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Mentor List

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HollowWorld's Announcer
Welcome to Hollowworld!

Hello! If you’re reading this it likely means that you are just beginning to explore our community on Hollowworld. There is a lot of knowledge to take in on your first few weeks in our world and for some it can get to be a bit too much; many players are easily lost and confused. To help with this problem, our community has a set of trusted individuals who are mentors to new players much like yourself. These individuals are here to help you in any way they can and if you have any questions or concerns at all you should feel free to contact any number of them so they can help to get you set on the right track. At the bottom will be a list of all current mentors with their forum and In-Game tags so you can reach them easier.

What Mentors Can Help With:

Starting Roleplay-

For many players getting started and integrated into Hollowworld, RP can be a very difficult task. Our mentors can help you by giving you tips on where to start and point you in directions of interest to your character. This can included pointing you to towns where your character might fit in best, showing you to events that you can participate in, or simply showing you some tricks to finally getting involved in all the conversations around you!

-Also a very useful guide for Roleplay for Beginners can be found [Here!] as well as one for Tips and Tricks to get into Roleplay [Here!]. Check them out!

Tour of Points of Interest-

The World of Altera is an enormous place, with multiple areas of interest spread across all four corners of the map. For some it is very easy to get lost among the many towns. Mentors can help by showing you to various points through the server that you and your character may both find interesting. This can cover everything from server builds all the way to player towns. Just poke a mentor if you would like a guide through our world!

Common Plugin Assistance-

For some, our plugins can be very confusing at first glance. Luckily, most of our mentors have been around long enough to where they can help give you the right information on how to use certain plug-ins, such as the dockmaster, bank, and nearly anything else. In the case that they don’t know the answer, they can point you to someone who does.

Getting Integrated into the Community-

For many the main sticking point of our server is the community that has been built around it. Unfortunately for some, it is hard to feel included in said community. If you are ever feeling a bit lost whilst looking through our forums, just ask a mentor for a hand and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Lore Questions-

Hollowworld has a massive amount of lore that is constantly used all around the server and for some players it can come off very confusing at first. If you have any questions or concerns about lore that you need answered, then ask a mentor and they will be able to answer the question or point you in the direction of a staff member that can help you.

-Also a very useful FAQ thread about lore can be found [Here!]

Everything Else-

Mentors are here to help you. Do not ever be afraid to approach any of the individuals listed below. We all just want for you to feel welcome in our community.

Current Mentor List

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Removed: JoeJoe, 223hero7
Added: Jinny

Thank you to both Joe and Hero for their service to the Mentor team, and congratulations Jinny on becoming a Mentor!!

The Cinnaroll

The Cinnamon Roll
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Welcome our latest Mentor! Cymic! We know he'll do the position justice and hope to see great things from him in the upcoming months!


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The mentor team has now been dissolved. A few have joined the PR team.
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