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[Lore] Unique Items


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White petals can no longer be found either, the last of the unique items once being placed. Whatever is in the world now is all there is to be found.


Lord of Altera
[Even Exchange]
TYPE: Spellbound Trinket
FROM: Xozu
TO: Event NPC [ Solus ]
WHEN: 09/12/2021
WHY: A trade for the artifact of Life

[Lucky Coin]
: Spellbound Trinket
From: Bok'ra
To: Xozu
When: 09/10/21
Why: Taken from his corpse.


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From the evil 'coronot' event;

NAME: Agonize
DESCRIPTION: A small sphere of orange glass able to be held in one hand, its insides always swirling and moving with imagery of burning flame.
EFFECT: Upon holding it for but a moment, the body begins to feel excessive hot, sweating and flushing in colour as the skin prickles with heat. Before it can become too much, it rapidly fades away, but whoever touched it is cursed with sporadic imagery of burning buildings, people, and creatures for the next hour.
ITEM HOLDER: Candice Galaxy

NAME: Ragged Shawl
DESCRIPTION: A shawl seemingly made from burlap, old and worn.
EFFECT: When worn around the shoulders or head, it keeps the wearer safe from overheating, comfortably cool. It however also makes them appear to be elderly and frail until it is removed again.
ITEM HOLDER: Jeron Sir Arc

NAME: Light of the Damned
DESCRIPTION: A black, wrought iron lantern, detailed with scenes of wailing faces. The glass is red.
EFFECT: When lit, the area around it within ten blocks becomes cold enough to mist breath, regardless of environment, but whispers and eerie shadows flicker about the outskirts of the light it makes. The light is always red, and beyond the ten block border the light seems to darken. If dented or broken, the lantern seems to reform itself...
ITEM HOLDER: Aleksei blargtheawesome

NAME: Bloodstone
DESCRIPTION: A smooth stone able to be held in one hand, changing to a dark gem-like material upon absorbing blood.
EFFECT: If given a significant quantity of mortal blood (half a pint) it will absorb it and store it, able to be pressed over any wound that would require stitches or less to give its stored blood and heal it rapidly over the next ten minutes instead. It is at user discretion if it leaves a scar or not.
ITEM HOLDER: Jeron Sir Arc

NAME: Coronet
DESCRIPTION: The crown is small and undecorated, made of a black metal that shimmers a rainbow of colors in the light.
EFFECT: The crown suddenly produces barbs when worn on the head, sinking into the skin of the wearer, and cementing the crown there. After roughly a day of being worn, the crown will sink into the skin of the wearer, until it is like another layer of dermis on their head. Once thus attuned, it cannot be removed from the head without tearing the head off with it and those who touch the crown can perceive the thoughts of the wearer whilst allowing the wearing to read theirs in turn. The crown makes the wearer seemingly much more intelligent.
ITEM HOLDER: Uriel BoredBrit
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Lord of Altera
Where are the items from genesis?
[Had at one point tweaked some an item or two. While writing them out. Let me know what they are.]

DESCRIPTION: A long cloak of green hues, seemingly made of plant life and feathers both. It grows small white flowers in clusters and smells pleasantly of chamomile.
PASSIVE: Within a 5b radius, people are more soothed and feel comforted.
[ABILITY - Mend]: Once per day, the cloak can be shaken to disperse a sort of pollen over RP range, healing all minor wounds of allies within the radius upon the cast. Scratches and grazes will heal, and wounds that require stitching will stitch themselves with a green vine-like thread. Wounds are cleansed from infection by the pollen, but it may cause some sensitive to it to sneeze and have their eyes water. The cloak will regrow its flowers by the next day.
Holder: BoredBrit

Name: Blooming circlet
Description: An Elven silver circlet that swirls like vines. Parts of the silvery vines meeting are closed silver buds.
[Ability- Blossom]: Once a day the circlet can be activated. Flowers budding and blooming around the circlets edges into a flower crown of flowers to the holder's choice. The flowers last for 12 hours.
Holder: Jazzper

Name: Life’s thumb
Description: A hand shovel with a curved birch handle, the spade end shaped like a curved leaf.
[Ability- Helping Hand]: If a seed is planted, watered, and tapped with the bottom of the shovel. The seed would already begin to sprout. This can be done twice a day.
Holder: Retro

Name: Blooming wand
Description: A 5-inch wand shaped like a small birch branch. Engraved with smooth vines, flowers and seeds.
[Ability- Petal Speech]: Where there is grass the wand can be used like a quill. As they wave the end of the wand wand it sprouts flowers native to the environment they are in. This is done up to five feet in length a day. The wand recharged the next morning.
Holder: Fronslin

Name: Nature’s tune.
Description: A birchbox with etched vines along the sides and top. Once open there can be a figurine of a bird carrying a seed spinning made from the same wood of the box. Jewelry and small items can be placed in the box. The hinges are made of a strong durable plant fiber.
[Ability]: Twice a day it can be opened. The sounds of nature and birds can be heard within rp range. Local birds will be lured to the sound but will stay distant. It gives an hour of this, on the final use the box will shut, vines from the hinges will sprawl out along the etchings and lock it till the next day.
Holder: Elz

Name: Vase of aroma.
Description: A vase made of plant life with vines and white flowers.
[Ability- Allmother’s Aroma]: The vase emits the smell of the plant inside up to 5b. Depending on the plant it will be either a pleasant aroma the flower may give off or a foul smell that some other plant life emits. The white flowers will change to the color of the plant that is planted inside.
Holder: Jazzper [I believe.]