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Finished Meridain - 26th November 3pm ET


"Something need doing?"

They say that the Meridain was once a merchant ship that disappeared during its maiden voyage during the last Fuvurian-Sangrian war.
Uncover the truth of its ruin, and the tragedy of the Meridain.


TidalTerror + Co

A diving expedition into the cold waters of the north to uncover the story of the fallen merchant ship Meridain.

The freezing cold seas around the Sangria north.

Suggested Equipment (You will need to bring these):
+ Equipment for Diving
+ Equipment to stave off the cold
+ Daggers
+ Water-proof light source (Optional)

IC Basis: Its been a good while since he added anything to his hoard, and now that he's got jax's greenlight, hes ready to add another shiney to the collection. Leo would be using his ability to glean rumors from taverns and alleys, and consulting his fellow treasure hunter to find an old ruin to plunder, or place of interest to explore and map.
Overview: I am wanting a treasure hunt/exploration! This doesnt have to be shineys, it can come in the form of lore or random doodads. Sometimes the real treasure is the journey itself. Shineys are definitely a plus tho.
Location: no specific preference
Party Size: [I would expect him and three others for now. His gaggle of gremlin goons.]
Rating: [im fine with moderate or violent.]
Preferred Date/Time: [weekends just work best for me. Im flexbible and can probably do a weekday but it would be like 5 or later. On the coming thanksgiving break wed and fri im off, but wednesday would have to either be before 5 or after 5. (Est i should clarify)]