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Active Lana - The Rose

I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff

Epic Lana painting, by Elz!
Any Portraits of Lana found will be this artwork, thanks to
Jase for
making map artwork of this in-game!

Name: Lana "Luck" Wake

Other Names:
Lana Banana
- called by her friend Kam and her children

Age: 34

Date of Birth: 21st of Truebirth, PC 2274: The Year of Uprising

Homeland: The Northern Kingdoms

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Engaged

Alignment: True Neutral

Future Princess of the Aorian Empire
Graduated Scholar and Author
Professor at Frostwarts School of Many Things
Warden of Radiant

Current Residences:
Linistel Palace
R.A.S. Bumblebee


Lingerie Lana, by Bettemus99!

Artwork by Elz!

The many moods of Lana, by Sqootshy!

Lana rolling her eyes, by The Cartoon Witch!

Height: 5'6

Weight: 152lbs

Eye Colour: Bright blue with firey red and orange irises that flicker like candlelight.

Skin Colour: Pale white. The veins on her arms are burned in a web-like pattern.

Faded scar on her neck from deep, large Wendigo bite (from [X])
Web-like patterned burns on her veins on arms, shoulders and legs (from removing Fire Elemental [X])
Her left wrist has a red ribbon wrapped around it that glows. [Bond of Love] spell with Linden.

Shape of Face: Thin round head with a sharp chin. Small nose and small-ish ears.

Build of Body: Hourglass shape with an athletic build.

Hair Colour: Golden blonde.

Hair Style: Long and straight from top, but wavy into two strands as it reaches past her shoulders. The hair at her back is long, thick and curls slightly.

Posture: Straight and noble-like.

Voice: Yennefer from Witcher. Linky Link Here.


Artwork by Omikuji!

Being turned into a Vyre without consent.
Disappointing the Silveira family.
Losing Linden as she lost Mira.
Massive, leviathan monsters such as the Wyrms.

Values: Most of all, Lana values determination and will regard someone with respect if they have a goal in life. Admires ambition, devotion and honourable deeds. Lana also values hierarchy and, when given a chance, calls people by their titles: regardless of any friendship. As a scholar, she values the preservation of knowledge- taking a liking to other scholars, regardless of who they are and what they have done. Lana is very prideful of her family, lifestyle and status as a scholar.

Common, spoken and written fluently.
Elven, spoken and written fluently.
Fae, spoken and written fluently.
Rede, spoken fluently, decent at writing.
Aorian, spoken and written fluently.
Horgaahn, written and spoken acceptably.
Mar'jash, decent amount spoken.
Lavoyarde, tiny amount spoken and written.

General Attitude: Lana has become a calm individual who is open minded to every walk of life. She does not react to hostility, nor cruelness nor an opinion she disagrees with in distain-- instead offering an alternative solution through comfort or debate. Her words usually have several meanings, open to interpretation. Whilst prideful in her work, she will take humility when she is wrong and correct the faults if possible. Even within the most horrific of events, Lana will find beauty and wonder in the chaos-- especially regarding Corruption and Blight.

It is rare to see Lana with a weapon in hand, as she is peaceful by nature and will only battle should life depend on it. When somebody or something invokes her wrath, Lana shall unleash her full might upon the foe: using all she has learned and all her relations to battle not only the physical presence of the enemy, but their future. Thankfully, Lana prefers making friendships with her foes, even if they have wronged her before.

To guide another using her wits and knowledge which she does not expect another to have is Lana's self-imposed purpose. She believes firmly in the sharing of most knowledge, although will keep secrets closely guarded ever since leaving Visage. When teaching, Lana takes a motherly stance in guiding another towards their goals-- offering alternative motives and giving caution when needed. She concerns herself with the safety and wellbeing of others, regardless of who they are. When Lana forms a bond with somebody, she will fiercely adore said individual with upmost respect, revere and affection. On the opposing scale, those she dislikes will simply never be mentioned nor considered in her life.

Religious Inclination: Lana worships the Figment of Magic.

Lana is friendly to the Gods, yet has a friendlier belief similar to the Ashen Truth. She respects the Gods for what they are, but no longer views herself beneath them- instead as entirely seperate entities that have power over one another in different ways. Lana is a former
Blessed of Visage and loves a Blessed of Sallana. She proudly calls many Blessed her friends and will aid all Gods bar Jishrim.

General Intelligence: Lana is highly intelligent and applies her knowledge when possible. As of 2307, some individuals began calling her 'the greatest scholar of Altera.' She is actively aware of how the Realm works on a metaphysical level (having coined the term 'metaphysical').

General Sociability: High. Lana enjoys company and talking. She finds her strength in others. People often seek her out.

Short Term Goals:
To marry Linden Silveria
To open a shop in Storms Landing
To become a Mage

Long Term Goals:
To become a Mage
To remain the greatest scholar of Altera in recent memory

Artwork by Zoslore!


Peaceful of Violent: Peaceful.

Weaponry: Longsword.

Combat Training: Lana has learned how to correctly wield a longsword to defend herself effectively when engaged in combat.

Lana's Weapons:

The Silver Rose - Forged by
Malark Tallstag, the longsword acts as both Lana's weapon and a portable mirror. It was commissioned by Hellmann on behalf of Lana on the 24th of Lightshine 2308- and given to Lana on the 3rd of Sunbright 2308. She wished upon a Bloodied Silver sword to better battle undead and spirits for the Undawn events.

The Iron Rose - Forged by Prince Ventare Seymour, Lana's sword is unique in appearance due to its design to look like a rose with thorns at the crossguard. It is made of steel and made for both functionality and beauty.

She was given the blade on the 8th of Sporebloom, 2306. It saw its first proper battle on 11th of Sunbright when Life was taken by Jishrim.

The blade was briefly lost to Lana on the 3rd of Mistset 2307 after being kidnapped in the aftermath of the Battle of Astrum, though it was returned to her by Lord Lune on the 28th of Mistset 2307.

Lana enchanted the blade on Townsday, 27th of Ghostmoon, 2307. It now sparks flames like dry tinder.
On the 16th of Floodlock, 2308, the
enchantments across the Realm broke.

As of the
15th of Springrise, the Iron Rose became a lore'd item under the Hollowcrafting plugin.

As of Fireday, 3rd of Sunbright 2308, The Iron Rose was replaced with a new sword forged by
Malark Tallstag made of Bloodied Silver. This new weapon is called Silver Rose. As a result, The Iron Rose has been put as a decoration piece for now as a backup blade.

Awesome sword by Elz!

first image by Fluffy Bristle! Second image by TealCreations, a gift from RagingLunacy!


Current amount: 234/234 used

Body: 1
Mind: 3
Soul: 2

Awareness: 4 (1 Focus)
Determination: 4 (1 Focus)
Might: 0
Survival: 1
Ranged: 0
Fortitude: 2
Evasion: 5 (2 Focus)
Melee: 4 (2 Focus)
Handling: 1
Medicine: 4 (1 Focus)
Stealth: 3
Guile: 5 (2 Focus)
Thievery: 0
Lore: 5 (3 Focus)
Intimidation: 0
Crafting: 1
Grappling: 1


Pastime: Writing
Activity: Teaching
Food: Aorian Garlic Chicken
Drink: Chamomile Tea
Colour: Red
Animal: Dog

Least Favourite...
Storm's Landing
Pastime: Training to fight
Activity: Fighting
Food: Steak
Drink: Whiskey
Colour: Pink
Animal: Giant Spider

By Magic Intern!
Lana as a Fireblessed, 2306-7


Lana was born on the 21st of Truebirth, PC 2274. Lana's original family, the Blacklight Family, was killed by undead and the Skraag's Touch disease. During the Great Migration (2281), she was seven years old. An orphan aboard ships heading to the Eastern Continent, she had only her first name-- and nothing else. The good man that he was, she was adopted by Rahm Kennyson.

Her embarrassing late childhood years and early teens were dominated with what Lana would consider to be 'mistakes.' She rarely speaks about these years. Rahm was rarely around, given his impending madness and name of 'Grun'aku' among the Bwabo. Everything she learned was a solitary journey, through trial and error. She took a few part-time jobs, especially as a barkeep, dreaming of a richer, more sophisticated life.

All of these memories Lana has now forgotten, taken from her by Visage when he cursed her on the 22nd of Winterfest 2307.

2293 Beginnings

At the age of 18 (2293), Lana rented a home in Storm's Landing. She briefly had a job in the University of the Mind in Sanardú looking after brains in jars for the Witch King (further proof). It was at this age she met two lifelong friends, Kam and Fronslin. She wrote her first book 'Metaphysics I: Gravity' at this age, her first attempt to be known as a scholar. However, at this time, the Compendium was abandoned and empty. Her book did poorly and she did not land a successful paying job to continue paying for her home in Storm's Landing. A girl with big dreams: she was kicked out of her home and forced to take the first job that came her way before becoming a beggar.
Lana became a sailor for thirteen years.

During Lana's voyages as a sailor, she saw many different creatures and came up with the theory of evolution.

Frostwarts Arc

In early 2306, Lana quit being a sailor in Halbed. She joined Frostwarts School of Many Things and, in the same year, would graduate after only three months- publishing many books during this time, especially to her Metaphysics series. Over time, she became close with two regular visitors: Woven and Cyrus. To avoid poverty, she was paid by Headmaster Kublai Kulligar for her works and lived directly in Frostwarts itself. Briefly, she dated Rook Corvus- but it did not work out, for she did not wish to live in his shadow. She fell in love with Mira Laranja shortly after, during a time when she was planning on travelling the entire Eastern Continent. Together, they travelled the Continent- to which Lana met an extrodinary amount of people from all walks of life. Lana published her journey as she went. She graduated shortly after finishing the journey and moved to Astrakhan with Mira.

Fury Arc

After graduating, Lana felt lost in life without a purpose. She decided to form the Wardens of Radiant by gathering former Guardians, Radiants and respected individuals. The Wardens had a mixed reception- very few joined. Lana became increasingly determined, especially after the Mantle of Life was taken by STEP. She accidently became Spiritblessed by attracting an elemental due to the anger in her heart towards Jishrimites. In time, the anger grew towards even those she cared for. Her relationship with Mira became increasingly rocky, especially after the murder of Woven which she played a part in.

After taking part in two battles ([X] & [X]), she was kidnapped by kidnapped by Kralak's forces. After a week of torture, she was given to STEP as a gift. Missing Posters went up as a new friend, Lord Lune Tek'ton, attempted to search for her alongside numerous others.
She was never found, however. Her mental state deteriorated greatly as she remained in a cage for what could have been three weeks or a few years depending on a person's own perception of time. When Lana finally 'escaped,' she was horridly injured and sought safety in the Kaltstaat. During this time, Lana was slowly developing a likness for the God Visage and began to worship him.

Whilst Lana was recovering, her lover lost all memory of Lana and their time together. This, for a time, destroyed Lana's life.

Lana no longer remembers the Wardens of Radiant nor the Stairway of Eternal Peace, despite remembering their members. She was cursed by Visage on the 22nd of Winterfest to forget these groups.

Visage Arc

During her stay, Lana was hired by King Asher and Queen Katherine to be a scholar of the Kaltstaat. Gerard McIvy removed the Fire Elemental within her. Lana, lost and depressed, moved to Astrum Isle and opened her own shop. It was here she became a successful business owner for the Red Rose Bookstore. Beneath this bookstore, she had a shrine to Visage. In late Fogwater, Lana became a Blessed of Visage through her devotion and new understanding of the God.

Lana's mind recovered from depression, especially when
Linden Silveira fell in love with her. Shortly after, they began dating- which blossomed into a loving relationship where both could share anything with one another without fear or need to lie. For a few months, Lana worked as Gelehrte for the Die Versammlung and attend Kaltstaat court often, working specifically under Eisenhand Lord Thure von Hardanger until he was removed from his position on the 30th of Ghostmoon- shortly before Lana herself stepped down. Despite Lana's later views on King Asher's development into a tyrant, she held great respect for him whilst working for him and once attempted to intervene in a duel in early Stormwind to aid Kaiser Asher Varyn against Mathieu de Courtnay II.

Late Ghostmoon, Lana closed down the Red Rose Bookstore in Astrum to move to Linistel with Linden. She was surprised to discover that the man she loved was a Silveira, a family she greatly respected. They moved into the Linistel Palace together, where Lana began to become conflicted in her faith of Visage when she did not wish to decieve those she loved.
Lana had to quit her job as Gelehrte at the request of
Sugar Silveira in early Stormwind 2307 because of ther future royal status. If Lana was to marry Linden one day, she would not be allowed to work for another Kingdom officially.

Throughout the next few months, Lana attempted to 'unite' the Visages-- yet only found a few who, for the most part, had their own plans and were not interested. She attempted to construct a Visage Holy Ground beneath Queensport, where she learned how to use advanced redstone. Unfortunately, as Lana grew closer to other Visages, she realized just how little she meant to them compared to how much she meant to the Silveira family-- to her lover. As such, on the 9th of Winterfest, 2307, Lana stopped worshipping Visage. Although her faith ended, she did not do so dramatically: Lana still held care for other Visages in her heart.

Confidence Arc

On the 22nd of Winterfest,
Linistel was threatened by a usurper. Sugar, Fronslin and Podric were poisoned whilst drinking. Given this was the same day Lana was cursed by Visage for leaving his faith, now losing memories of the Wardens of Radiant, Rahm, Kublai, STEP and other tidbits of lore-- Lana felt strongly about this threat, as recorded in her diary. She don armour and swears to herself to protect her new family. However, the threat never resurfaced.

Lana lived comfortably in Linistel with her family, as she has for the last two
(OOC) months (Snowdown and Floodlock 2308). During this time, she founded the
Red Rose Charity and began to worship the Figment of Magic.

Mid-Springrise, Lana decided to move to
New Riseport to study the ruins there. Research there began simple and expanded into over a month of complicated revelations, especially after an expedition into the jungle with Thryss, Vidar and Aryn. After living in a tent for just over a month into Truebirth, Lana purchased a home in Veraci to be closer to her work as well as the Landing.

On her birthday of 2308 (21st Truebirth), her friend Dauhm visited her
speaking of trapped Constructs within the fallen ship they all origin from-- the dangers Immortals pose and Zarrin's forceful isolation. This prompted Lana to take up her armour and sword once more, beginning to become more confident in taking dangerous adventures to wield her knowledge for betterment of others. This prompted Lana to accompany many to the fallen ship, where she witnessed wyrms for the first time.

Fearful, scared of these wyrms and the threat the Immortal Reachers-- Lana gathers as many as she could
on the 1st of Sporebloom to warn of the threat. On the 2nd of Sporebloom, twenty-two individuals (including herself) descended into the fallen starship and saved the entire Immortal Construct remaining, destroyed all the Reachers and found a cure to Reacher's infestation of the mind. Unfortunately, whilst within, Lana would take grave injuries from alien spiked vines forcing her to fall many stories- resulting in broken ribs and deep slashes across her skin.

Lana would grow confident from this event-- re-learning the merit of the forgotten Warden goal and her own skills. She attributes
the saving of the Immortals to the heros attending and paid everyone who went to that event.
She spent the next two weeks in the Storms Landing hospital before relocating to Linistel.

Modern Day

On the 26th of Sporebloom 2308, Linden purposed to Lana. They were to be married on the 27th of Lightshine, two months later. However, this
wedding was cancelled due to Linistel being attacked by undead in the Undawn Campaign. Lana would begin donning armour and aid her family in protecting the citizens of Linistel.

Whilst not directly involved in the
Restoration Campaign to restore Life at first, Lana would try to aid the Shalherana faithful as much as possible. After the Cathedral collapsed on the 16th of Sunbright, Lana would write a Treatsie against Jishrim the next day declaring he should not be part of the Pantheon. She would aid in the discovery of shrines (specifically being the first to find the Ignis shrine) and become a protector of the Sallana Shrine to aid her lover.

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I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff

Art by TheDuples!

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If you wish for a more in-depth relation description, please PM me on Discord! (Wake#0098)


Linden Silveira [X]
I could not keep you away. Now I do not want you to leave.

Queen Sugar Silveria [X]
Madre: mother. Pride overflows me each time I call you that.


Dera Qurk'qa Kam Hakiaz [X]
Live to bleed again.

Lady Frost Menguar [X]
We are beyond words.

Cyrus Lavender [X]
Keep running and do not look back.

Gerard McIvy [X]
In your absence, only fond memories remain.

Kopii Blue [X]
You will get what you want one day.

Marceau [X]
Gods, you make me laugh. I wish we were less alike.

Lord Thure Hardanger [X]
Our friendship is complicated... yet one I value.

Lady Milah Sicarus [X]
Her words I heed. I wish to be like her.

Maebh [X]
Older, wiser, stronger. I trust you with my soul, for the faith I have put into you was stronger than my faith in Gods.

Thryss Vendolyn [X]
Thryss changes not how I see the Realm, but how I view myself. Her words move me like few others.

Hellmann Kegheart [X]
A curious and foulhardy soul, one that has become firm steel-tight friends. Frustrated with her flaws as a result of my affection.


Foxbells [X]
We are opposing in every aspect of personality. Distant, yet... a comfort of a shared past. My largest regret.

Prince Ventare Seymour [X]
Skeletal middle finger~

Queen Citrine Azerwind [X]
Hero of Altera. She deserves more.

Rook Corvus [X] [Banned]
We dated once. He was a good friend.

Sir Eren Abel [X]
One of the better ones.

Illyrana Silveira [X]

Sofia Westbrooke-Abel [X]
A true friend: honest and pure.

Azalea Silveria [X]
Quiet, yet fierce. I feel safe in her company.

Queen Katherine Kane [X]
Troubled, distant-- but one of the most fierce, inspiring woman in all the Realm.

Sir Jorvun Aersvar [X]
Lived for the fight; died by the fight. He deserved better.

Count Asero Crow [X]
A great man and an even better friend.

Sir Boetius Forehorn [X]
Enjoyable company.

Stella Brydove [X]
Distant, yet my respect for her holds no bounds.

Khárûz Thôrdil Bárúmur [X]
Always there, looming when needed. Like a hero.

King Axex Hawklight [X]
Most ancient and respected man alive. Brilliant is his few laconic words.

Septimus Aetherson II [X]
An ancient with a sense of humour- I have read his books. One of my inspirations.

Tol'fen Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek [X]
Elder Ashna is one of the Realm's greatest individuals.

Count Leighton Altham [X]
Charismatic, brilliant and humble. Eldpoint thrives because of him. Its ruler, architect and friend.

Jal'Abraham Solivu [X]
He is an odd soul, though reasonable and a willing friend. I respect him.

Karn Clawheart [X]
Curiosity could kill. Sadly, death is but journey to him.

Ardaric Tideborne [X]
I am thankful you scorned me not, silence comforting. Secrets are safe with me, old man.

Lord Luné Tek'ton
He has disappeared. Astrum sings no longer in his absence.

Aelyth Fuvur [X]
I worry when speaking to her. I wish not to upset her. Aelyth has my upmost respect.

Jenette [X]
The living representation of Shalherana. I owe and revere her.

Set'iki [X] [Bunny]
Proved to me that intelligence and knowledge does not conquer all.

Lord Daeron Eldrin-Hawklight [X]
Owe him my life-- I believe I will owe my future child to his efforts also.

Lucian Moonstone [X]
I killed him once, to which he came back to be a decent friend. A lucky ending.

Rolland Schiff [X] [Banned]
Regret binds me to a bittersweet reality. Ambition murders the greatest of individuals.

Lady Valtae Menguar [X]
Her charity and kindness shapes Altera.

North [X]
He was pleasant company. A shame Rose has consumed him.

Lura / Morganna Omaric [X]
I am fond of her, she has achieved so much.. my only sorrow is not knowing the story fully.

Peter Eljin [X]
An idiot. A lovable idiot.

Cassius West [X]
Respectable and true to his word. I welcome his friendship and his time.

Lord Kethron Dramaign [X]
Living representation of the old God, Silas. Good company.

Headmaster Kadhab of Sool
He means well. I doubt others would understand that not all Visages are truly evil.

Antone Rosenthal [X]
We were both wronged. We evolved from our pain.

Sir Rowley Durandal [X]
Our paths rarely cross, yet when they do, I know him experienced.

Jocasta Vita [X]
A fond friendship from a life I once cherished.

Ove Sage [X]
The last remnant of a bygone age I pridefully call friend.

Candice Kane [X]
A bittersweet child. With a powerful name, her future is as predictable as a vortex.

Orro [X]
Such wonder within simplicity, the mundane happiness of a construct in which he preaches.

Kublai Kulligar [X]
Forgotten memories to make anew: what was legend has become reality.

Rahm Kennyson [X] [Deceased]
I am sorry my sins forced me to forget you, father. Your name shall forever be spoken, in sorrow of my ignorance.

Flourish [X]
The mind of a guardian, a Sentinel, is a wonderful thing. I admire Flourish.

Star [X]
Heroes come and go, but the idea remains. Star is straight from a storybook.

Malark Tallstag [X]
His growing wisdom holds great potential, although something beneath the layer of charisma stills and colds my soul. He hides much.

Hakovi [X]
He helpfully creates the borders of Makani tolerance, tolerating me in turn. His song moved me to an unreasonable level of joy.

Dauhmn [Banned]
The singlemost interesting individual I have ever met. I hope we become good friends.

Countess Helena Azarin [X]
I admire her as a beautiful, powerful figure who can do much with the snap of her finger. Part of me fears her. Part of me wants to be like her.

Vidar [X]
Honourable and always helpful. I like him- and wish to help him within my ability.

Xo [X]
Xozu fuels Lana's faith in people.

Countess Raalvara Edelmonte [X]
Her return caused great happiness within me. In time, I hope to know her better.

Dayton Erarh [X]
Lover of Thryss. That means I trust him, despite his white-truths.

Jal'Anwar Attia [X]
He is not the brightest star, yet a star regardless.

Loriss F. Sularia [X]
Quiet, lover of Hellmann. Because of this fact alone, she has my respect.

Ruvan Kegheart [X]
Most Dwarven Dwarf I have ever met. I find his wariness of me funny: I like him and would listen to him.

Nuvan Kegheart [X]
Nuvan is the smart one of the family, a friendly and true Dwargar I like.

Lorabella [X]
Her existence makes me long for a child of my own.

Luna Crow [X]
Daughter of my dear friend Asero: a child destined for greatness in her curious and careful wonder.

Halvar Varyn [X]
He does his family name proud. I look forward to watching his story unfold.

Monty Durandal [X]
He is oddly sweet and committed to learning.

Quill Emiryn [X]
I am very thankful that people such as Quill exist.

Lilith Alraun [X]
The witch: one unwilling to potentially harm. I like her.

Raelur Fen'Shal [X]

He grew from his experiences alone. Whilst cold as the winter wind, his actions carry purpose and aid. I owe him for this.

Granny Jade [X]
A generous, world-weary soul.


Mira Laranja [X]
She forgot me. Now I must avoid her. This is a cruel reality with a twisted fate to torture me so.

Leonhard Ironwood / The Golden Count [X] [X]
Became distant and astranged. In his return, he wishes to right wrong deeds. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Damien Ulamyar [X]
He forgot about me.

Sir Connor Hayden [X]
Hope he found his story.

Garrett Herennius [X]
A welcome sight on any day.

Albert Rehalia [X]
Has an innocent charm to him.

King Cymic F. Seymour [X]
He was fun that one time we met. Yet I hear him to be a liar.

Yrdl Hakiaz [X]
Son of Kam. Quite intimidating.

Urzul Hakiaz [X]
Daughter of Kam. Reminds me of her mother.

Izhmoz Hakiaz [X]
Son of Kam. Good company.

Chieftess Ellie Strand [X]
Decent, delightful company.

Reivos [X]
Polite and fierce.

Prince Alasdair Hawklight [X]
Met once. He was kind.

Cassia Herennia [X]
A Frostwarts graduate at such a young age... Brilliant.

King Theodosius Herennius [X]

Met once. Very kind.

Melarue Lydril [X]
Protecting knowledge: I should pay eternal thanks to her work.

Dara Silveira [X]
Seemed nice. Perhaps it is a Silveira trait.

Aetrus Mandovi [X]
We will debate one day.

Raigo Tideborne [X]
Decent father. We did not interact much.

Avalyn [X]
A little girl with adventure in her heart. I have a soft spot for children like her.

Sophie Velour [X]
A brightness upon a dark Realm.

Nikolche Variclav [X]
I believe not a great man equates to a correct, rightful man.

Countess Carling Altham [X]
Behind every great man...

Imani Zaire [X]
Some people are just born good.

Lady Arielle du Lavoyard [X]
Lost history returned to life.

Vulrye Marsani [X]
Simplicity is not a curse. It is a blessing.

Tylla Goraya [X]
Most awkward moment of my life was meeting her.

Leofaren Venna [X]
Terrifying. His deeds are numerous.

Junse'ke [X]
Despite it all... you made sense. You owe me a cake.

Lorkra Kavok [X]
Helped when it counted the most- then I never saw her ever again.

Maple [X]
Terrifyingly cute.

Drew Smith [X]
A good neighbour to have.

Aislin Tek'ton [X]
She seems problematic.

Jonah Noether [X]
I hope he does publish as he said he would.

Ruckus [X]
A terribly nervous, foolish man who helps whenever he can-- pure of heart. I wish I knew him better.

Svetlana [X]
I have hopes for the other Lana in Altera.

Elanor [X]
Ronak's daughter. She seems fair of mind and personality.

Kazu [X]
More friendly then I had expected.

Eleanora [X]
Lost and young. I hope she finds comfort.

Lord Uriel Valhart [X]
Faith blinds, yet love relieves.

Elder Grey [X]
Reputation and secrecy proceeding him.

Iqya'mut [X]
She seems nice. Reminds me of Set'iki, only more... focused.

Florence Valhart [X]
Love conquers. Florence is a distant reminder of a joyous existance.

Byrne Nazari [X]
An awkward young child with a good heart.

Lord Mathieu de Courtnay II [X]
Perhaps I judged you too harshly. It is hardly your own fault for your own upbringing.

Aryn [X]
Seen him often, yet know not much of him. I think he prefers this.

Marian Olliran [X]
My ears hear kind words of Marian. Her fierce spirit is unknown to me, though I respect even a kind stranger.

Elise Briarwood [X]
Somebody must do the papers, after all. To have such patience is telling of character.

Ginnian Isaac Fritch [X]
Every halfling I meet seems destined. Gin is no exception: his kind words hides obvious dubious company, to which I suspect a powerful Visage brews.

Kaar [X]
He asked of dreams. Akin to most Constructs, a curious and brave being.

Tough, slow and rough. He is of a different alloy to his kin. He means well, I know this.

Gods, I hope we meet again and befriend. You are remembered fondly for the most calming of cheers in times of strife.

Adora [X]
An extremely curious soul. I hope this curiosity is rewarded for her.

Freia [X]
Child that asks me many questions. She attends every single one of my lectures. I know nothing of her, though.

She brought kindness to an otherwise hollow place.

Children always wish to grow in fame. He may, though not in the way he wants.

Wary of this one. He is excitable.


King Asher Varyn [X]

Men change. I once thought he would grow to see the Realm larger than his Kingdom. He did not-- instead viewing his land the only land worth his respect. I do not respect this.

Cedlas [X] [Deceased]
He gave me work years back.

Sydri Ulamyar [X]
A Vyre: troubled each time I see her.

Raven Hiraeth [X]
Never interacted aside from once when she drank medical alcohol. Stupidest thing I ever saw.

Witch-King Nwalme Fuvur [X]
We met once: he told me to fuck off.

Basil Phoenix [X]
A man out of time.

Isaac Dunrad [X]
Lives in Astrum, was once close to Sophie.

Eliss Cuttingthorne [X]
I know nothing of this man.

Talos [X] [Deceased]

Alfonso Casares [X]
Know little of Alf, aside from his pushy and passive-aggressive nature.

A face in the crowd.


Dravos Slynt [X] [Deceased]
He called me a whore.

Raynor var Emhril [X] [Deceased]
A man's mind should not change so quickly.

Lord Richard Varyn [X] [Deceased] [Banned]
Corrupted beings are enemies of Alterans for good reason.

Ronak Rothguard [X]
Eta sul, meir babin. A poor father, a foolish friend... one my soul dislikes, yet my mind wants to like.

Podric Flanders [X]
Despite serveing the light, law and order-- he is the opposite of Bok'ra. Too much order creates tyranny. Podric raises even his children to be machines of war.

Grainkeeper [X]

Bok'ra [X]
Doing the same thing, over and over again. Does he not get tired of it? We are.

Branko Callas [X]
Plenty of reasons to hate you... yet I do not.

Cassandra Glade [X]
It was you. I know it was. I could not have known alone.


none c:

Lana rests now that you reached the end of the profile!
by Samiwashere!

Other Artworks!

Lana as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite! Art by Brown for the Halloween Art Thread 2020! There is art of other characters there, so go give some love!

Lana as part of Altera High by The Cartoon Witch!

By an old friend called Slothbax! Lana as a Commander in the anime Saga of Tanya the Evil!
The second is just straight up Wolfenstein or something. She was a Stellaris commander and they dressed like WW2 Germans, so.. yeah.
Fallout Lana is RP'ed on The Wastes, very different style of Forum RP. Spent many years on it-- as such, I have artwork of Fallout Lana! Some by Elz! So I had to post it here! :D

Both arts by Elz! They are absolutely extrodinary.

Art by Sqootshy! Based on actual RPs that took place, to use as live 'book covers' for the Roleplays =)

Star Wars Lana! Also by Sqootshy~
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*Thinks it looks like a neat profile, and loves the gallery, until he gets to the end*

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*Thinks it looks like a neat profile, and loves the gallery, until he gets to the end*
It's why I had to explain it in the bit below it! And I did have "NSFW" written all over the damned place...
Gol was always obsessed with Lana for a brief time. Liked Roleplaying with her, actually. She made quite a bit of art and decided to make Lana naked at one point. As for the last two images, I never actually RP'ed that >_>

ERP was never quite my thing. I always enjoyed "fading to black." When I was staff on another server, I handed out "FTB Potions" to people that liked ERP'ing off the server, simply as a joke. During my Starbound Roleplay, Lana met a character called Mrs Bartender. "Mrs_Bartender" is something you should never type into e621 or rule34, simply because she has a lot of erotic art.
Mrs Bartender semi-forced Lana on a night out and it faded to black. That was the result. As you can see by the other Starbound Art-- especially the beautiful favourite of mine by Piratep00f, she was a Commander of a Fleet. She was never the type of go around having sex with people >_> This exception was because Mrs Bartender had her drugged and drunk at the same time. Fun times? =I
Well, it was a fun RP! We both thought OOCly, so she commissioned art for it.

I highly doubt I'll ever have another image like that in Lana's gallery ever again-- though if all goes well, I might commission a lewd image of Lana in the future, since it seems to be a meme throughout this server xD
Thanks for reading xD

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Still under construction edit:

+Basic format realized.
+Basic information added.
+Appearance and voice added.
+Personality and goals added.
+Relations realized, but details still need to be discussed before editing further.

-The "End Images" have been removed, as per request of staff. Still, the story in the post above explains almost everything.


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Still under construction edit:

+Basic format realized.
+Basic information added.
+Appearance and voice added.
+Personality and goals added.
+Relations realized, but details still need to be discussed before editing further.

-The "End Images" have been removed, as per request of staff. Still, the story in the post above explains almost everything.
Does look like an interesting character, and a Badger is always open to making new friends!

You accidentally introduced me to Starbound. I am currently considering buying it.

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You accidentally introduced me to Starbound. I am currently considering buying it.
'Tis a beautiful 2D game where you can have quite a lot of fun, indeed!
But do not Roleplay on Starbound. Metagaming is quite real and modding goes hand-in-hand with RP, causing yours (and others, even servers) games to crash constantly. 1/5 people are friendly and whole communities can be very toxic. Trust me :(

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Final Edits:

+An amazing artwork has been added by bettemus99 =D It's absolutely beautiful and a wonderful resemblance to Lana. In the coming days, I'll be adding more and more artwork that I have commissioned for this character of mine =)

+Added Combat Section.
+A "Trivia" section was added for fun.
+Added some relations. I'm too embaressed to put the link to her fathers, after re-reading it after five years... so edgy ;~;
+Touched up upon small edits. For example, I made Lana one year older and a fear was removed.

+Had to edit around with the "Religious" section. Thanks to Rossu making me aware of Divine Law in another thread without knowing (until she read this), I edited it so she "could" be known as a heretic rather then outright "she is a heretic." Lana belongs in that "grey area" of religious morality.

Edit of the edit:
+Changed the top image to remove background.
+Added OOC Section below relations.
+Added an Artwork Section in the new OOC Section.
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Religious Inclination: Lana can be considered a heretic as she does not worship any Gods.
She recognizes their existence and does not question their importance in the Realms- but finds they cause ignorance, violence and destruction in mortals.

Sounds like she and Star would get along​


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Believing the Gods exist yet not actively worshipping any isn't considered Heresy by The Council, but some MAY consider it Heresy anyway

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Believing the Gods exist yet not actively worshipping any isn't considered Heresy by The Council, but some MAY consider it Heresy anyway
I know =)
And Ruu made me aware of this with a post about heresy and the Divine Law in another thread.

Lana believes the Gods exist-- to say they do not as a scholar would be a bit silly. But at the same time, not worshiping them because she believes they bring dread and bad luck to the Realm can be considered against the Gods. Thus, she would be considered a heretic by the most zealous of people.
Hopefully this will bore fruit over time-- as a character that is not interested in Gods may make breakthroughs in either magic or technology. Perhaps neither. Perhaps simply writing books with an impartial view of how the Realm works.

This would, of course, only be possible through Vorar (Baron) by the looks of things, as I do not have knowledge of any other character that could teach Lana about the Realms around her. Regardless, it is the venture I OOCly wish to pursue for this character.


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Believing the Gods exist yet not actively worshipping any isn't considered Heresy by The Council, but some MAY consider it Heresy anyway
I mean, it's always been up for Ic interpretation.


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I know =)
And Ruu made me aware of this with a post about heresy and the Divine Law in another thread.

Lana believes the Gods exist-- to say they do not as a scholar would be a bit silly. But at the same time, not worshiping them because she believes they bring dread and bad luck to the Realm can be considered against the Gods. Thus, she would be considered a heretic by the most zealous of people.
Hopefully this will bore fruit over time-- as a character that is not interested in Gods may make breakthroughs in either magic or technology. Perhaps neither. Perhaps simply writing books with an impartial view of how the Realm works.

This would, of course, only be possible through Vorar (Baron) by the looks of things, as I do not have knowledge of any other character that could teach Lana about the Realms around her. Regardless, it is the venture I OOCly wish to pursue for this character.
Bad luck my wang

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This character is now active!

Got some people lined up that I would love to Roleplay with, though Roleplay knowledge of that persons said existence must come first. This is harder for some then others... but I hope to RP with many as Lana in the coming days =)