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As part of the new aims of the Lore Department, we intend to revive the idea of providing a suitable forum for players of characters conducting specific IC experiments to seek enlightenment as to the results (or non-results) of their attempts.

What can characters research?

Well, the short answer to that is anything. Cartology, botany, religion, alchemy – anything that fits with the setting that makes sense and is appropriate for your character to study in-character and through roleplaying, your character can attempt to learn and discover.

However, of course, not all of these things require our oversight, and many can be clarified by in-character trial and error supported by online resources to determine when results would be successful, unsuccessful, and potentially the likelihood and extent of each.

Areas of IC research requiring Lore Department oversight:

- Non-standard alchemical ventures (non-MC recipes ...good luck)
- Non-standard redstone tinkering ventures (non-MC contraptions …again, good luck)
- Experimentation with Alteran/Netherish materials
- Attempted creation of new technology or materials

...Lore Department oversight”?

Not as terrifying as it sounds. For experiments in these areas, you just need to send a forum message to Lore Coordinator detailing precisely what your character is trying to do and how they are trying to do it.

Note that it is in your best interests to include as much detail about the process your character is undertaking as possible – equipment, method, conditions of the location, amounts of substances used, and anything else you feel to be important. We also need to know the character’s name and any former experience or expertise they have with this area of research.

Once we have this information handy, one of us will step into the shoes of DM and give you feedback on what would happen. In the interests of keeping things speedy, we will endeavor to have conferred where necessary and replied within 1 – 7 days of the research submission being sent.

Remember that there is no guarantee of the successful or expected result. Some things might be declined OOC on a basis of something going beyond the limits of the setting, some might simply be a case where things would go… badly IC. Some, however, will indeed be successful, whether through IC tweaks and progression, or with a luckily accurate first attempt.

We’d hope that possible IC consequences to more ambitious experiments won’t put people off trying – IC blunders are, after all, a big part of roleplay, and therefore it is advised that if you are strongly opposed to such consequences that you find an IC reason for your character to avoid conducting any particularly risky experiment.

What cannot be researched/discovered successfully through this method?

- Magic (Can only be gained through IC teaching process)
- Arcane beings (Any interaction should go through Events unless directed otherwise)
- Divine beings (Any interaction should go through Events unless directed otherwise)
- Modern technologies

Of course, this doesn’t mean your character would know a pursuit to be impossible – if your character holds firm to the conviction that doing an elaborate yodelling solo on the top of the highest mountain in Altera will summon forth the spirits of the dead, be our guest to have them try! Just don’t send us a message about something when you know, OOC, the outcome of the experiment will not be a success.

(However, if you’re going to record a yodelling solo OOC to add to your immersion in the above, please do send it our way~)

What if I want to run an experiment that is not listed, but I’m still not sure what would happen or if it would make sense to try?

Talk to us! If you suspect something that you want to try might be a breach of the setting, realism, or the server rules in some way, you are more than welcome to ask Lore Coordinator for clarification. Similarly, you are quite within your rights to ask us about what feasible results might be.

The general rule: Not sure? Ask us a question.

Happy experimenting!

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