Upcoming Marigold Market


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The stalls are set up and decorated with bunches of flowers. Through the city, a myriad of smells waft in the air; fresh bread, sweet cakes and strong cheeses. The people mumble and bumble about from person to person, admiring their wares.

In hopes to create some joy in otherwise troublesome times, Queen Citrine has arranged a Grand Market Fair, and invites any and all to come buy, sell, or simply revel in the festivities. There will also be an opportunity to make offerings to Shalherana around the central tree, and to join Citrine in prayer if any are interested.


Mockingbay has a really nice lil market square that doesn't get used so I thought this'd be fun. Just a peaceful little event. It is not an overtly religious thing, so I'm not expecting any Goddess shenanigans, but the underlying theme is there anyway because that's kind of Citrine's MO.

I know this is a while away but I wanted to nab the date, plus it allows me time to find people to do the stalls and just.. generally prepare the area for an event.

If you are interested in selling some stuff at this market please message me on here or on discord. There's quite a few stalls to fill but its first come first serve.

  • Carling
  • Theodosius
  • Kyri
  • Sirens Remedy
  • Asero’s tattoos

Other things:

Bard: (poke me if interested)

A bouquet making competition judged by Queen Citrine
(The winning bouquets will be left as offerings at the tree)

A maypole for the children (idk how im gonna RP this but trust me its gonna be great)

A brief word to honour those lost in the massacre.

More to come as I think of things, big WIP.


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{Postponed: Date TBD}

Thank :heart:
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Hullo! Few notes, I have made this moderate but I would prefer prior notice if you’re gonna cause a scene.

Also the stalls are ready so anyone who was interested in selling stuff you are welcome to come by and set up your shop whenever you want!


Lord of Altera
Due to the other event happening on the saturday this is now going to be pushed to the sunday. If you intended to have a stall and now cant make it please poke me here or on discord.

otherwise; feel free to drop by whenever you like to step up your stalls. We're still looking for a bard.


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This MIGHT still be happening tomorrow. Depends if I can get people to come set up the stalls and if I am feeling up for it cause I'm unwell.

Plus Citrine has IC reasons for not wanting to Host things so I'll update y'all tomorrow on whether I think It'll happen or not.

For now tho if you still haven't set up a stall and you're still interested please drop by.


Lord of Altera
Okay yeah I’m gonna have to postpone this.
I barely slept and I’m feeling very unwell so I’m not in the mood to host. This will happen in a couple weeks probably.