Upcoming [Mar 27th] The Great Cattle Drive


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Qlippoth's Blight was hard to overcome for many villages and communities on the continent. Compendium was no different. Unfortunately, the city lost most of its livestock to the disease. Now that rebuilding has finished, Melarue Lydril and Duchess Elizabeth Kane are trying to restore the city's resources and economy to what it once was. To replenish the herd that had died from the Blight, the Duchess is sending 20 heads of cattle down the Southwatch Road. She calls for any and all individuals that would be willing to drive the cattle south to Compendium safely. There have been rumors of incidents and trouble along the Southwatch Road, so she expects the trip to a challenge for various reasons. Payment will be given upon arrival at Compendium for the trouble. Each cow that safely arrives will bring the group 500r, to be split among themselves. If all 20 cows survive and make it, they will get to split 10,000r.

When: March 27th @ 6:30 EST
Where: Begins in Eastwatch and ends at Compendium
What: A cattle drive
Rating: Violent for the cows. Moderate for the players. :^)


  • This event is a little different than most I see. It's a different premise, and as someone pointed out to me, it could be fun and interesting, or it could be a slog. Hopefully the former.
  • Players will begin in Eastwatch with 20 cows. The task is to escort them south along the road directly to Compendium. There may be obstacles and encounters along the way to make it a challenge RP wise, but players will also be escorting minecraft mobs, which is an additional challenge in and of itself.
  • If anyone us caught breeding cows along the way to try and boost numbers, you'll catch dysentery and die. (I'm only partly joking, but do not spoil the game by cheating.)
  • It is up to players to bring wheat, leads, or whatever they think will help them the most.
  • Kamaoe Solus and Squidziod will be our lovely DMs for the evening.
To sign up for the drive, whether you are a citizen of the Kalstaat, a simple farmer, a mercenary, or whatever have you, just fill out of the form below. It is welcome to anyone, but there will be a party limit of 10. The slots are first come first served.

Character Name:
Relevant supplies: (Ropes, weapons, tools, etc.)
Profession: (Mercenary, farmer, ranger, hired hand, etc.)


  1. Kethron
  2. Gerry McIvy
  3. Theodosius
  4. Podric
  5. Ayda
  6. Jaden
  7. Lisbet
  8. Njal

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IGN: Purgatoris
Character Name: Julianne Vhalakis
Relevant supplies: Rapier, buckler, she can likely obtain wheat or make rope too!
Profession: Just a tailor, but as milk and beef are a form of harvest, Julia would be helping for religious reasons in Sallana's name - to help protecc the potential harvest.


The Jesterator
IGN: SirSnoutwick
Character Name: Gerard McIvy
Relevant supplies: None. Unless chipper attitude and instruments count as relevant.
Profession: Bard!
(Since it's a Wednesday, I dare assume I'd be at or around Eastwatch anyway at that time)


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IGN: Blorbis83
Character Name: Theodosius Herennius
Relevant supplies: (Ropes, weapons, tools, etc.) Spear, shield, rope, shovel, hammer, feedbags
Profession: (Mercenary, farmer, ranger, hired hand, etc.) Farmer, Cattle driver


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This is super cool, only definitely out of my timezone. Great thinking to think of such an event, Niah!
Do people get more points if they end up with more cows on the finish line?
So much posibilities to make this competitive, with someone herding cows, another sheep, another chickens, they all require different food, that'd be dope to see xD
Anyway, have fun, amazing idea!


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No. If people magic more cows into existence, breed them, pick up extras along the way, that's cheating and I'll kick their butts.
Oh I meant like, if someone loses some cows along the way do they get less points than those with more cows haha. I don't want them to get dysentery hahaha


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IGN: Asirel_Luik
Character Name: Ayda Ulamyar
Relevant supplies: Weapons, ropes, hopefully unbroken bones.
Profession: Ranger and Eviscist


Lord of Altera
IGN: SirLiam1124
Character Name: Pod Flanders
Relevant supplies: Horses, weaponry, wheat.
Profession: Guard, for the purpose of the event.


Lord of Altera
IGN: CloakedReaper
Character Name: Jaden Seeker
Relevant supplies: Focus/Longsword, longbow, torches, trail rations/camping supplies, and rope. Also a set of three horns. A horse too, I guess
Profession: Ranger Sentinel


Secretly Niah
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IGN: Gumdrop
Character Name: Lisbet
Relevant supplies: Bow and arrows to shoot the invading goblins with.Probably steal some rope off people. Maybe a lantern.
Profession: Stewardess. Helping the Kanes includes helping Kane cows.


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IGN: l_e_m_u_r
Character Name: Njal
Relevant supplies: Rope, snacks, emergency flask.
Profession: Blacksmith


Lord of Altera
IGN: electricwisekid
Character Name: Asero Crow
Relevant supplies:
  • Ink, his horse
  • Blackened steel longsword
  • Crossbow (and bolts...)
  • His bag of goodies, which contains...
    • Potions
    • Bandages and salve
    • Snacks and water for the road-trip
Profession: Guardian. Basically just there to help protect the sweet, innocent milk and beef suppliers.


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Seven hours from now! I have dispensers for Leads and for Wheat, so that should help the transportation OOCly.