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Name: Leighton Altham
Other Names: "Nephew"! (usually said with shrill vain from Eastoft)
Titles: Count of Eldpoint, Lord of the Council

Age: 31
Race: Silver Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: tells good puns to the ladies
Current Residence: Eldpoint, Veraci
Relationship Status: Spending time bothering MelodyComplex
Social Status: Noble Class

Some sort of art would go here if I was capable.

» Physical Appearance «
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 65kg
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Decently fair
Shape of Face: Narrow
Distinguishing Features: None really, other than the fantastic blonde locks
Build of Body: Fairly thin / agile
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Kept short
Complexion: Clear?
Posture: Laid back, with hints of a /proper/ upbringing here and there
Is Seen By Others As: Absolutely charming, of course.
Scars: None.
Voice: Not sure, yet.

» Personality «
Likes: Something out of the ordinary.
Dislikes: People who have no convictions.

Strengths: Socially adept, capable with a bow.
Weaknesses: Pretty horrible in a fistfight.

Fears: Being forced to stop moving forward.
Values: Confidence in one's self

Education: A pretty good education payed by his father.
Languages: Common (Fluent), Elven (Native), Aurion (Native)

General Attitude: Pretty upbeat and optimistic
Religious Inclination: Sallana
General Intelligence: Pretty smart, though still fairly inexperienced
General Sociability: Adept. Wait until you see my puns, ladies.
Alignment: True Neutral

Theme: War [x]

Short Term Goals:
► Improve my skills with a bow
► Amass greater wealth

Long Term Goals:
► Develop my holdings

» Possessions «
Wardrobe: Black coat over a dark blue jacket & grey trousers
Jewelry: None.

Pets/Animals: None.

Owned Homes: Arget Isles.

Carried Inventory: A bag with radiants, his bow, some arrows, some maps.
General Inventory: A complete set of The Diplomatica, a complete set of notes and essays on diplomacy written by his father.

General Wealth: Pretty wealthy thanks to that inheritance lads

» Health «
Illnesses: None at the moment.
Allergies: None that he's aware of.
Injuries: None at the moment.
Sleeping Habits: Pretty irregular, due to travelling
Energy Levels: Pretty energetic
Eating Habits: Hardly eats much
Exercise Habits: Travels a lot, so mostly long-distance hiking and whatnot
Memory: Fine.
Unhealthy Habits: Probably has almost fallen off one too many cliffs
Drinking Habits: A fair bit. It brings out the best puns.

» History «
Birthplace: Arget Isles.

Childhood: Raised by his father and mother, often travelling around with his father due to his employment as a diplomat for the Isles.
Teen Years: Tried to learn how to cook, but was never very good at it. Took up a bow though, and enjoyed it even though he was pretty awful.
Adulthood: Decided the Isles was a little too 'perfect' in his mind and decided to start travelling.

Family History: The Almighty Althams, general low nobility throughout the Isles

Past Places of Residences: Storm's Landing
Places Traveled: Storm's Landing, Mockingbay, Linlea, Astrakhan, Arget Isles, Aelemere, Veraci

» Combat «

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, generally.

Weaponry: A handcrafted wooden bow that he keeps in good condition.

Combat Training: Trained properly for a bit with a bow, practices with it in his spare time. He's able to generally hit /something/.

» Training & Skills «
Training & Skills:
Cooking (2/10)
Archery (5/10)
Cartography (5/10)

My ingame name is Mapboy, not to be confused with Mapboy_ (that imposter!)
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» Relationships «

Relevant Family Members:

- Royston Altham (Father): I do miss your shortbread, father. I only pray we had more time to spend together.

- Eastoft Altham (Uncle): I'm glad you're at least content with what you do. Just don't let those perfect gardens and piles of papers make you forget about the other folks that are out there, right? Mapboy

- Rosamonde Altham (Aunt): I still wonder what actually happened to you, but I'm glad to hear you're back home now. No-one gets the lilacs to look quite as lovely as you, Auntie! Emmaway

Romantic Interests:

- Carling Herennia
: You're quite something, but it's refreshing to be able to relax around you. Makes me forget about the troubles of the world going on around .. here's to taking a break in each other's company~ MelodyComplex

Trusted Friends:

- Pride (Pet Owl)
: You're an absolute rascal. But you also saved my bacon more than once. Glad you lived a long life, mostly.

- Lawrence: Always can rely on you to get the job done. You run a tight ship, and it's always a pleasure getting the chance to work with you. Jase

- Karn: Ah, my good business partner. Glad to see you're faring so well. ironassassin

- Aldris Ralerion: You've been a faithful companion and friend, and I couldn't ask for someone better to be at my side to ensure progress gets done. Emmaway

Friendly With:

- Theodosius Herennius
: You're a smart man, and you work hard. I envy that; but someday I'm sure I'll be able to stand toe-to-toe with a holding of equal might. Blorbis83

- Garrett Herennius: I've never seen someone with so much enthusiasm! Just make sure to watch before you leap! Galaxy

- Ardaric Tideborne: Quite the sailor, I must say. How do you manage to keep that brother of yours in check, eh? Tideborne

- Raigo Tideborne: Interesting methods of getting things done, though I can't argue that they aren't effective. Will certainly have to keep you in mind should any more issues come up again. GhostKairo123

- Katherine McKerras: I've never seen anyone quite so content with life, but I am glad you are happy with Raigo. It'll do good for him - just don't get too mushy when I'm sitting right in front of you, alright? Ayda

- Helena Valdis: It's not often that I run into a silver elf with a bit of wit under a smirk. It's always interesting to see what you'll do next .. but it seems you'd make one hell of a businesswoman. Elz

- Cassandra Glade: I'd say you're alright, though I can tell there's a bit of mischief behind that demeanor of yours. Just make sure not to get into too much trouble, or at least don't get caught. I'm happy you and Lawrence get along so well. Kakers

Loose Acquaintances:

- Esplin
: An interesting name for an interesting fellow. I think you're perhaps a bit of a paranoid man, but I've met enough doctors in my life to know they mean well, even when they don't show it. Wyvern740

- Ellaria Tate: That was a good chat at the bar, even if I fell out of my chair, er .. more than once. Hope to talk to you again sometime. epsilon27

- Rogerius Ricci: You are quite something, Your Eminence. Though I see quite an opportunity moving forward, should you seize it. Blorbis83

- Jocasta Vita: You're principled, which I can respect; that being said, you also need to know when it's time to pick a fight and when it's worth walking away. Blorbis83

- Ayda Ulamyar: Rather intriguing, albeit a little mysterious. A moor from Halbed though, so certainly piques my interest. I look forward to speaking with you again someday. Ayda

- Asero Crow: Accomodating, a well-ventured businessman. Well suited to Veraci of course, and certainly the smile to Rogerius's bite, it would seem. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Electric

- Vulyre Marsani: I am thankful for your help when my Aunt and I were attacked. The world is in need of more well-spirited people like you. Olligreen

- Roselia Bishop: Hah, you're definitely the naive and caring type, which I can appreciate - though you've found yourself in quite interesting relationship circumstances. All in all though, a friend of Cass will be a friend of mine. Bishop

Disfavored Individuals:
None, yet.

None, yet.
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