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This thread is intended to serve as a complete synopsis of what people are and are not allowed to put forward as a lore submission. Categories will be tagged with whether they are unrestricted, allow submissions, or are managed solely by the Lore Department at this present time.

Writing topics entirely restricted to the Lore Department*:
*No submissions will be accepted for these topics.
+ Time-Lock and ancient history
+ Ageing and revivals
+ Magic and the arcane
+ Gods and the divine
+ Extinct/ancient races
+ Alteran/Netherish ‘creatures’
+ Alteran/Netherish materials
+ Sciences (enchanting, redstone tinkering, alchemy)
Note that while you cannot write your own lore in these areas, it does not mean that all of them are exempt from in-character research and experimentation - for further information, see the IC Research thread {here}.

Writing topics which may be commissioned by the Lore Department:
*Deadline submissions or competition entries may be sought for these topics as, when, and if required by the Lore Department.
+ Official historical recounts [Currently closed]
+ Playable races [Currently closed]
+ Racial languages [Currently closed]
+ Regional/faction languages [Currently closed]
+ Pandemic/life-threatening illnesses [Currently closed]
Note that any submissions made for these topics when they are not being sought will be automatically ignored. To avoid missing writing opportunities in these areas, keep up to date with forum announcements from the Lore Department.

Writing topics which require Lore Approval via a Lore Submission*:
*Any lore written within these topics must first be sent as a submission to ensure they are suitable to be approved as official lore – more details on why/how below.
+ Race-specific cultures (e.g Moor Elves)
+ Multispecies cultures (e.g Soolera)
+ Subcultures (e.g Rooted Soolera, best submitted as part of the umbrella culture)
+ Obsolete cultural languages (must stay obsolete)
+ Illnesses that are not necessarily life-threatening (best requested as part of a small event)
In the wise words of Naelwyn: “If someone gets a group of players together and they're all playing desert-dwelling humans who have a preference for clean red linens and always wear a Fez, all the power to them. They get no special abilities or anything but are totally free to define things like their cultural morality and taboos, diet, clothes, architectural style, etc.”

Newly emerging cultures can be created without official approval provided they don’t cross any lines with the setting, but once they’ve established a bit of history in-game, if you want them to be included on the main lore forum, a lore submission will need to be sent.

(Please note we will not allow Asiatic-inspired cultures either officially or not, on the grounds that they do not fit with a setting that is primarily drawn from Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean.)

All lore submissions should be sent via a forum message to Lore Coordinator for assessment. For shorter submissions, you should be able expect feedback within 1 - 3 days, but be aware that more time is needed to review lengthier pieces of work. Writing may be formatted either on the forums or online as a Google Doc.

Writing topics unrestricted*:
*Anyone and everyone can write from these topics following the guidelines below.
+ Subjective recent histories (e.g unofficial event recounts, character journals)
+ Myths and legends
+ Songs, rhymes, and poetry
+ Folk stories and fairy-tales
+ Religious factions and beliefs (e.g cults, inquisitions, churches)
+ Secular factions or guilds (e.g mercenary companies, scholarly orders, brewing guilds)
As long as anything written to be a belief or story is clearly tagged on the forums to highlight its fictional, fabricated, or faith-based nature, you are free to make up essentially anything provided it follows the rules of the server, maintains immersion, and makes sense within the setting. An example of breaking these rules would be having your sweet little bard come up with the plot and characters of Alien, in which case we would probably need to intervene.

As Naelwyn said in the previous Mandate thread: “Anybody can write whatever they like, unless it modifies or makes assumptions about something in [Lore team only/Lore team managed], at which point the level escalates.”

Within reason, though, this bit actually means that you can still write and work on an awful lot that doesn't require an official stamp of approval. Exaggerated songs of battles that never really kicked off, mildly grisly children’s stories, strictly pacifistic religious groups determined to free the world of conflict, fanatical cults without quite the same… reservations.

Every time you create something in RP – be it a guild or cult, a House, a town, a character, even a tavern or inn – you create something that is part of the server lore. However, as with everything, if you're not sure what you can and can't do, don't hesitate to send a forum message to Lore Coordinator with any queries you might have. Remember, we are far more likely to be accepting of borderline ideas if we're spoken to directly about them rather than finding out through hearsay that something fishy is going on.

Keep in mind the golden rule of lore writing - if you're not sure, please ask!

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