam attended his funeral in Jecht's stead. He will be missed by her.
Azariah Ralotumal: "Rest eazy in the world beyond." Asirel Luik
She is no longer the Sentinel, and Kam delivered her baby. She is dead. Rest in Peace.

Haven't talked to in too long.
Ix Chel: "The things you do are not good, but you seem like a nice person." MorbidGabby
Urist Eisenfaust: "You are as generous as you are skilled." rjamesking
One of the first people she met on her way to the Eastern Lands, he has given her arms and armor as payment. She appreciates his brevity and work ethic.
Poe: "Nice little one, taught me some Fae. Should probably learn common though..." Catena

Likes this little Caparii, enjoys talking to her when they see one another.
Jessimine: "Thank you for your help with that dagger." StarWillow2000
Likes this little halfling, hasn't spoke to her in awhile though.
Kyiat: "Congratulations on your wedding." StarWillow2000
Went to her wedding, is happy that her student is happy.
Kharn Sicarus: "You should not carry people where they do not want to go. No matter how funny it is.~" Warwolf
Likes this guy, even if Bell wants her to hit him a little bit.
Ronn Holztorc: "I am glad we could forget this. I will think before I act." SirLuamTehDoge
Doesn't really know how to feel about this guy, Bygones are bygones, back to liking his no nonsense attitude. Still confused about why he dumped Jecht.
Illden Seesro: "You talk a lot." Bitann
Newest addition to the Sangrian court. She talks a lot and uses a lot of words Kam doesn't know. Kam is going to give her a chance, if Cymic trusts her, maybe Kam can as well.

Luke Packman: "Thanks for the spider and letting me go with you to catch animals." Piratep00f
Aspen: "You do your work. That's good." Aspen

Doesn't know him extremely well. He gave her a candied orange though, so she likes him well enough.
Bought Zo from him and went with him on an animal hunt.
Winter: "An excitable one, hmm?" mokwar
Met her once, knows she's friends with Jenette.
Nesithra (Nessa): "You really took my advice and ran with it." ladypenguin
Getting married to Jhaeros.
Dwarf lady (Coryn): "I still need to introduce myself I guess..." Charybdis
Met this woman at the Slayers Guild, then again while pulling bodies from the palace in Queen's Port.
Horror Island: "So relaxing, I love going there."
James McGuffin: "You ended up catching Bell, good job. Now you have to keep her." The Tottot

A friend, he provided a home for her in Mockingbay when she needed one.
Joe: "Hanging with an interesting crowd, aren't you?" The Wanderering Ranger
Taught him a bit about swordsmanship, he is a good kid and puts up with a lot. He's got a lot of potential and he's well on his way to achieveing it.
Victor Roichstead: "Nice guy. Nice and quiet. Forget me walking in on you." The Tottot
Was sorry to hear of his twice death, likes this guy. Hopefully he doesn't bring up marrying Azgir again.

Diamond Azerwind: "We will need to get together to swap skills." mokwar

Nice woman who had a home large enough for her now large family to live in. Has offered to teach Kam ballet and Kam has offered to teach her self defense. (ogod)
Sileveth: "I am glad to see you once more! Has been too long." nexscarecrow
The first person she ever met in the Northern Kingdoms, she's considered a good friend.
Lillinette Le'roux: "We must work together for our son's sake." TinyBlueberry
Dislikes her disrespect of Cymic, but likes her well enough to work with her for the betterment of Jecht. Doesn't know her terribly well, hasn't heard the best of her.

Sif Sigurd: "Good teacher, good at explaining." The Courier
Impressed with his teaching skills, glad she did not try to kill him as Fadast wanted her to.
Boetius: "You are doing a good job. Lady." TheDuples
Another new recruit (R), Kam likes that he actually does his job. Unlike a few she could name.
Emeric Ralotumal: "At least your mistake was not a big one. This time." CyberChaosV2
Has stepped down from the throne and taken up the Inkwell Sentinel seat. She will continue to help him.
Ruckus: "You tried to stab me while my babies were there, I can not forgive you. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life, I will help you no more." ZeroOrgan
Her first friend, he tried to stab her and ruined their friendship with unwanted advances and drama. Which is a shame, because she really liked him. He has returned. She still dislikes him, but will not leave the room just because he's in it. It'll take a while before he's in her good graces again.
Tidus: "You are a tricksy man. I do not like it." Cymic_
He left her for dead in a cave, so she doesn't like him. Plus he's rude.
Kraug Thwarb Skorm: "<Ez: You? A privilege? Don't make me laugh.>" Glados
A shaman who keeps trying to push her to bear his children. He hit her son, and insulted her. She had hoped for better from a shaman, but he has disappointed her with his dishonorable behavior.

Veriswen Hun'rahel: "You had absolutely no right to do what you did." godfather1
Kam highly disapproved of her action to publicly air the laundry of two people when she had no right to do so.

Gael: "This is a good thing you are doing." Scardrac
The head of the Slayer's Guild, she feels he provides something needed in these trying times. Surprisingly looking forward to being a part of the guild.

Gilligan: "Calm down. Come get a head pat." Samwych
He's a good guy and she likes him. They should hang out more.
Ronak: "Will teach you good." Mongoose
A dwarf she's teaching to wield the axe, he's a fun one.
Nylarii Fuvur: "That was a good halfling toss." Elz
Everytime she's spoke with this elf, Kam's surprised to be talked to rather kindly. This is enough for Kam to like her.
Olive: "I may have said too much..." Smurf
Kam can't help liking this caparii. She reminds her of a child and Kam can't help but like her innocence, even if she answers dangerous questions.
Alison Kane: "Good to see you are not dead. Favor still stands when you need it." Elz
Despite not knowing Alison or speaking with her at any great length, likes her. Don't ask why.
Happy to see her alive after her supposed death, and hopes to see more of her. Curious to see what favor she'll ask for.
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(Removed the art from me, cuz I can just post that on art thread. :U)
By others:

Art from Spooksy_ where Kam is much, much prettier than she actually is.

Cymic and Kam hanging out as per normal. By Cymic_

I got a Ruu art. I feel accomplished now. By Ruulu

An angry Kam by Piratep00f

Kam, fresh from a fight by the amazing Elz ~:heart:

Smexy Kam by Cymic_

Elz portrait

A heckin' great Kam by Charybdis

Kam and Azgir on a hunt by Caturchandra on DA
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Wow that was all a lot of stuff happening in the span of few moments. ._.
It sometimes happens. I recommend linking the Earthspawn legacy archive list in case it happens again.

Yes, the character is approved, Faelin, Lannis and Readij were in the conversation and it was formally approved.

Also, Welcome back to HollowWorld~ If you ever need help in game, you can ask in chat or message a Mentor~


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It sometimes happens. I recommend linking the Earthspawn legacy archive list in case it happens again.

Yes, the character is approved, Faelin, Lannis and Readij were in the conversation and it was formally approved.

Also, Welcome back to HollowWorld~ If you ever need help in game, you can ask in chat or message a Mentor~
Thanks I just stuck a link at the top of the page. :)


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We will make them bigger. We will make them stronger. We have the technology.

Azgir's been waiting for this moment all his life...
It's so beautiful he is crying!
Oh no...wait...that's someone's blood...


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True, but even if she could bear children then the Earthspawn would just get a final shot in the arm for their species before going extinct. :/
Gregor needs a friend anyhow, one that's half his age and three times his height seems like a good one