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May Newsletter 5.1.2021


"Something need doing?"

Fireday, 1st of Sporebloom, 2308
Server News

Server Policy Updates, Announcements, & Changes
  • It was the 10 year anniversary of Hollowworld! [x]
  • Inactive Region Destruction [x] -- The next region destruction update will be on the 1st of May so keep in mind your inactivity and your co-owners/heirs.
  • Divine Team is hiring! Please apply if you believe you can help out! [x]
  • Lots of lore has been released recently including Elementals [x]! There is also a lot of lore soon to be released (including the Vyre rework) so watch out for that!
  • A new stats system is being implemented to help keep track of in-game skills. [x]Lannis has worked hard on this one, so please drop him a note of thanks! Some important pages to consider:
    • Stats Plugin Overview [x]
    • Stats Grandfathering application page [x]
    • Stats Feedback Page [x]
  • New Mailbox plugin! [x]
  • Check out the map of the Eastern Kingdoms by Solus [x]! Applications to add markers for your region onto the map are now open! [x]
On-Going Server Facets
  • Great Suggestion Thread -- Staff requests the community help us out in showing us what you think needs working on or needs updating. [x]
  • Region Highlight -- Every month from now on we will be trying to highlight a particular region, if you would like to have your region considered please submit! [x]
  • Support Tickets -- Support Tickets are still available for utilization of all members of the community for increased ease in contacting staff and logged/recorded tickets so less is forgotten. [x] Available through discord as well!
  • Contributor Perks -- When contributing to the continued operation of the Hollowworld server a number of titles and other possible perks can be gained. [x]
  • [Looking for Events] -- Event Request Thread - This thread is made in order to better help players get events with as little direct involvement on their part as possible. [x] This is currently on hold.
  • Harvesting and Crafting Plugins -- New to Hollowworld are a pair of plugins that help to bridge the gap between IC and OOC skills.
    • Crafting Plugin Guide [x]
    • Crafting Plugin Feedback + FAQ Thread [x]
    • Harvesting Plugin Guide [x]
    • Harvesting Plugin Feedback + FAQ Thread [x]
    • Hollowcrafting: Grandfathering Items [x]

Campaign Events
  • [Looking for Events] - Event Request Thread - This thread is made in order to better help players get events with as little direct involvement on their part as possible. [x] Currently on hold!
  • The Grasping Void campaign is soon to be completed with its final event tomorrow! [x]
  • Earthquakes and ground tremors continue to wreak havoc upon the world from Blackrush to Halbed in the Ashen Skies campaign! More from this to come soon! [x]
  • For the most up-to-date information surrounding the server campaigns please refer to the Campaigns Update thread [x].
Player Events-- Currently scheduled player events include the following.
  • Fervor for a Melody - 1st May 4pm EST - A day trip into the crumbled ruins of the Queensport Cathedral. [x]
  • A Plea to All - 1st May 4pm EST - Where Lana Wake, famed scholar of Altera will speak about the grave new threats facing this world ... [x]
  • The Descent - 2nd May 3pm EST - As the skies to the south darken and intensify unlike any storm seen before, a group venture forth for one last attempt at saving who they can from the wreckage below. [x]
  • Union of Lover and Light - 2nd May 3pm EST - Cassius West von Hardanger and Sophie Velour are finally getting married. About time! [x]
  • Midsummer's Night of Spirits - 8th May 4pm EST - A sanctification ... A celebration ... within the Temple of the Grey Lady. [x]
  • On Flora and Healing - 9th May 5pm EST - Learn to create ointment, salves, and how to disinfect wounds by coming along to Lana Wake's upcoming lecture in Frostwarts! [x]

  • Make sure to check the calendar or front page of the forums for any new events. [x]
Recipe of the Month

✾[Mushroom Stew] --
  • A bowl of some tasty mushroom stew! How rad!

Credit to Elz for recipes and pictures. [x]

Riddle of the Month

If you think you know the answer to this months riddle PM Jase, the first five people who get it right will be featured in the following issue of the Newsletter along with the answer, and receive a 1000 radiant cash prize.

✾Last Month's Riddle --

Last months riddle was:
Often a long silver body, with a hole in my head.
I have many teeth but never go to the dentist.
I am pinched when I am held, and twisted when I am used.
I can be big or small, thick or thin, old or new coming in all sizes.
What am I?

  • The answer to this riddle was: Key
The first five people to get it right were..
  1. Electric
  2. Raalvara
  3. Adam
  4. Dusty
  5. [ Name ] ( I have bad memory :( )

This Month's Riddle --

I am all on my own, Wounded by iron weapons and scarred by swords. I often see battle. I am tired of fighting. I do not expect to be allowed to retire from warfare Before I am completely done for. At the wall of the city, I am knocked about And bitten again and again. Hard-edged things made by the blacksmith's hammer attack me. Each time I wait for something worse. I have never been able to find a doctor who could make me better Or give me medicine made from herbs. Instead, the sword gashes all over me grows bigger day and night.

Riddle by Blorbis83!

✾Next Month's Riddle? --

If you have a riddle that you would like to have featured in the newsletter, feel free to PM Jase. If it's used in one of the Newsletters to come you will receive 5000 radiants in game. Extra points if it's lore related!

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