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King of Elves, and Protector of All Elvenkind


... is very scientifical.


Emperor Nwalme is now also King of Elves and Protector of Elvenkind.
In practical terms, very little has changed. Though a new legal code has been added for a new class of entities in the Fuvurian legal system - Elves. Citizens, elves, and non-citizens are now the three entities which legally exist in the empire. Any elves throughout the world are protected under the legal code, though Elves who are not citizens are not classed as being representatives of the Empire, only under the protection of the empire insofar as they acknowledge themselves as being under the rightful dominion of the Fuvurian Empire.

What this means is that if any elf throughout the world feels themselves unduly prosecuted or desiring of legal, or material, protection then they can call upon the Fuvurian Empire as their protector - hence "Protector of Elvenkind." On the condition that they acknowledge the Fuvurian Empire's dominion over them. However, unlike full citizens, elves who commit crimes in other lands are not going to be protected with the same doggedness as a citizen would be. Furthermore, in matters of arbitration between elves, the Fuvurian Empire is willing to step in as a neutral mediator in such pursuits, and lays no material claims upon the lands of existing independent elven states.

For the different subraces of Elves, the honorific associated with the title is different. With the silver elves, the honorific is The Silver King. Over wood elves, the honorific is Protector of the Eldnari. As the moor elves are already an established, civilized and well-ordered society, there is no protection under this legal code for moor elves who are already attached to one of the clans or states whose populace is primarily of moor elves.