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The Artisan

Conservative - Scholarly - Used to being around Royalty - Inquisitive - Eager to learn - Librarian type
"I pride myself in finding the truth in all things, yes, and write about it in full"

Magister of Finance

None yet



Current Residence:
Storm's Landing

Social Status:
That slow, dusty, old guy that thinks too much and talks too slow
That gentle old guy that likes to have polite conversations, mostly with nobles and important people.

Very high, with a large sense of empathy and regard of the 'bigger picture'.

Snowbeard in short:
He is an indoor man. He likes to be employed by royalty, with their great warm halls and large libraries. To be paid a good salary so he can buy good warm clothes. Nothing about him is fast. He moves slow, his bones fragile, afraid they might shatter if he'd fall. Which is not an impossibility, to be honest. Because he is very conservative, he likes to address royalty in the formal way and will not stop when asked to just call them by their simple first name.

All in all, he's a very formal man with good manners.

Things Snowbeard would say:
"I write for those to whom I owe my allegiance. Those are them of high degree; those with coin."

State of mind:

Administration / Magister of Finance.

The first Dumbledore of the HP movies.

Eye color:

Whitish grey

Pale and the texture of parchment

Bald on top, with a ring of very white with minimal grey connecting between his ears, sporting a magnificent long thin beard that drops to below his knees and curls up above his feet.

Very large and flappy.

Thin and pointy.

Height & Weight:
Very tall, about 2,20m. Very thin and lean.

His neck is straight above of his shoulders, his shoulders perch out to the side not unlike a bird. His thin neck makes you wonder how the weight of his long beard is not too much for him to bare.
He looks fragile, about to break from old age. Perhaps he's just a very nice person, to have been blessed to be able to live this long in this state? Only the Gods know!

A bit bent, perhaps because he's so easy to bow to people in social ranking above him.

Identifying marks:
His big flappy ears
His enormous long white beard
His thin, frail and tall body

You see him walking through a noble's hall, a very tall man, but as slim and lean as a twig. His arms and legs are like sticks, his hands folded in front of his chest. His skin pale, its texture like parchment. His beard white, the hairs thin of age, so long that it would reach the ground if the tip didn't curl up an inch above his feet. The sight of him makes you wonder how he's still alive.
He looks like a guy that could sit in one spot in the library for a month, gathering dust, writing and reading, as if time around him goes slower.

None yet

"My ideal employer must be of high renown, of coin, and in need of a man of truth by their side to report on their behalf"

Ethics and Motivation:
He is polite, respects those of higher standing, and is generally aiming to increase his own standing in this royal hierarchy.

Reading books
Writing books
Looking at books
Categorizing books
Giving advice to other people
Conversing with nobles

Loud noises
The wild and untamed
Fast moving objects

Values / Ideals:
There is no pure evil, everyone always has some bit of good inside, at least a speck of it.
Never take more than you need, and share that which you have in excess (with those from whom you might benefit by giving it).
Never do anything for nothing.
Do everything to increase your social standing.

General Attitude:
He likes to observe, trying to grasp the situation in its fullest complexity as best as possible.
He is eager to converse, hoping to find out your place in the social ladder. Always looking to increase his own place therein.
A businessman and accustomed to talking with nobles.

Religious Inclination:
Every single God.

Lawful Good

Short term goals:
Extend his network of contacts into the Fuvurian Empire, to Nwalme himself.
Build up his current connections further with the businesses he's doing deals with.

Find an employer with coin.

Get access to the fallen star to study it, or perhaps perform an experiment on it.

Long term goals:
Ohhh he's got some, but don't bet on it that I'll tell ya!

Qualities and Flaws:
He is very polite, respectful, knows how to talk with nobles.
He's got plenty of things to talk about
He's very intelligent
He's tall, so he can reach high places.
Got great hearing
Doesn't mind doing tasks that take a lot of time.

Any type of monster
Fast moving things

He is very slow
He can't fight at all, would probably break into a thousand pieces instead.
He's tall, so he can't fit small places
He's very fragile

Exploring cultivated nature
Smoking his pipe
Everything to do with books.
Making new business contacts
Conversing with nobles


Scholar / Chronicler / Scribe
Magister of Finance for the Green Shipping Company

Peaceful or violent:
Always peaceful

Combat training:
No way, josé!

None yet, but would like a pet bird of some kind.
Has acquired a raven through a trade deal.

Owned Homes:
A large house or you could even call it a small manor in Veraci.

A golden ring with a dark purple stone in it

General Wealth:
The wealth of a philosopher
Above moderate and growing, enough to have started making investments.

General Inventory:
Glass jars to keep bugs in
A notebook
A flask and cup

Prized Possessions:
His current notebook


Nwalme - blargtheawesome - "The emperor of vast lands. Powerful. Wealthy. Influential. It is a privilege, truly, to have met him. He holds vast knowledge which I hope to someday delve further into."

Aelyth Fuvur - Elz - "The daughter of the Fuvurian emperor. A gentle polite woman, who has already relayed she will tell her father of my kindness to her. Perhaps one day I will meet this powerful honorable man."

Lothaire Dugald - Mitch - "Son of the famous Bane of the Dark. He is in service of the Fuvurian empire. A humble and polite man, I do hope to meet again."

King Rogerius Ricci - Blorbis83 - "Vescovo-Re of Veraci, he has offered me an important business deal and thus placed me close to his side. I will serve him best I can and hopefully through him get in touch with other nobles. The Fuvurian Empire perhaps?"


Kethron - Heie - "A wealthy enchanter who has set up shop in Veraci. A polite man with a pleasant way of conversing."

Ventare Seymour - ShaolinPunk - "The prince of Sangria, son of Cymic, lord of Halbed. He has offered me a place as a librarian once.I do feel like the Seymours are more rough cut than I initially expected."

Paul Stonecipher - Kamaoe - "A rather wise man, objective, who also seems to search truth rather than an easy way to make sense of the world. I am almost sure he does have some agenda he is not willing to enclose just yet, however. I can respect him for that."

Evelyn - Lannis - "Another daughter of Nwalme, emperor of the Fuvurian claims. She is however a little more rough-cut in her vocabulary than her sister. Her arm, as I got told, is an avatar of an entire mountain. Or.. something like that."

Calder - Scardrac - "The man fought in Veraci's ballroom and spit on the carpet at his adversary, what a barbarian!"

Podric - Luam - "The lightbringer's reputation precedes him, but he is of a rough cut. Lacking the skill of conversing and apparently born in the /slums/."


Unsure of:
Jackdaw - ToastySpam - "adorned in golden jewelry and an ornate eye-patch, yet his tongue is as rough as an oak's bark."

Gerry - Jeroxia - "He's a jolly lad and his dance was very amusing, but he too seems to be rough around the edges and a bit too energetic for me to comprehend."

Of Business:
Lavendula - Cukie1 - "Her shop is wonderful and our deals so far have been mutual beneficial I'm sure."

Asero Crow - Electric - "Replies and supplies on short notice, great traits for trade."

Julianne Vhalakis - Purgatoris - "We've had extensive trades, I am very pleased to meet her face to face at her festival"

Julian Mercante - Antilogy - "Another shipping company, perhaps ours can learn a thing or two from these veterans."

Ventare Seymour - Shao - "The armor he supplies is magnificent, great quality, but cheaper than Dwarven contacts."

Melarue Lydril - Elz - "She was able to supply exactly what items I needed. Apothecaries are wonderful things."

Laisa - Samiwashere - "A clever girl, very much so. She is young and would under some guidance be able to become quite the academic, I'm sure. She was brought up by a certain 'Leo'; by the sound of it a very knowledgeable man."
Verasar - Lavilethorn - "What an intelligent fellow. He is researching the heaven-rocks that have fallen to Altera. I met him as he was writing a piece on theories and experiments regarding these fallen star's rocks."

Of places:
- Storm's Landing -
"The hub of the world, it would seem! An impressive cathedral, a lovely tavern, but too many steps for an old man to walk up and down on!"
- Sanardu -
"I had to stay over to wait for the boat to Halbed and happened across a cozy place called the Leviathan's Den. I hadn't expected the ladies downstairs and almost got a heart-attack! Otherwise, the town is lovely and warm, good for my old cold bones."
- Halbed -
"A very very cold town. Indeed king Cymic chooses his capital city in an inhospitable environment. I may hope the library will have enough hearths to heat the place up, or I might freeze onto my chair!"
- Compendium -
"What a place, I shall have to see if I can contact someone to allow me access to their great library."


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The Artisan
  • Arrives in the new continent. At Storm's Landing's Tavern he hears of research on falling stars. Immediately interested, he goes up to the Cathedral to do his own research. There is no star there, but there is Ventare Seymour who offers him a job as librarian and scholar at the Sangrian court, which he gracefully accepts. He heads out to Halbed.
  • After staying in Halbed for a while, he finds he was lead there under false promises. The North is cold and the people seem all but absent. A bit taken aback, but not entirely disappointed, he returns to Storm's Landing until he crosses paths with a man named Fronslin who takes him to the headquarters of what he calls 'The Guardians'.
  • Lazarus is told that The Guardians are protectors of Altera and have much that needs archiving. But they seem very stagnant too. While being promised to meet a mechanical elemental named Vorar, he catches no sight of him within a full week. Again, Lazarus returns to Storm's Landing, little wiser but all the more tired.
  • In Storm's Landing, Lazarus runs into a man who goes by the name of Jonas. He, like so many before him, promises Lazarus a respectable job of plenty pay. Lazarus has now learnt to be skeptical, but soon finds this person is true to his word. He takes Lazarus to Veraci, where Lazarus settles in a respectable administration office of a large shipping company by the name of GSC.
  • Weeks of trade, correspondence, and business visits go by, and Lazarus starts to feel quite satisfied. He's a respected business man now and has acquired enough funds to buy himself a large house -or small mansion- in the amazing town of Veraci. Now, finally, he has got the means to start his personal passion; learn all that he can about all the Gods that are known to mankind. He now tries to enter Compendium's atheneum to learn more from the books therein. But first, he'll need a contact with the key to that locked door...
  • With the Compendium still locked tight and no signs of it opening soon, Lazarus put his mind to more current matters. Putting the pieces together, he found out that a Godly relic; "A tear of Skraag" was hidden somewhere in The Sorrowlands. Taking a party to protect him, he retrieved the relic and intends to bring it to shrines of other Gods to start to understand how they are related to one-another.
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The Artisan
Few updates already including three relations.

I think it's very important to have some key-aspects so I get to RP this guy right. His key-aspects are:
- Always very inquisitive and looking for the truth in things ranging from a speck of dust to the very stars falling on our heads.
- Always very formal and abiding by the conservative rules of dealing with people of different standing.
- Always very friendly and emphatic to those around him.


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  • Arrives in the new continent. At Storm's Landing's Tavern he hears of research on falling stars. Immediately interested, he goes up to the Cathedral to do his own research. There is no star there, but there is Ventare Seymour who offers him a job as librarian and scholar at the Sangrian court, which he gracefully accepts. He heads out to Halbed.
I'll get on finishing the library in the next day or two for yah boi


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Added his voice and several points to his timeline. It seems this Lazarus character is a keeper. Finally found someone worthwhile to RP as :D


The Artisan
Added relations and one point to his timeline :) Really starting to like this char. Maybe more even than The Fool and Kublai???


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Updated a lot, now that I get to know this character a bit more.
Also added a whole heap of relations due to the opening of Veraci event :)