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{ Message Board }


Lord of Altera

< } " Denounce the Wicked, Cherish thy Community " { >

A message board is present within Linistel. It is kept neat and clean and is decorated with small carvings around the perimeter. The contents of the message board seem to be regularly updated and changed. The following official advertisements and posters currently hang, announcing small, minor things.

"With the Blight poisoning the lands, construction and supplies have become sparse. The following materials are being bought in large bulk quantities:"
+Bricks and mortar
+Steel and Iron
+Foodstuffs of any kind

OOC: We are looking for clay, bricks, terracotta, spruce wood, food, candle heads, and clothing heads. PM Rossu or Ruu if you wish to provide them through IC or OOC trade.

"Jobs and help are sparse, especially after these trying times. Proper compensation will be given to those who present themselves in Linistel and meet the proper requirements for any of these positions.

Training can also be given to those who are not of sufficient skill to call themselves any of the above, but wish to help.

If you do not feel comfortable with either CRP, or medicinal RP, you can seek training In-character and be trained, even if you know literally nothing. Feel free to come by Linistel and RP.



Lord of Altera
Very very nice house chrest (lemme know if I should delete this)