{M} Leagănul magiei


Lord of Altera
Added some images as more the exterior is done thats not apart of the lab itself

The Lab so far

1st floor
1 room for changing into clean suits for experimentation and donning of masks, to scrub in and scrub out of and to done protective measures
1 room devoted to small animal research and study with diseases, complete with autopsy table and alchemist sets for mixing and brewing of items.
1 room devoted to researchers and assistants study area desks,books and research kept here
1 large autopsy room with two tables for use.
1 ice cooled room for the storage of bodies
1 ramp off the main house heavily secured for supplies and new specimen arrival

2nd floor
Cages and rooms for larger animals and speciments ramp enters here as well
3 storage rooms


Lord of Altera
I give to you the Casa învățării
or in the common tongue the house of learning.

This is where those who are studying here at the Cradle of Magic will reside currently I will post the tea room,and guests rooms tomorrow as im pretty tired and sleepy.

The foyer

The dinning area

The Kitchen

The Pantry
The scenic overlook

And the study area