Magic Ranks, Apprenticeship, and Advancement Process


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Ranks correspond to both the general capabilities of a player, their privileges and level of trust, and the amount of responsibility they have.

Wiped: Someone who has egregiously broken the rules of the Magic system, via either Powergaming, Metagaming, or Other. They have been removed and the character no longer possesses any magical capability, along with any consequences from failed magic use.

Wash-out: Someone who has failed their apprenticeship for reasons that did not result in character death. They cannot advance further in their magical capability on this character, but are allowed to continue to use whatever they were capable of learning.

Apprentice: Someone new to magic that is still learning. They are restricted to certain skill levels and will generally be monitored to see if they are using what they are learning properly. If they flunk out due to being unable to complete requirements for advancement, they become a Wash-out. If they fail due to overpowered use of magic, overuse of magic, or any other gross RP violations, they've instead overused magic to the extent that it kills them, and all of their magical progress shall be erased. This death may or may not be permanent for the character based on the nature of their failure.

Magician: Anyone who has successfully passed the apprenticeship stage. Considered a qualified user of magic, a responsible player, and unlikely to commit RP violations. Gets a few benefits and a few responsibilities.

Magus: The foremost master in a given discipline. Fair benefits that come with a significant responsibility to uphold.

There is also the Archwizard and Archmagus ranks that serve primarily as prestige roles, but also as an indicator to players that they can ask such a character a general question on any aspect of the magic lore and get a reasonable and correct answer, rather than just one relating to their discipline.
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Rank Responsibilities and Prerequisites:

Prerequisites: Try out for apprentice and fail in a way that does not cause your character to be removed of magical ability. (IE, failed to grasp lore properly, not active enough/took too long and kept space closed to others, by request/self-imposed limitation, or other lesser RP violations.)
Responsibilities:No responsibilities to the magic lore besides responsible use of what they did learn.

Prerequisites: Successfully convince a Magician to take them as an apprentice via in-character roleplay, and by in-character roleplay only.
Responsibilities: Responsible and mature use of magic. Reading as much of the published magical lore as possible, and asking their instructor questions about what they do not understand. In-character training, practice, and experimentation, as directed by their instructor.

Prerequisites: Completion of an apprenticeship under an existing magician/magicians. One magical skill of at least Adept level.
Responsibilities: Responsible and mature use of magic. Keeping themselves up-to-date of the magical lore for the disciplines they practice. Either or both of taking on apprentices and properly teaching them magic, or development of spells.

One magical skill at Master level. Complete development of at least 3 successfully approved master-level spells. Magic use for at least 6 months without any infractions. Extensive contributions to the lore of their discipline that demonstrate understanding, creativity, and initiative. They are the most knowledgeable, if not necessarily skilled, practitioner of their field.
The Magus of each discipline is responsible for managing the advancement of all characters of Magician level, including final promotions of apprentices into Magician level.
They direct the overall feel of the lore of their discipline, especially through approval/denial of specific created spells of all magic-users in their field of study.

In addition, all magus-level participants are jointly responsible for:
1) Approval of Archwizard or Archmagus status
2) Approval of advancement into Master status and the associated Magnum Opus spell. [See Below.]

The present individuals of Magus status, who have extensively worked with me to develop that which is being released to you are:

Evocation - General Legion - @Legion
Mysticism - Tzemik Kevasn - @Michcat
Cogitation - Vallahad Ves'ri - @Estes241
Thaumaturgy - Naelwyn Talreyn - @Naelwyn
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Advancement between ranks and Evaluation Criteria:

Becoming an Apprentice:
Any and all 'Magician' class magic users, as part of becoming one, should demonstrate enough responsibility to be able to handle training another person.

As such, becoming an Apprentice should be entirely an RP process. Any approached instructor should make simply starting be an extensive test of patience and maturity, and they are strongly encouraged to do so, because instructors are partially responsible for the infractions of their Apprentices. (See 'Advancing as a Magician', below.)

A magician can instruct only up to the same level of proficiency that they themselves posses.

This should be a time-intensive process designed to really, extensively, test patience, roleplaying skill, ingenuity, and maturity.

Becoming a Magician:

To graduate into a proper Magician, an apprentice must complete the following objectives:

1) On the to-be-made Master Magic Users list forum thread, follow the provided template and produce a record of their magical capabilities, known spells, etc, and keep it updated. Failure to do so will likely cause the player to get an infraction when they use something they have not recorded.
2) Successfully learn and use properly at least 5 spells of at least Initiate level.
3) Create their own Magus-approved spell of the Adept level.
4) Actively roleplay as a magic-user for a timeframe of at least a month without any infractions or reports reaching us of OP magic use. [Of which is essentially defined as using magic one has not earned.] Any confirmed infractions reset this clock to zero. Three total infractions and the character suffers a mishap that either renders them a Wash-Out or dead, depending on the nature of their infractions.
5) Have a session with their Magus wherein they explain their desired character direction, goals, and intended plans for magic use, and get their approval to advance to Magician-class.

Advancing as a Magician:

Advancing in skill once one reaches the Magician level must be earned by contribution to the general health of magic on the server. At present, there are at least three ways to accomplish this:

Ways of contributing:
1) Creating new spells of levels of skill you can use. Self-explanatory. The Magician creates a new spell they could conceivably use, and tosses it to the Magus. If the Magus approves of the spell completely and needs to make no changes to the spell at all to balance it before inclusion, then the Magician earns points towards advancing in the discipline they made a spell for. Structured so that Magicians err on the side of 'low-powered' on all submissions.
2) Instructing apprentices. If a Magician successfully guides an apprentice all the way to Magus approval, they earn points towards advancing. However, if the apprentice does not gain approval, they will lose points, and more than they would earn if an apprentice would pass. This is to discourage frivolous acceptance of students, disregard for helping students, and in general exists to make Magicians both much more cautious of who they will accept, as well as give them quite the incentive to help their students once they've decided to teach them.
3) Successfully reporting improper magic use. If you have concrete evidence of someone performing magic that they do not have approval for, (IE, Screenshots of both in-game and their registered magician profile on the forums at the time in question [Last date of edit], then you will earn one-half of whatever the infraction would cost them. If you make a false report, or one without enough evidence, the accused will gain one-half of what the false report costs you.
Again, this is structured to both discourage false reports and schemery, and to encourage people to step forward if they notice a problem or discrepancy.
I reiterate again here, all magic-users are responsible for ensuring their profile is up-to-date. It is our record of what you are and are not capable of, and your surest piece of evidence for or against you in the case of any accusations.

Master-Class Magic:

In addition to all other requirements, obtaining a 'Master' ranking in any discipline requires something special.

The player must create a Magnum Opus, a personalized, special spell. It is extremely unlikely-to-impossible that any other mage can replicate a Magnum Opus, and even if they could, it wouldn't function as efficiently or as properly as the mage that invented it.

A Magnum Opus is a crowning achievement of magecraft, is a special spell, that should have it's own lore background and should be absolutely, masterfully drafted.

Acceptance of a Magnum Opus requires permission from all 4 Magi. If any Magi are absent from this vote, so long as they are not the discipline-master of the Magnum Opus, I, or another loremaster will have to fill in for them. If the master of a particular discipline is away, the vote will be delayed.


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I am ultimately leaving the management of each discipline of magic to it's Magus - I will not be intentionally acting in their spheres, but as the project lead for magic in it's entirety, I reserve the right to edit, modify, add, delete, replace, what-have-you, any element that does not work via a topdown retcon, and will be actively paying attention to feedback of all levels, especially on the Magus level interactions.

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