My Appeal to be unbanned (Denied - Ghost)


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Hey.. it's me again,

I was wondering, if after all of this time I could be unbanned, I really miss playing on here and much of my friends are still active in the community, I was wondering If you could accept the following appeal, and please take my most sincerest of apologies.

I was originally banned for finding a fatal flaw in the admin commands system, and abusing it directly, I also lied about how I used it regardless of a staff member being present, and I would like to appologise for this and hopefully be reaccepted in to your fantastic community once again.

My IGN is Paradaux,
Ban Reason (According to the server) Ban hammer has spoken.

Again, I'm oh-so very sorry, and I really hope I can join once again

Edit: Here's a link to my old appeal that was denied right after the incident,
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You have placed more of an effort into your previous appeal, which makes me wonder why you've included it in this one. Appeals should be taken seriously by both the player and the staff member alike, to show you have changed and to show we are ready to accept you back into the community. This lack-luster appeal appeal appears too candid, and not serious enough that you understand, let alone apologise for your previous misdeeds.

As always, we suggest you take some time away to collect your thoughts, and come back when you feel ready to construct a serious appeal, not a list of what had transpired.