Might as well go for it. [Open. 1/3]

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Look! I'll keep this short, sweet and simple:

I'm broke in game and IRL, so I'll do art for mons.
Traditional drawings: Aka paper, uncolored but inked will be payed for in Radiants.

Digital Drawings: Fully colored is payed for in IRL money. I have a PayPal. Again, Digital is always colored. Whether shaded or flat.

All drawings are either:

Rads: 4k
Digital: $10

Chest shot.

Rad: 7k
Digital: $15

Waist up.

Rad: 10k
Digital: $20


Sorry, my lines look like trash.

An extra 5k or $5 is added if you want someone with you in the picture.

If you give me someone in armor, I will do my best to draw it but I prefer not to for the sake of blessing you with a quality drawing. I want your art to be worth the money you spent on it.

Just PM me the details of the drawing and I'll get right to you. Here's my Discord: Yuki_The_Witch#4078.
You'll find me in the hollowworld discord too. All I ask is that you allow me to put it on my thread after I'm done.

Your favorite witch~♡

Current Commissions:

Cedlas [Trad art: Chest up]

Don't be afraid to request slighty lewd drawings. I draw those all the time. I won't post those on my thread if you don't want me too. I understand privacy.:3
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Considering I have a hole in my kitchen ceiling due to a leaking bathtub, I’ll have to do rads.
Will be PM’ing.

The Cartoon Witch

Lord of Altera
Commissions right now: [Closed]
Gib: Chest up Digital [Done~]
Delta: Very huge order of characters. Digital. [Done~]
Archbishop: Traditional drawing. [Done~]
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The Cartoon Witch

Lord of Altera
I'm open for business once again!
Go on my art thread to see what you'll be paying for as reference!

I'll be three commissions at must! First come first serve!