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Finished [May 14] Midsummer's Night of Spirits


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Night of Spirits


A sanctification.
A celebration.
Within the Temple of The Grey Lady

When: May 14th, 2pm pst, 4pm cst, 5pm est
Shao The Cartoon Witch Estes241
Invited: @ All of Linlea, Friends & Acquaintances of Clan Kov'Gra'Sek, Those of Her faith and those curious
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Not sure of my schedule next week now. Apologies to anyone that remade plans- I am moving this to the 14th where I'm definite of my availability on that weekend. I pushed it back an hour, too, in case of work.
I intended to add the following:

"The Temple opens an opportunity for those with loved or acquainted individuals that have passed- to appeal and see them once more for the duration of the gathering. They may enjoy their time together once more for the day. Those who have missed their chance may appeal another time."

At least 2 spirits can be brought back during the day of the 14th. If you want to rp with someone who's passed away, send Ashna a letter through forum or discord and we'll talk about it.