March Newsletter 3.1.2020


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Firstday, 1st of Springrise, 2307
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • Golden Crafter Rank-- Check out the newly released Crafter rank, a monthly subscription for added perks. [x]
  • Divine Staff Shift-- A number of individuals have been added to the Divine Team to keep things flowing smoothly. [x]
  • New Conversation Addon-- A few improvements have been made to they way conversation work on the forums. [x]
  • Half-Spawn-- The Half-spawn are the result of Earthspawn ritual and magic. They are furthered by propagation with either Earthspawn or humans... [x]
  • No Intermission-- Server ownership is changing hands: Solus is stepping down, and [Squidziod] will be taking over her post. [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • Support Tickets-- Support Tickets are still available for utilization of all members of the community for increased ease in contacting staff and logged/recorded tickets so less is forgotten. [x]
  • Contributor Perks-- When contributing to the continued operation of the Hollowworld server a number of titles and other possible perks cane be gained. [x]
  • Guilds-- Now, upon request, owners of Prestige Guilds on the Hollowworld server may have a subforum put in for said guild within the 'Organizations' forum. [x]
  • Archon's Hand - Revival Rework-- Due to the recent events of the last campaign, Unhinged, the Sisterhood revival system has had a rework to accompany new developments within the world of Altera. [x]
  • Head Texture Database-- Recently, the code of our plugin HollowCrafting has not been kind to the custom playerheads of skins and textures from the headsdatabase for minecraft. [x]

Campaign Events
  • With the conclusion of the Unhinged Campaign so to comes a number of ongoing changes to the world of Altera. [x]
  • Make sure to keep your eyes out for any hints for the next campaign to come.
Player Events-- Currently scheduled player events include the following.
  • A Soul's Deliverance - Mar. 5th 5:30 p.m. EST - It's time to speak of eternity. Enlightenment shall be given to some. Freedom to others. [x]
  • The Warriors Calling - Mar. 6th 7:30 p.m. EST - In the name of Unending Endeavors, the Defense of the innocent and weak people, we come together and speak about the name of the Father... [x]
  • Veracian Peasants' Festival - Mar. 7th 3:00 p.m. EST - In celebration of Veraci's harvest, and to recognize the hard labor of the Contadini and Cittadini classes, the Vescovo-Re has decreed that there be a festival in seven days!
  • Make sure to check the calendar or front page of the forums for any new events. [x]
Recipe of the Month

✾Flower Pot --
  • Three flowerpots on the bottom, three [most any flower] middle row. . -- With spring just around the corner make sure to start stocking up of your flowers!

Riddle of the Month

If you think you know the answer to this months riddle PM Tideborne, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer, and receive a 1000 radiant cash prize.

✾Last Month's Riddle --

Last months riddle was: When night falls we come without being brought. By day we are lost without being taken. What are we?
  • The answer to this riddle was: [The] Stars
The first people to get it right were..
  1. Galaxy
  2. LordMomOfRussia
  3. Fronslin
  4. GhostKairo123
  5. Heie
✾Next Month's Riddle? --

If you have a riddle that you would like to have featured on the newsletter, feel free to PM Tideborne. If it's used in one of the Newsletters to come you will receive 5000 radiants in game. Extra points if it's lore related!

Art Showcase of the Month

This month we'll be trying something a little new. For this first contest we will have the theme of skins, if you have a minecraft skin you would like to enter please feel free to start a convo with Tideborne. The rules for the submissions are as follows:
  1. The convo title should be: Art Showcase 3.1.2020 | [Your forum name].
  2. The Minecraft skin that is submitted should be your own work and created sometime within this month.
  3. The skin created should fit the general theme of the server but does not need to be restricted to a character you play.
  4. In your submission please include at least the .png of the skin. A 3D display of the skin is also suggested.
The winner will be decided by 4.1.2020. be featured in the next Newsletter and be rewarded 10,000 in-game radiants.

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Free money if you're the only one to submit :cool: