May 2019 Newsletter


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Greetings, Alterans!

Server and Forum Updates
Technical Update
- Brewery is buggy so proceed with caution. I will be working on fixing it soon. The thread for this will see an update in the future as well.
- Dynmap Reformation: You asked, we answered. The Dynmap will be seeing some changes for our community. Check out Elz's thread here: [x]
- Reminder: Creative Warp has been moved today! [x]

Lore Update
- The Earthspawn Lore has been updated! Check it out here: [x]
- Lore is now accepting submissions to Flora and Fauna. Check out the guidelines here: [x]

- Reminder: Make sure you pay your rent to Kam/Ayda for this month! [x]

RP Updates:
Campaign Events
- Recently Finished
- {4/26/19} [Finished] [Violent] Hunter's Rumor, The Great Stag [x]
- {4/14/19} [Finished] A Premature Auction [x]

- Upcoming
- Hunter's Rumor Series [x]
- {5/4/19 @ 2pm EST} [Moderate] Hunter's Rumor, The Grand Bird [x]

Player Events
- Recently Finished
- {4/5/19} An Abandoned Den [x]
- {4/9/19} Hunter's Call [x]
- {5/2/19} Garuthan the Weak [x]

- Upcoming
- {5/3/19 4pm EST} Quest-Fall-In [x]
- {5/5/19 4pm CST} The Grand Opening of Veraci [x]
- {5/10/19 5pm EST} Oozespit the Stubborn [x]

- Recent Rumor Thread Posts
- "The ghastly, wretched smell has struck the city of Halbed. It seems to be quite periodic, only striking when the harsh and freezing weather abates ..." Posted by Jase
- "Workers of Sanardu have taken to stripping out the building once home to 'Kael's Carvings' - Word spreads that the Emperor plans to have it converted into a chapel of Ignis, dedicated to 'Saint Maceo the Burned', instead, as if to purify what was once within." Posted by Elz
- Read more Alteran Rumours here: [x]
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Discussion Question of the Month:

What was your favorite moment of RP?


off topic but it's posted here so i must say

PLEASE change the logo from the 4th of july one, it's been so long that we're a month away from when it'd be used again

it's got the american flag in it! you can see it!


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When Reynard and Segar fought and argued while Hadley decided to indulge in her dramatics as she did her own soap opera.

Rolling an 18 and screaming at the top of her lungs! LOL


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I think my favorite moment of RP I can think of atm would have to be... I don't know one particular moment actually, but I'd say the moments when I laugh so much at someone's reply or emote that I feel the need to pm them that I laughed ha