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... is very scientifical.

"As you march into battle, at the head of a vast army; or, as you see the enemy flag whilst at the helm of your flagship, remember this: You have already lost."

House Fuvur has no standing army, nor has its military ever established itself on the world stage. House Fuvur has, quite simply, never engaged in a war with another sovereignty. However, this does not stop it from maintaining some semblance of military preparedness, both for the safety of its people, and in the event of a surprise attack.

In regard to personnel, everyone who maintains a permanent residence in the Fuvurian capital is expected to possess some kind of military experience. This does not strictly mean having served in wars, but instead refers to some basic acumen with weapons common to the collective. Spear, buckler, crossbow, and kukri. As well as ability to follow basic commands, and an understanding of the military’s structure.

House Fuvur has an extremely simple hierarchy, where military is concerned. The current patriarch, and his advisors, are the de facto generals. Those who trained the civilians in the mandated military training, are the officers. War time is one of the few exceptions where the patriarch will have complete, formalized control over the capital, as opposed to the matriarch. In control of new constructions, remodeling of existing constructs, with full reign over preparations for foreign soldiers potentially marching on their soil.

However, this point must be stressed, that the Fuvurs are guided by the wisdom of hindsight, and have never taken to the field, at all, in the entire history of their existence as anything of note. Always, so far, able to resolve conflict before the wheat is threshed.
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