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My mother told me, 'Always do your best,' and my dad always said, 'It's important to be humble. That's the key. They're not there for you. You're there for them.'

Status: Living his life in the cold, frozen north with the Rangers
Mage Profile:

Full Name: Karsten Norheim
Full Titles: Grand Horsemaster (by Jaden), Ranger
Previous Titles: Beastmaster of Queensport

Age: Twenty-six years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Aervägen Norvagen (3rd Generation)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 241 Lbs

Social Status: He lives comfortably, neither rich or poor
Homeland: A small northern village
Current Home: Wherever the Rangers are

Body: From years of brawling, scrapping and otherwise living rough Karsten has managed to build up a largeof muscle mass; he is a broad man, with a strong body. His body is a latticework of scar tissue and other markings, showing him as a man who has lived an unsafe life. The way his body is built provides him ample strength but he lacks any true agility or litheness as a knock-on effect. Given the ease with which he can acquire food, he maintains decent food intake while all the manual labour he performs keeps his muscular body toned up.
Hair: A red-head. He keeps the sides very cleanly shaven (a skill which he has mastered) while the top grows naturally to a longer length. He has notable and impressive facial hair.
Eyes: A strange mix of deep blue and steely grey.
Skin Colour: Pale, due to his heritage. Can never seem to tan.
Dominant Hand: Right-handed.
Posture and Gait: As you would expect, he walks without dignity and grace, preferring to get quickly from point A to point B. His walk could almost be described as "thuggish".

Hygiene: Relatively clean, but the smells of nature often cling to his clothing.

General Appearance: There is most definitely a roguish almost dangerous appeal to Karsten, which becomes more apparent the longer you look at him. This rugged charm to Karsten is aided by his scarred body and cocksure grin, as he is more than aware of how some people view him. From a casual glance, a person can quite easily tell that Karsten is a brawny man, with this becoming more apparent the less clothing he has on. He has a cocksure grin constantly plastered on his face, which rarely wanes. Currently, his beard and hair are longer than they usually are and he appears to have bulked up even more. Aside from the hair atop his head, Karsten is naturally quite hairy all over his body, with this including his arms, chest and everywhere else one might expect hair to grow. His body hair matches the burgundy-colouration to the hair on his head.
Scars and Injuries:
-|- A multitude of long, line-shaped scars all over his body. They are more highly concentrated on his arms, shoulders and face. His legs have a few and his chest has several. His back, however, has none.
He has two deep gouge mark scars on his right forearm, just above where his glove ends. While they aren't as long as his other scars, they are deeper, the skin around it thick with scar tissue and paler than his usual complexion.
-|- Five deep gouged out scars cover his left arm in a variety of places. The wounds have healed quite well, not affecting his arm long-term.
-|- His nose has been broken a few times, giving it the tell-tale ridge of a previously broken nose..

Clothing: Karsten's clothing is often fitting for the purpose that he needs it to. If he requires clothing to survive cold winters, he will wear many furs and other warm clothing. Whereas if he is in the south, he will be found wearing more loose clothing. Either way, his clothing is often finely made.
Carried Inventory:

-|- His Focus
-|- A coin purse with [ 200 R ]

-|- His jewellery
-|- His
pipe and a pouch of tobacco
-|- A set of lockpicks
-|- A pouch of nuts and seeds attached to his belt/other falconry supplies
-|- A sturdy black leather glove, always worn on his right hand

General Persona: Karsten is the very definition of a boyish rogue. He handles himself with a certain assuredness that can only come from being at home in your own skin. Yet despite this roguishness and cocksure nature he has, at heart he is a kind individual with an open-mind to new people from all walks of life, that'll stick up for what he thinks is right, regardless of how injured he may become in the process of defending his ideals and those he cares about. Another defining trait of his is his absolute loyalty and fierce protectiveness of those he holds close to his heart, regardless of whether or not they require the protection. He cares deeply for all fauna, as he feels a kindred spirit with the wild animals around him, as well as nature in general. In particular, he is especially fond of the animals under his care. He is prone to leaving the more intelligent conversations and thoughts to those around him as he tends to lead life with his gut feelings, rather than with rational thought, but that doesn't mean he isn't listening attentively. He also has a natural curiosity for the world around him, wishing to have his questions answered. Above all else, though, he prides himself as a descendant of the Norvagen.
General Intelligence: Average, though his new-found abilities have given him a deeper understanding of the world around him.

Memory Capabilities: Average
Personal Quirks:
-|- Hates the heat.
-|- Smoking his pipe.
Temper: Can become quite annoyed quite quickly, depending on who is speaking to him and more importantly, how they are speaking to him.
Sleeping Patterns: He often goes to bed late and he refuses to rise until he has had an adequate amount of sleep. A very deep sleeper.
Voice: He speaks with a very thick Norvagen accent that can be difficult to understand.

Religious Views: Follower of the Path
Alignment: Neutral Good
Moral Code: Average in his day-to-day interactions, prone to slipping either way if needs be.


-|- Loyal to a Fault - Karsten will fight to the bitter end for those he holds close to him. This also helps him quickly form deep, meaningful relationships.

-|- Survival of the Fittest - As a man closely affiliated with the Rangers, Karsten's survival skills in the wild are nothing to sneeze at.
-|- Nature's Ally - Animals of all shapes and size are naturally pre-disposed to liking Karsten and he is naturally capable of handling all manner of creatures.

-|- Son of Winter - Bawdy, brawny and otherwise robust. His genealogy gives him some decent benefits.
-|- Sweet Talker - Provided he is in the right frame of mind, Karsten has a pretty likeable, easygoing and approachable way of talking to people that can cause them to be predisposed to liking him. He can also use this trait to easily and convincingly lie.
-|- Arcane Adept - The wonders of the world open to him. His eyes have been forever opened to the dormant powers of the world and these powers will surely lend themselves to his benefit.


-|- Big Heart - Karsten has an exceedingly big heart, filled with love for his friends and family. He feels whatever emotions he is feeling in grandiose ways, and very much wears his heart on his sleeve. He feels his emotional hurts quite badly, while feeling joy in a conversely wonderful way.
-|- Gut First, Brain Second - He leads life with his gut, rather than rationally. Prone to not thinking things through all the way.
-|- Equal Footing - No matter what, Karsten treats everyone the same. While he may hold reservations about some people, but he'll still treat them the same if they speak to him. This trusting nature can make him malleable.
-|- Smoker - He smokes his pipe during lulls in his work and during social outings. How this will impact his health later on is currently unclear.
-|- Fern - If something evil or violent befell her and he was not there to protect her, it would crush him.

Training and Skills:
-|- Brawling | 8/10 | - Years of using his fists and punching his way out of situations has given Karsten a good insight and skill with using his fists and grappling.
-|- Arcane | 7/10 | - His skill with the arcane is growing. He has a deeper understanding of the way energy works and how best to wield it.

-|- Axe-play | 7/10 | - His naturally brawny build lends itself well to a combat style that mostly requires great force and little finesse.
-|- Archery | -1/10 | - Bows are stupid.
-|- Riding | 5/10 | - He is capable of staying seated and guiding a horse with average skill.

-|- Lock-picking | 6/10 | He can break simple locks and padlocks with relative ease. A skill he learned during his slum living days.
-|- Falconry | 10/10 | - After training four different birds to a high degree, he has mastered the techniques of this skill.
-|- Animal Handling | 8/10 | - While the scope of how naturally gifted he is with animals eludes him, Karsten is naturally pre-disposed to handling all manner of fauna with great skill.
-|- Carpentry | 6/10 | - He can carve simple wooden figures and repair the most basic of woodwork's, however he lacks the ability to refine wood into high-grade furnishings.

Combat Ability: Karsten's preferred fighting style is to go with outright ferocity and brute force, rather than finesse. To accomplish this, he uses a great two-handed cross between a Dane Axe and a Battle Axe, swinging it with all the force his body can muster. In his off-hand, he will use one of two simple throwing-axes. This is usually his opening move. When unarmed, his brawling skills are still excellent.
Weaponry: He owns a cheap iron short-sword that he wears whenever he feels he should, as well as a poorly made shortbow. He has a rather nice steel dagger hidden in his boot which is ever present. He also owns a seax, styled in the way of his ancestors and two hand-axes adorned in a similar fashion. Podric has recently fashioned him a beautiful new two-handed axe, which has become his go-to weapon. It is a cross between a Dane Axe and a War Axe. Due to the size of the axe, he ordinarily has it strapped to his back. Set into the head of the axe is a moonstone, that glows with a warm amber light.

+ Common
Spoken - Fluent
Written - Fluent

+ Old Norvagen
Spoken - Adept

Written - Learning slowly

+ Rede
Spoken - Fluent
Written - Fluent

Place: Northern tundras
Pastime: Drinking around a campfire, sharing tales
Food: Meat
Drink: Ale
Colour: Green
Animal: Bear

Least Favourite...
Place: Arid places / large cities
Pastime: Being stuck indoors
Food: Fancy food that isn't filling
Drink: Flowery wines
Colour: Bright colours of any kind
Animal: Moose

Current Goals:

  • Fulfill his role as a Ranger []
  • Further his arcane studies, learn all he can []
  • Secure a future with Fern []
Completed Goals:
  • Find a group of decent people [x]
  • Find a place to call home [x]
  • Find a stable source of income [x]
  • Deepen his social links with the people of Queensport [x]
  • Deepen his knowledge of a trade or profession [x]
  • Overcome his self-doubts [x]
  • Learn a few skills [x]
  • Return Home [x]
  • Learn more about the arcane and divine [x]
  • Learn to be of more use in combat [x]
  • Understand the Path in the modern day, and what it means to him [x]
  • Complete his Ranger training [x]
  • Defeat Strange [x]
Abandoned Goals:
  • Find a way to be of better service to the Kane's/become invaluable to them []
  • Kill It []
  • Find out why Sigrid truly hates him []


[ † - Deceased ]

Reserved exclusively for family members and love interests, these people are often ones he'd struggle to be without.

Fern - He cares for her more than anyone or anything else in his life. Her voice is music to him, her laugh lights up the whole room. There's nothing he wouldn't do for her.

Individuals who Karsten holds in a high regard. They are usually people he'd place all his trust in.

Jaden - Brother, teacher and friend. Someone who Karsten truly believes in and would gladly follow into any darkness.
Reivos - Always. No matter how far apart the two are, they will always be close friends.
Joseph - A lifelong friend, a teacher and an ally through it all. A friendship he would hate to see die.
Lisbet - Simple and familiar. They may go months without seeing each other, but they will always be friends. They've been through too much for that to change.

Elizabeth Kane - Since their original conversation, it seems fate has given them more and more chances to grow closer, as friends. He's thankful that Jaden has someone like her by his side.

The people close to Karsten who he has associated with for some time.

Podric - Steadfast, faithful and a dependable ally. While he doesn't know much about the man, he knows he respects him.

Anyone he does not know all that well but who he has still formed a basic opinion of.

Ayda - She has drifted away from their little group.
Wolfgang - The lad seems honest and true. He respects his passion for their shared craft and he hopes to help him further himself as a mage.
Guin - One of Fern's many, many friends. A little scatterbrained, perhaps, but he likes her anyway.

Aryn - A good lad and a good fit for the Guild.

No opinion:
For the general person. Strangers who are easily forgettable or people he has not spoken to more than once or twice fall into this section.

If your character is not listed above or below, this is the section for them. If you think an in-depth relation is required, just let me know.

The people Karsten is somewhat unsure of. He does not dislike these people, he simply is unsure of them.

Sigrid - Why does she hate him? Why does she seek to push him away? Why does she scorn his... their ancestry?

Sigmund - He understands his position but he cannot agree with his actions.

People he generally dislikes and would rather avoid if he can.


People or entities who Karsten absolutely despises, with no hope for redemption.


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