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Linden Duskgrove

Made by the amazing TealCreations~
General Information:

Name: Linden Silveira Duskgrove
Nickname: Pumpkin, Honey (Sugar), Various (Rosa)
Titles: Blessed of Sallana

Age: 35
Race: Caparii
Ethnicity: Lighthoof (Red grandfather)
Sexuality: Straight
Current Residence: Bloodrose Glen: Tree-type house in the back of the glen. (Main Residence)
Little cute cottage behind the jail, next to the identical one of his (Sugar's) family.
Hut at Emyn Arnen given by Teeke. Cave-home in Emyn Arnen, shared together with Truce.
Relationship Status: All Rosa's~
Social Status: *Bleat?*

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight: 168 Lbs (76kg)

Eye Color: Mint Green
Skin Color: Light/Fair
Shape of Face: Soft, slightly elven-like.
Distinguishing Features: Undecorated horns, red-auburn hair/fur, worn travelling shawl, a modest collar with an adorable plate/tag attached to it, Guardian Ring on one of his fingers.
Build of Body: Has grown quite athletic in build from lots of work, travel and other physical efforts. At least, his body developed as much as a Lighthoof's more overal slender build is capable of achieving compared to his Red and Greathorn kin.
Hair Color: A slightly darker shade of auburn, a bit more leaning towards a red hue.
Hair Style: Floofy but mostly kept under control and neatly combed, it remains noticably wavy and curly in many places. His hair covers part of his face most of the time, his right eye barely peeking out in between the strands.
Horns: His horns curve backwards along his head, before gently curving a little upwards at the tip. They're currently left undecorated.
Freckles: A cute splatter of freckles covers his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. There are also freckles covering his shoulders, almost appearing like little spots.

Is Seen By Others As: Adorable, caring, dedicated, annoying.

Voice: (tbd)


Likes: Flowers, nature, having a family, making friends, colors, nice scents, exploring, having fun, making family/friends happy, being a good son, honoring his goddess, Vermella -> Sallana.
Dislikes: Friends/family fighting, sad/crying people, ruining nature/pretty things, being attacked, disappointing/upsetting family, demons, godslayers, the Ashen Blight, the Entity, plagued wildlife.

Strengths: Energetic, usually cheerful, healthy caution, safe amount of curiosity, adventerous, high alcohol tolerance, alert hearing, sympathetic, devout.
Weaknesses: Easily excitable, occasional innocence, occasionally clueless, tendency to panic, fleeting attention span/somewhat easily distracted, odd moments of submission.
Fears: Being alone, being ignored, being forgotten, family fighting, losing his family again.
Values: Pretty things, flowers, shinies, a family to call his own, nice people, having fun, Shalherana, Vermella.

Education: Things taught by birth family & people he traveled with.
Languages: Fae (Native), Common (Speaks it better now), Elven (Forest-accent, partially learned from Teeke)

General Attitude: Kind, sometimes childish, tries to act mature and is generally a lot more cautious now.
Religious Inclination: Sallana (Blessed), Vermella (Former, now part of Sallana)
General Intelligence: Seems far more observant than you'd expect.
General Sociability: Has no issues speaking to most, very curious about friend and stranger alike.
Alignment: Neutral




Linden keeps his attire simply, having a dislike for too many layers or restrictive-feeling clothing.
His current outfit consists of a simple white toga that reaches up and goes over his left shoulder, a short sleeve covering it and part of his upper arm. The toga has gilded lining above the rim of the sleeve and 'skirt' as well as around the waist.
Usually he's seen wearing his favorite, although slightly worn, shawl intended for when he's out traveling. It's colors have mostly dulled, but he seems to keep it well cared for, no noticeable cuts or fraying present anywhere. The shawl seems to usually carry a strong scent of various flowers.
Besides these, Linden also has 'goatshoes' attached to his hooves, modest ones that protect them from long hikes and time spent travelling.


Compared to his older outfit, his religious attire is still in roughly the same style.
His old shawl is replaced with a deep red scarf that Linden is able to wrap around his head, usually when he's wearing the mask he has recently started using while performing his duties as a Blessed.
Meanwhile, he wears a longer version of his old toga which now appears to be almost robe-like while the one short sleeve it had is far longer with this toga.

Jewelry: A golden Compass given by Illthilior as a gift on their first proper meeting. (x)
A collar given to him by Rosa, acting as a ring to prove that they are together. It matches with Rosa's collar as a perfect pair. It has a small tag/plate at the front with text inscribed into it. (x)
A small Ocean Jasper given to him by Rosa to signify how special he is to her. (x)
A ring with an exquisitely cut emerald seated in mirror-polished silver. The words: 'In Defense of the Realm' are engraved on it.

Pets/Animals: None

Owned Homes: Hut at Emyn Arnen, Cave-home in Emyn Arnen (Shared with Truce).
Has a room in his Mama's cottage at Mockingbay.

Carried Inventory: Usually keeps a small pouch with a small amount of radiants under his shawl which now also contains the Ocean Jasper that Rosa gave him and a necklace with a piece of an unusual cave in it, also carries a 'Bootie Call' horn with him at times that used to be owned by Winter as well as a golden Compass somewhere on his person that was a gift from Illthilior. He occasionally carries Victor's old Steel Battleaxe on his back, supported by straps. On one of his fingers he now bears his Guardian's Ring.
General Inventory: Keeps extra seeds, flowers and a few crops from the farms at his hut.
At his Mama's home in Mockingbay, he keeps mostly flowers as well as some misc. items from events.
A lot of materials, resources and other important items are now kept safely at his Glen.
General Wealth: Carries mostly small amounts of radiants on him, has little personal wealth.


Birthplace: At an unknown healer's house, mid-travel.
Childhood: Traveled with parents along with a roaming caravan, visited several places.
Teen Years?: Lost both parents due to 'poachers', was brought to a new 'family'.
'Adulthood': Ended up on his own again, eventually ending up at Storm's Landing.
Got himself a new family now. Rest is currently ongoing.

Family History: Part of a traveling group/caravan, mostly along with halflings and a few humans. Linden ended up in the care of a noble couple after both parents died. Eventually due to unknown events, he ended up alone again and found his way to these lands.

Past Places of Residences: None, mostly out traveling.
Places Traveled: Various hamlets and villages, roadside inns and meeting spots for caravans.


Peaceful or violent: Usually very gentle, dislikes people fighting, even verbally.
... Might be liable to kicking and headbutting while stressed or panicking.
He can have rare violent outbursts against people taunting or intending to harm him, his family and friends or even his goddess.

Weaponry: Victor's Steel Battleaxe (& Head/Horns, Hooves/Goatshoes?)

Combat Training: He is training by himself, sometimes with Rinka. (Can give a mean kick or headbutt though)

Training & Skills:

Main skills:
-Cooking/baking: Basics + helping & learning from Mama Suggy~
-First aid: He has learned plenty of it over the years to make himself more useful to others, as well as it proving useful when his boon is required.
-'Florist': Learning more about floweys, trying out different bouquets and flower crowns.
Collects flowers, learning slowly on his own and trying out combinations.
-Herbalist: Knows most limited stuff about cooking related herbs from Mama doing her things in he kitchen.
-Massaging: Something he learned in the past, he is trying to make good use of this skill again.

Other skills:
-Acrobatics: He is trying to make up for some limitations given by his hooves through getting better arm strength right now. He has been improving rather well.
(Carrying things or people, climbing trees, etc.)
-Alchemy: Linden knows and understands very little of alchemy, having given up on any further learning or teaching past the basic restoratives that one can make.
-Hiking/Travelling: He has done this a lot, his legs strong and well developed, he can keep his balance along steep slopes and areas rather well and has good stamina.
-Farming: Knows how to do standard farming stuff.

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Priest/Blessed of Sallana.
Favorite Types of Food: Not too picky, loves Sugar's & Rosa's cooking and baking, also loves Isabell's sweets.
Favorite Types of Drink: Not too picky, favors Whiskey and Rum right now.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Gathering flowers, giving flowers, exploring, seeing pretty sights, meeting new people.
Favorite Colors: All the colors, though mostly shades of red!

(Basic for now. Might need to give this a once over later, for good measure.)
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Character Goals:

Short Term Goals:
-Improve on first aid and basic restorative potion use.

-Learn more about Sallana's new state after the merge with Vermella, together with Veriswen.
-Continue to hold sermons and gatherings for those devout or interested.
-Do his part in fighting against the Ashen Blight & the Entity.
-Aid in matters as a Guardian.
-Retrieve Vermella's Axe.

Long Term Goals:
-Be a worthy Blessed of Sallana.
-Expand and improve the Bloodrose Glen & Emyn Arnen.
-Do his best & be there for his family and closest friends.
-Ensure the happiness of Rosa & maybe expand the family.


Rosey Roses:
Even if we're not together anymore, she's still one of the most precious people to me. Nothing changes how much I care about her. Legendary Fiction
Rosa: I am so happy that we have a family together. Nidari
Caramel: Sometimes I do wonder if I could've done things differently for him... maybe he would still be living with us then... Spirit
Juniper: Keep your mother safe when I can't, my dear son. RagingLunacy

Apple (Princess Tourmaline):
She has grown a lot, her personality quite different than when she was a little adorable toddler. I'm proud of her regardless for how far she has gotten. Ruulu
Illthilior: Mama's special flower~ I wonder what he has been up to. Tempy_
Essie: Since starting a family with Victor, she's not really been around. I hope she is well. Nidari
'Aunt' Haefer:
It's good to know she's doing well, if a bit sad that she seems to have broken away from her own family in favor of more daring passtimes. Samiwashere
'Uncle?' Merle: It seems that things didn't work out with Aunt Haefer, Mama has helped him raise Dara though, so I think it will all work out. RagingLunacy (It's-a me!)
'Aunt' Milah: Not sure what she's up to these days. She sort of disappeared after the... situation with Ari. Jazzper
Sis (Posey): I've not seen much of her lately, but I'm sure she's doing fine. Catena
Mama (Sugar): Mama's still the most important person in my life. I'll continue to make her proud. Ruulu
Miss Teeke (Soresta): I do miss her, but I hope that she is living her life well, where-ever she may be... Teeke
Victor: It almost seems like he went reclusive since starting his own family, I've seen nor heard much of him recently. The Tottot
Big Sis (Winter): She seems to keep stopping by and then leave off to more adventures on a whim. I wonder when she'll be back. mokwar

Rinka's dad. He's very nice and you just feel safer when trouble's happening and he's around. I hope he just doesn't strain his back too much... Jazzper
Citrine: Now the queen of Azerwind and Mockingbay, I do still worry for her even if she keeps telling me not to. At least my roses seem to help raise her spirits a bit. Samiwashere
Kam: Rinka's mom. She seems to always be ready to look after others, acting motherly to more than just Rinka and her siblings. I do worry about her ending up harmed...Kamaoe
Tavia: After all this time, with the ups and downs, she's still a good friend of mine. I'll do what I can to support her if she needs it. I do miss the old times of drinking with her and Ven. Samiwashere
Thordil: Despite having his quirks, he has been a kind and sensible person. Someone who doesn't let nonsense pass and has put the bigger picture on first place rather than one's self-importance. I find him to always be reliable even in tougher situations. Jazzper
Tryg: Another person that I feel I can trust. With the usual state of the council, it's good to see that he doesn't shy away from a, sometimes needed, blunt response that doesn't beat around the bush. godfather1
Veriswen: It was a surprise when she voiced her desire to dedicate and learn more about Lady Vermella. I'll gladly teach her what I can. godfather1

It's good to see how much he is helping with the recent troubles. Electric
Ashna: We can only be thankful for how much she is doing to help the people. Linlea has been a far safer haven than the Compendium in the end. Solus
Ember: She seems to be around now and then. HogoShi_Kitsune
Ventare: A lot has happened, but I do miss the good old times with him and Tavia.ShaolinPunk
Vorar: His... It?'s efforts in trying to protect the people and fight off the main threat are welcome with all the recent talking about wars and fighting one another. I do still worry about the views it has on the Pantheon though... and what it's capable of making in magical or mechanical nature, for better or worse... Baron

Cymic: Seen barely a trace of him recently. Cymic_
Elarinya: Another Blessed of Sallana, yet I've not seen her around for a while now. StarWillow2000
Jaspis: I hope Citrine's sister is faring well. Kamaoe
Rinka: Wonder where she went. TyoungBD

Ari: What does family even mean to you anymore. BobDdoss


Good riddance...
Both parents, several friends from old caravan.

Scattered Petals:

(Let me know if I forgot you. Might mix things up after a long day.)
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