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Lore Overview


General [OOC]
  • Lore FAQ { Here }
  • Clarification on Cultural Submissions { Here }
The World
+[Behemoths of Altera] - New challengers show themselves in our world...
+[New Forlorn Artifacts] - The Keeper's treasury was looted anew...

Flora & Fauna
+[Forlorn Flora] - The World reels back from the effects of Qlippoth.. yet some parts of its deeds linger...
+[Fearsome Beasts] - Addition of Evokers, Illusionar, Vindicator, Iron Golems, & Phantoms

Race & Cultures
+[Makani Adjustment] - The flight pattern and limits of Makani wings have been added

+[Slowness Potion] - External potion...
+[Conduits] - Tinkered blocks...

+[Animancy Primer] - A peek into Anima..
+[Arcane Additional Mechanic Update] - Adjustments have been made to the Arcane Mechanic..
+[Divine Spell Update and Reveal] - New additions to the Spell Book of Divine Magic...
+[Divine Curses] - It is difficult to cross a Divine and remain unscathed..
+[Blessed Index] - Profiles now show who they are..


HollowWorld's Announcer

Lore Book is Released!

  • Endermen { Here }
  • Fey { Here }
The Eastern Continent; The World
  • Discoveries in Enchanting {Here}
  • Prismarine { Here }
  • The Constellations { Here }
  • Beacons { Here }
  • Obsidian { Here }
  • Elementals { Here }
  • Tiers of the Faithful { Here } (Tweaked as of June 2018)
  • Divine Lore has been updated { Here }
  • "The Fallen" { Here }
  • Sangrians are now Un-restricted { Here }
  • Anhald culture is now Un-restricted { Here }
  • Caparii have a culture to their name { Here }
  • Forest Elven Lore is updated { Here }


HollowWorld's Announcer

Updated Racial Lore
  • Racial lore was updated to have a consistent layout and a focus on physiology.
  • Silver Elves settle into a culture of their own in Arget
  • Earthspawn words have been fleshed out.
  • Introduction to the Avian humanoids: The Makani
  • New Multicultural Lore: The Sangrian
The Eastern Continent; The World
  • A description of the various trees unique to our map.
  • Inhabitants in this land..
  • Languages have been updated
  • Copper and Bronze have been added to the roster
  • Release of Dragons Breath, Update on Poison Tipped Arrow inclusion and Lingering Potions
  • Glowstone
  • Discoveries in Enchanting
  • The Timeline of Altera is written and OOCly public. {Here}
The Arcane
  • Evicism Overview {Here}
  • Cogimency Overview {Here}
  • Formistry Overview {Here}
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