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... is very scientifical.

"I, Autarch, Lord of House Fuvur, Draíodóir, pronounce these things that make people into undesirables..."

There are seven tiers of crime and punishment. These laws only apply within the bounds of the lands controlled by House Fuvur.

Tier I.
Beating, imprisonment, formal dishonoring*, fine.
1. Disobedience toward the royal family.
2. Slandering of a citizen.
3. Provocation of unlawful melee.
*basically a beating that is done in a formal fashion by lawful agents of the state instead of the victim and victim's friends.
may include egregious theatrics as well as cruel and unusual punishment

Tier II.
Lambaste*, lengthy imprisonment, disownment, severe fine.
1. Thievery of a citizen.
2. Cheating of a citizen in any capacity.
3. Slandering of a formally appointed agent of the state.
*A much more severe beating, done by anyone with an interest in doing so, while the criminal wears a black bag over their head.

Tier III.
Confiscation*, disarmament**, branding***.
1. Disobedience toward the Autarch.
2. Slandering of House Fuvur.
3. Assault of a foreigner.
*Anything that the criminal owns may be taken, including assets outside of Sanardu, their person, and their family (yes, slavery).
**Amputation of minor digits. Like fingers, or toes.
***Can be tattoos or literally a cattle brand. Whatever the judge wants.

Tier IV.
Indefinite imprisonment, mutilation*, exile.
1. Slandering of the Autarch.
2. Disobedience toward the Matriarch.
3. Societal disruption.**
*Amputation of a great deal of limbs, digits, etcetera.
**...anything nwalme wants it to mean

Tier V.
Execution, blinding, deafening.
1. Slandering of the Matriarch.
2. Dishonoring women of the citizenry.
3. Meddling in state affairs.*
*Disruption or interference in anything that anyone in the government determines "state affairs."

Tier VI.
Septuplicate*, lawful torture, advancement**.
1. Assault of a member of the royal family.
2. Dishonoring women of House Fuvur.
3. Sabotage of state affairs.
*Cutting someone into 49 pieces, spreading one piece apart every 7 miles, and burning all that they owned of no value to the state in 7 fires.

Tier VII.
1. Treason.
2. Assault of the Autarch or Matriarch.
3. Murder or attempt thereof of a member of House Fuvur.
*He he he

Note that anyone who is a member of the royal family or who has been formally appointed as an agent of the state has the right to judge, jury, and executioner (there is no concept of "jury" in fuvurian society, legally speaking, however, only judge and executioner).

The Autarch has free reign to waiver, intensify, detensify, etcetera any crime at any time. He is above the legal codes, and above the rights of citizens, foreigners, and the state. He is, legally speaking, the state and government.
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