Upcoming {Mini Campaign" Forest of the Damned


Lord of Altera



Communication has been lost by the crown of Telarion with its forest hub of overland trade traffic. All trade has stopped coming in from the north via land routes cutting the kingdom of the empire off from overland trade. Several military scouting parties were sent out not having been heard from since the last that was dispatched was a small platoon of men in force, but nothing of note have been heard of in over a week.

This Event arch is classified as Violent anyone participating consents to the possibility of death,capture,or sacrifice if the jishrimites get you in the forest.

Main Dm: Kam the main Earthspawn

Jishrmites Players

You are more then welcome to participate as much as you all want,this event chain is a chance for you all to spread chaos and work to increase your gods influence in the world. Anything you do god wise make sure to put into your prayer logs with elz she will be handeling any god or divine apearnces.

This invitation goes out to all though it will be series itself of several events over time that will start with the investagation of the forests edge and working its way towards the town itself to figure out what has been going on, and why we cannot reach the people.



Lord of Altera
The silence that preludes death.

When: December 7th 4pm EST

Eimar seeks people to aid him in venturing to investigate what has happened to the town, those wishing to venture to feel free to sign up here or talk to him ICly in his smithy at eldpoint.

Credit for the app format to solus.

also jishrimites feel free to contact kam if you want to do any shenagians so she can work it into her part, she is running it as a whoel I am just providing a base outline of it all suprise me and lets make somethign fun and amazing ^^

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Staff member
I speak for the party of Ranger children, we'd like to join in!

Ign: NottTheBrave, Archbishop, Anhalder, maybe ShadowAdmin
Character Name: Aryn, Sigmar, Wolfgang, maybe Otto
Inventory & Attire: Aryn has a bow and ranger things, the other dudes probably have foci
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