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Maebh - Fortune Teller

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Her Theme [X]

Name: Maebh
Other Names: 'Lich', 'Mae', 'Voodoo', 'Storyteller', 'Seer'
Titles: Oh, the other children have plenty.

Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: She makes a face "What's your angle?"
Residence: Storm's Landing
Relationship Status: A bark of laughter. "Me? Who're you trying to fool?"
Social Status: Vagrant street rat.

What You See

Height: ~5'8
Weight: Negligible
Eye Color: Clouded white
Skin Color: Pale
Distinguishing Features: Her dim eyes, bare feet, ratty shawl and cane tap tap tapping.
Build of Body: Gangly, tall for her age but rather scrawny.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Her ratty hair is loosely tied back by a headscarf most of the time.
Complexion: Weathered and a bit pimply.
Posture: Oddly poised, like she's always standing at attention, listening.
Is Seen By Others As-- when did she get there? The girl raises her ratty skirts in a mock-curtsy, grinning. "'ello there. Fancy a fortune?"
Scars: A litany of faded scars on her calloused feet from a lifetime of walking barefoot. By choice, mind you.

What You Don't

Likes : Telling Fortunes - Secrets - Strangers - Magic - Mischief

Dislikes : Charity - The Outside World - The Written Word - Self-Importance - Killjoys

Values : Your Money - Fun - Mockery - Tales for Afar - Prayer

Fears : Getting Lost - Being Pitied - Damnation

"What's Your Angle?" -
Growing up on the streets of Storms, Maebh learned cynicism early. She's deeply suspicious of any shows of trust and always wary of people's intentions. She keeps herself emotionally reserved, quick to undercut any affection or closeness with her usual teasing. Insistent that her relationships are purely transactional.

"My Heart Beats Upon A Tree"- She has dwelt in Storms all her life, and has overcome her disability with sheer persistence. She knows the city like the back of her hand and can navigate it's streets with ease, a point of pride. Outside the walls however, she's overcome with dread. Navigating the unknown is an exercise in frustration and shame. Her greatest fear is to be lost beyond the city.​

"Blind As a Bat" - Maebh was born blind, with all that comes with it. She doesn't feel strongly about her condition, simply regarding it as how she was made. Without sight, she's entirely reliant on sound, touch and motor memory to navigate the world. Far more attentive to sounds and smells than most.

"Street-wise" - A shrewd opportunist, Maebh is always willing to push her luck and wring the most out of someone. Maebh punches well above her weight, relying on bluffing and sheer force of personality to get what she wants. A fortune-teller by trade, she has a good nose for the insecure and lost. Maebh is also illiterate, and holds some disdain for the written word that she passes off as airy disinterest.

"Try me." - Maebh can't stand being pitied or underestimated for her lack of sight, and nothing will set her off easier. She'll pick fights she can't win and provoke those she dislikes just to prove she can.

"Don't need eyes to see" - Maebh has a knack for cold readings, a good intuition and a nose for detail.

"They started it!" - She's also a brat.


[⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] "Let's see what Fate's fell hand has in store, hm?"

Sleight of Hand [⭐⭐⭐] A sharp card, or if it comes to it, a card sharp. The deck whispers through her fingers is adroit, demon-quick motions.

Shamanism [⭐] "Fireburn and Candleglow, Lantern light and Beacon Show!" She casts the bone into the flames, throwing up embers.

Hitting Things [⭐] "Wanna scrap? I'll take you on, brainless!" She brandishes her cane with a savage grin.


- Her Dear Mother's Shawl
- Her Dear Father's Jawbone
- A leather satchel and sleeve for her cards -- begrudgingly accepted
- Her tarot deck.
- A feathered headdress and a mink fut coat, gifts from a mentor.
- A pinch of Marceau's hair.



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Who you are - How she knows - Why she cares

Sea-smell, Brainless, Musses my hair
"Never had a Da like you"

Moody, Sour-taste, I-don't-mind
"I don't need you to have my back. Just stay by my side."

Little, Jumpy, Fun to Toy
"You aren't so bad yourself."

Chiming, Charming... Familiar
"You're a tough act to follow, Missus. I wonder what you think you're hiding, with your masks and motley. What cause your tricks champion. Maybe you're just in it for a laugh, like me?"

'Missus Tylla'
Horse-Smell, Burnt-Bones, Western Winds
"Another hand extended. I've turned down Kings, Queens and Holy Men, but somehow yours was the only offer I could stomach. I wonder. A field where you can walk for miles..."

'Missus Jenette'
Soft-spoke, Quiet Shrine, From Afar
"You've got a wisdom to you. Like Ma, only you talk back."

Fun, Plays-Along, Soft-spot
"Couldn't scare you off. I guess me heart wasn't in it. You can roll with me for now, I suppose."

Your name - Your Business - What's owed

'Auld Crone'
A Business Arrangement
"Never thought I'd find someone else like me, Crone. It's nice, not to be on me lonesome. Even knowing nothing lasts forever. Even knowing a God can die."
"Let's make some magic, you and I."

A Score to Settle
"You gave me a fair shake. I think we might be friends, you and I. But nonetheless..."

A Letter Sealed
"Next drink is on me, Missus."

An Offer Declined
"We'll see."

'Mister Venna'
An Exchange Made
"...No hope after all, then. You owe me one, all the same."

You know who you are.

Can't help it if I call a Spade by Name
"Liar Liar Liar."

Take a Hint
"Don't you Sorcerers know any other tricks? When you're blind you can't have the wool pulled over your eyes."

Try Me
"You're testing my patience, Lordling."

Like All the Rest
"Next time, I'll aim for the head."

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For the third time, Maebh has [Vision] cast on her without her consent and flies off the handle. Having hit 'Cheap-Trick' Uriel with the business-end of her cane, she storms out of the Cathedral and comes by Lilith, who follows her into the rain. The two have a long chat by a fountain in Storms under the shelter of Lilith's magic. They find they've got a lot in common, and soon Maebh is back to her usual self.
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can't wait to bash this characters skull in for the craic, see what comeback she has then


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And here I was thinking she was somewhere around two-hundred years old or something, but she's only fifteen!

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Added Relations of my own volition, noone was coerced. Thanks to everyone there for making this character such a joy to play so far. There's a handful of people I've had some great interactions with but couldn't justify a relation for. Give it time.


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