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'The Gentle Lord'
"We are all children in The Mother’s eyes. It matters not where we come from. From the Heartiest Prince to the Melancholiest Bastard, we all play 'The Stranger Whom comes to Town' in our own tales. We are but travellers walking down different paths to that shared ultimatum, every poem has a final verse after all. It’s sad to hear it end, yes... A song can often be sad. But don’t you strangely find how that final note, is always the best part?"
- Lune Tek'ton

Current Thoughts:
"I know not why my faith be shaken, not why I struggle in expressing such words. I only wish- I hope, that she knows that I always meant to do her right."




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"Whom am I? Well I suppose that's not too brazen of a Question..."

Lune Tek'ton
Other Names: Little Moon (Bertha Tek'ton), The Gentleman Lord (Main Nickname), Posh-boy Tek'ton (In the Astrum Slums)
Titles: Lord of Astrum, Heir to House Tek'ton

Age: Lune has reached his Mid-thirties.
Race: Elven.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: The answer can change depending who you ask and which rumours you believe.
Relationship Status: Courting the Lady Rai Taai

Homeland: The Astrum Isles.
Current Residence: Within Astrum's Bastion.
Social Status: Wealthy, Self-proclaimed Philanthropist.
Professions: Lord of Astrum, Self-proclaimed Priest of Sallana, Captain of 'The Mother's Gaze'

"One would be foolish, to not inquire thou intent with such a brash Request..?"
Lune is a proud, well composed man - often garbed in finely tailored attire mostly adorned with striking colours, though he prefers the Greens and Purples as found in his Family's crest. He can often be seen accompanied by his Cane - a finely crafted, steel rod - adored with golden engravings with oceanic inspiration.

Height: He stands at about an Average elven height of 6"2

Weight: Relying on Dexterity as apposed to strength, Lune isn't particularly muscular, weighing 145 pounds.

Eyes: A Mossy Green. Currently holding dark bags from their lids.

Skin: Pale from both his Elven heritage and the geography of Astrum Island. Having lightly freckled skin in his youth, his skin has faced back to a pale tone, such colour only interrupted by the salt wind adding slight crinkles to his face.

Distinguishing Features: Atop his head sits a finely made tricorn hat with a large, odd feather sewn into it's seams. His general demeanour is one of someone who generally thinks themselves higher than everyone else in the room, with a slightly patronising smile at times in which he finds himself misaligned with an individual.

Build of Body: Lune holds a lean, slender frame - emphasised by his height.

Hair: Pale Blond hair. Grown long and tied back into a neat ponytail.

Posture: Usually kept in an upright, composed position.

Hygiene: He sticks routinely to a Nobleman's Hygiene Habits.

"I expect that any answer I give; is purely subjective?"
Strong sense of Empathy. Keenly Analytical.
Weaknesses: The belief that Money can solve any problem. Vanity. Pride.

Likes: Respect, Modesty, Intellectuality

Dislikes: Idiocy, Selfishness, Close-mindedness.

Fears: Solomon, Failing The Mother or His Family, Death.

Values: Patience, Pacafism, Diplomacy.

Education: Privately tutored in his Youth. Studied at the Ruby Isle Academy in his Teens.

Languages: Common [Fluent], Elven [Fluent], Fae [Limited].

Current State:
Lune, once the perfectly composed gentleman is now but a shell of his former self. With his daughter being taken by the 'Sons of Jishrim', Lune has entirely fully devoted his life to Sallana - with her currently acting at the only crutch he can use to retain his façade of an educated, composed gentleman. He is under the impression that such devotion will allow his desperate search for his only child to be fruitful and that he shall find her through utter devotion to the Mother.

Religious Inclination: A firm believer Sallana and her ideals.

Intelligence: Quite Keen. Due to his physicality, he's been forced to prioritise Brains over Brawn.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Short Term Goals:
- Aislin. Nothing else matters.

Long Term Goals:

- Aislin. Nothing else matters.

"I have my eye on you Boy... Keep your hands to yourself!"


+== HEALTH==+
"My wellbeing is none of your concern - I shall rest when she is found."

None that Lune is Aware of.
Allergies: Not precisely known, Some Variations of Southern Floura.
Injuries: Recently recovered from a Halberd to the Shin
Sleeping Habits: Currently Terrible, Plagued with nightmares.
Energy Levels: Dwindling by the day.
Eating Habits: Eats a little too well.
Exercise Habits: Trains irregularly.
Memory: Quite Keen.
Unhealthy Habits: Holding the misguided notion that minimal sleep is feesable.
Drinking Habits: "A conventional start-time is entirely interpritive".

+== SKILLS ==+
"This is an unfair request - one cannot succeed in all respects! At least, none that I'd wish to meet..."

Spear: [9/10] -
"For with this very spear; shall the Mother's Mercy be set upon you... Prepare to be spared sir!"
Cutlass: [6/10] - "For even the most Monstrous Crab has faced Enskewerment upon my blade."
Light Armour: [6/10] - "I prefer to retain a sense of fluid movement, protect what's necessary."
Polearms: [5/10] - "Distance is good, let us avoid another blow to the leg shall we?"
Crossbow: [5/10] - "Seems simple enough..."
Archery: [3/10] - "Too fiddly... Are the strings always supposed to snap this easily?"
Hand-to-Hand: [2/10] - "Only had one recountable scuffle, the outcome was less than satisfactory."
Heavy Armour: [1/10] - "How is one supposed to fight in such conditions?!"
Unconventional Weaponry: [1/10] - "Drew... I am glad you are on my side."
Magic: [0/10] - "Tis an art for a braver, more patient man than I."

Utility Skills:
Sewing: [10/10] - "What? Tis a useful skill!"
Handwriting: [9/10] - "Aye! Cursive so fine that it matches the curve of the morning's gentlest waves."
Brewing: [5/10] - "Not bad, certainly not as bad as my first attempt."
Cooking: [2/10] - "Let us leave this to Rai, aye?"
Cleaning: [0/10] - "You're joking?"
Childcare: [-1/10] - "Aislin..."

Practical Skills:
Sailing: [10/10] - "Seawater runs through my veins."
Swimming: [10/10] - "Ha! I was practically born into the sea! Well, I wasn't of course - that would be most unhygienic."
Writing: [9/10] - "Why of course! For what is a better way to one's heart than through the passion of a fiery stanza?"
Singing: [8/10] - "If only I could better hold my breath, all to sing The Mother's praises!."
Viola [8/10] - "Yes. Rather well. Mother would have been ever so proud..."
Construction: [7/10] - "I know my way around a drawing-board, But I am by no means my father."
Woodcarving: [4/10] - "A skill lost to my younger years. Could be an interesting hobby should spare time arise."
Alchemy: [3/10] - "Well perhaps if the instructions were written larger, we wouldn't be having this problem!"
Forging: [2/10] - "An improvement to be sure. Shall not sharpen my own blade in the meantime however."
Survival: [1/10] - "A night camping... Couldn't hurt. But I shall return come morning of course."
Mining: [0/10] - "Hahaha."
Farming: [0/10] - "Hmm... No."
Masonry: [0/10] - "Let us leave that to the professionals, I shall supervise."
Woodcutting: [0/10] - "I do hope sir, that this axe was not an ancestral possession?"

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Lord of Altera

"For tis not simply the clef that scores the song, but rather the notes that it meets along the way."

=+= Loved =+=

Rai Taai
"My love, my ray of sunshine. May the Mother bring us infinite happiness until that day comes when - surrounded by our kin - we may depart together into The Mother's arms."

Aislin Taai
"My love, my child. You are the best of me. My one true noble act. Always know that I shall be here, awaiting with open arms."

Lady Sallana
"The True Mother, I can only say that I hope to do right by you."

Bertha Tek'ton
"Tis close to thirteen years now, my loving mater. You're granddaughter would have loved to have seen you."

=+= Close Friends =+=

Ronak Rothguard
"You stood by my family regardless the cost. I'll stand by you sir, know that indeed"

Drew Swift
"Saved my life on many a frivolous occassion. Though on that thought... Saved from a predicament he usually caused"

Lana Wake
”I do not know what it is about you that makes your actions so selfless and pure. You’ve saved my life in more ways than one. I thank thee truly... My friend.“

=+= Liked =+=

"You serve your Lord well, I would like to know thee better."

Cymic Seymour
"I remember thee on multiple occasions, usually those occasions blur into hungover obscurity, but you're a noble minded man indeed"

Theodosius Hostilius Herennius
"Though we've had our up's and downs, I know that you now truly see us as equals"

Milah Sicarus-Freyr
"Your tutorship and care is most endlessly appreciated. I hope one day I can thank thee. A truly kind and noble soul you are."

"He remembers me? After all this time... Well met old friend. Well met indeed."

Rolland Schiff
"A kind soul. I am truly thankful to have him under my employ. He'll make it far one day."

=+= Wary =+=

Ichien Tek'ton

"You have raised me well. Father."

Markon Zok
"Brash, overconfident and far from a civilized man. However he does mean well..."

Fronslin Meguar
"You are not the man you once were, I know not what you have become"

"I am so, dreadfully sorry"

"An odd man, tis conflicted indeed. Perhaps I can return him to a state that is whole..?"

Silk Tongue

"Curious... Is but one word to describe them; both in their looks and their nature"

Peter Eljin
"A rather shady looking man indeed."

Andrew D'Amryun
"An odd child. I suppose his circumstances explain quite a multitude of his actions."

Thure von Hardanger
"We fought the minions of Skraag together, a brave man indeed. I'd like to know him and his intentions better perhaps..."

=+= Disliked =+=

Henry & Raynor var Emhril
“May the gods immediately cease your incessant criminality, or so help me I shall be once again be involuntarily required to stop you with the vehement vigour that your despicable actions truly seem to beg for. Realise that such an action shall indeed bring me inordinate sorrow, but nevertheless it will be worth such for the greater good of humanity - for I know Sallana shall forgive me.”

Boat Thief
I cannot describe how much immense satisfaction that your downfall brought me, may thee thank Sallana for my mercy.

Nwalme Fuvur
I know-not who or... what you are. I cannot express to you how much your threats displease me.

=+= Hated =+=

The Sons of Jishrim
"If you truly have taken my precious baby girl from me, I shall do everything in my power to bring each of you to justice in the eyes of The Mother. May you thank her for my restraint and mercy."

=+= Loathed =+=

Solomon Tek'ton


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Lord of Altera
It’s sad to hear it end, yes - a song can often be sad. But don’t you strangely find that that final note is always the best part?
I love the writing, so I sit
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This is so astonishing, that some of your phrases are too much for my feeble intellect to handle
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