Upcoming {Moderate} The Trial of Hamish Longtree (7/20/2019, 2 PM EST)


Lord of Altera
Posters such as these are put up across Veraci and Storm's Landing.


For His Crimes Against Veraci...

The Robber Known as "Hamish Longtree" Is To Stand Trial Tomorrow!

As a complicit accessory to the Robbing of the Bank of Veraci, the Mercenary-Robber called Hamish Longtree will be tried and sentenced within the Throne Room of the Palazzo Del Jax.

He has Been Charged with the Following Crimes, to which he may plead innocent or guilty:

- One Count of Robbery

- One Count of Assault
To make sure the Trial is Fair Before the Eyes of the Gods, the Royal Mitre calls upon One Uriel Valhart to testify as to his experience with the Accused and to see whether or not he was assaulted or not. (BoredBrit )

The Royal Mitre also asks that any and all Veracian citizens who are able to attend do so.

May Jax Judge Our Paths To be Righteous

OOC: So, this is going to be Veraci's first trial! Hopefully it'll be exciting. While there aren't any attacks scheduled in this event, I do encourage you to come forward with rowdy shenanigans if you please- just make sure they're justified.