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Maceo de Courtnay
“ It is better to burn out, than to fade away. ”

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Lord of Altera

Age: Maceo recently celebrated his 28th year.
Gender: Certainly male.
Race: Undoubtedly human.
Social Status: Blessed of Ignis Synnove, Scapegoat to the masses.
Sexuality: Undeniably heterosexual.
Height: Maceo stands at a height of 6'3.
Weight: Maceo weighs roughly 12 stone.
Date of Birth: 1st of Floodlock.
Homeland: Avignon, in the Northern Kingdoms.
Current Home: The Citadel of Knight's Haven, in the township of Le Havre.

Build: Rather tall, and athletic. Typical of one who trained as a mounted knight for the majority of their life. His tall stature, coming from his mother and the lithe frame from his father. Whilst he is not exactly the paragon of imposing physique, he is certainly physically fit and able.
Hair: Maceo was once blonde, but since an accident in the Nether, he has no hair upon his head, as such he is bald and often resorts to wearing wigs of his natural hair colour, blonde.
Eyes: Maceo's eyes are a deep and stormy blue.
Skin: Maceo's skin is riddled with thick ropey scars that are the result of his arcane healing at the hands of Tzemik.
Identifying Marks: His scars.
Appearance: Maceo is a well dressed individual with an insatiable need for his clothing to be proper and presentable. However, his clothing does not distract one's eye from the nigh grotesque scarring of his face and skin.
Clothing: Maceo is most often found to be in formal attire consisting of a fine silken shirt, a waistcoat and a heavy overcoat or doublet. The variations are numerous and quite unoriginal, inspired by the fashions of his late father and uncle. Gloves have become a necessity since the accident, and it is extremely rare to see Maceo's bare hands anymore.
Weaponry: Maceo owns many weapons but lacks the skill to use most of them. The only weapon that he is proficiently skilled with is the word and wrath of Ignis Synnove.
Prized Possessions: Sun Medallion, Incandesence, Truth Shall Prevail and his wedding ring.
Hygiene: As with his clothing, Maceo has a need to be presentable and clean, this obsession is only relaxed when in the company of true friends.
Voice: Maceo's accent has become a mashup of Alteran dialects.

+ Ambitious + Honest + Competent + Determined + Familial + Loyal +
+ Ambitious + Icarus Complex + Pious + Fickle + Loss + Paranoia +
Fears: Darkness and Abandonment.
Intelligence: Maceo believes himself to be rather intelligent and competent yet incredibly naive. His knowledge ranges from Alteran History to Political Theory, he has excelled at linguistics and communications, amassing knowledge and mastery of a multitude of languages. His main interest is that of the divine and the history of Igneous worship.
Languages: Maceo has amassed an understanding of a great multitude of languages, akin to a human Google Translate.
Spoken: Fluent
Written: Fluent

Spoken: Fluent
Written: Fluent

+Old Arcturian
Spoken: Low-Level Conversational.
Written: Given time, he can read and write.

Spoken: Fluent
Written: Fluent

Spoken: Fluent
Written: Perfecting

Spoken: Fluent
Written: Perfecting

Profession: Sonnesbischof and blessed of Ignis. Duc of Artois. His practical trade, however, would be that of a siege engineer.

Personality: Maceo is an ambitious religious fanatic with a rather strong icarus complex. He believes he does what he does with the backing of Ignis Synnove.
Religion or Cults: Ignis Synnove, the Holy Church d'Artois.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Sunburst: The caster calls down a gout of light from above to purge the unrighteous in holy flame. Naming, pointing, or otherwise designating a target in their vicinity and declaring a request to smite them calls down the sunburst, leaving them scorched and temporarily blinded. May stun creatures with sensitive eyesight. Incinerates undead and other unholy creatures. Usable once per week. Only works outside and during the day.
Incandesence: Sword engraved with 'Truth Illuminates' and 'Truth will Prevail' in Old Arcturian. At will, the blade may bathe itself brightly in a divine manifestation of glowing holy flames with an inner radiance sufficient to light its surroundings. When glowing, the sword may also cast the weekly use of [Sunburst] from it as if the other conditions were met. In this case, contact must be made between the sword and the intended target, at which point the sword flashes brightly and does the smite. Those true and noble of faith need not fear its heat whilst creatures, heretics, demons and monsters that are unenlightened by truth will find the flame roaring and ablaze.
Aura | Bliss: Emit a captivating aura in a speak range. Players are enticed to give you attention and a glow emits around your head for the duration of a speech, or held conversation. Can be visually thematic to a color of whichever neutral/good god you worship. Players around you will be calmed. Effect doesn’t work on characters extremely violent towards you when enraged. [Thought - Usable once per day]
Stun: Stun a creature from making any moves. Effect lasts for 1 combat round. (Only works on animal like creatures, demons, undead, arcane users, or heretics. To use against another character, the user must roll off against the player..) [Touch | Requires skin-to-skin contact - Usable once per day]

Temporary Purify: Once every three days, they may consecrate a vial of oil. When smeared upon a blade, the oil ignites in pale gold flames that endure for around a minute of combat.
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Lord of Altera

- Ignis Synnove
Maceo's existence has come to revolve purely around seeking out and executing the will of his God. He adores everything that She stands for and that She has given him. It is unlikely that his love for Ignis Synnove will ever die. With the assumed death of Silas, Maceo has become extremely defensive in regards to his faith and in regards to Ignis herself, allowing himself to fly off the handle at that which he deems Heresy.

- Pod Luam
His closest friend. Maceo thinks that Pod is the true definition of the word brother, moreso than his own flesh in many ways. He only hopes that he can keep Pod close and not piss him off too much. He is the only valid choice to be my heir.
- Trystan Elz
A good friend, the only one to be truly kind to him during his time in Sanardu. He is wary as to what Nwalme might do to their friendship now.
- Eli Lirakitty
A scribe and a friend. Maceo trusts Eli and hopes that she does well in all that she encounters.

- Joe JoeJoe
A potential ally, Maceo finds that Joe is far too caught up on his mentor to be considered a friend just yet. He expects that Joseph will grow out of this.
- Henri Archbishop
Maceo felt bad at first for abandoning their dream in favour of the Reich, but with God's blessing Maceo now does not know how to feel about Henri's reluctance to bow.
- Melarue Elz
Maceo cherishes this woman for her saving his life on multiple occasions. He hopes to teach her all that he can of Ignis Synnove and one day make her one of the Faithful.
- Isaac Joseph12Q
A good knight, lost his eye in the service of heaven.
- Peter Sir Arc
A good knight, Maceo feels bad that he had to die at the hands of Hawklight.
- Hans Rossu
Any Flanders is a good Flanders. Maceo is happy to have Han on board.
- Elizabeth Kane NIAH
Maceo finds Elizabeth to be an interesting person and hopes to eventually bring their houses to the closeness they once shared.
- Charles Kane Lannis
Maceo is eager to see if Brennard's son has inherited the wrath and might worthy of his heritage. So far he is not displeased. He was glad to ride with Charles in the South.

- Nwalme blargtheawesome
A cogimens that Maceo had a respect for. He has come to see that the deal they almost made would not have been as beneficial as previously thought.
- Arianne Rossu

A formist that Maceo believes to be a big disappointment. He wishes that she had remained loyal to Sallana so that they could still be considered friends.
- Aleks(ei)ander blargtheawesome
Maceo is thankful to this man, but is not yet sure how to feel about him in general.
- Aleksander Kane Solus
The Kane child that Maceo is least likely to align himself with, purely due to his cold and abrasive nature.
- Arthur I Cap
Maceo is wary as to what Arthur has in store for his House, but with God's Holy endorsement it is clear that his loyalties are well placed. Gott mit uns.
- Josephine I Charybdis
Maceo finds amusement and pride in his Cousin's ambition. He hopes to see her rise further to further honour God and all that they have.

- Most people.

- Heretics, Heathens and Apostates.
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Lord of Altera
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