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Upcoming [Moderate] Stocking the Larder {12/3/20 3 PM CST}


Lord of Altera
Starting from Verdant Valley, posters start to go up in public squares.
They are crudely written in ink.

eagle hunter.jpg


Return to the Proper Ways!

The Frost and the Snow are Nearly Here!

Let us Stock our Larders!

Join me on a Hunt in the Verdant Valley!

OOC: Tylla is hosting a small hunt before winter begins. Fair game will be bison, deer, goats, steinbock, hares, and pheasants. Eagles and wolves are not fair game. Foragers are also welcome to join.

A short prayer (primarily to Theodra) will be given before the hunt, as well as a quick rundown of hunting etiquette.

Foraging RP is welcome, though players will need to do this by themselves. The system is as simple as rolling a d20 and looking at the following: rolls of 1-5 are clumps of valerian, spearmint, or chives, 6-10 includes plants such as elderberries, blueberries, rose hips, hawthorn apples, etc. Rolls of 11-15 are mushrooms; chanterelles, slippery jacks, or blewits while rolls of 16-20 include rarer finds like currants, truffles, morels, lion's mane mushrooms, and cloudberries.

After this, attendees may either leave or stay to help each other butcher and prepare their kills and finds, though everything must be used.

Brown will be DMing animals.

Tagging Elz BoredBrit and blargtheawesome bc Blessed log. (You don't need to show up as I'm not expecting any Divine shenanigans; this is just to let you know of Tylla's current activity.)