My Application to be unbanned [Appeal Denied]

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I waited a few days to remake my appeal, Solus did not state a specific time when I should so I felt it appropriate to wait a few days and let the punishment take its toll somewhat,

I'd like to begin by apologising for not reporting the command of which I used abusively sooner, I don't even know whether I would have, However I'd like to think I would given the role I applied for several hours before hand, I just wanted to say sorry as it was immature and childish of me to even consider using such a command which bypasses the hours of work and roleplay many did to receive such things fairly.

I miss the world of altera/Hollowworld as I had only gotten back into it after stopping about 2 years ago in the last few months and I managed to have some great roleplay experiences whilst on the server and I believe that I would be missing out if I had to stay banned much longer, I was in a skype call whilst one of my close friends got to take part in the spring festival and I thought I would consider making my appeal sooner, I miss altera and I wish you would take me back, I agree what I did was wrong but I don't think that should get in the way with my experience on the server because of my childish behaviour.


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Dear TheGamerRian,

Your ban was instated under issue of you repeatedly abusing a command, and failing to report it. This is an extreme breach of trust that is established between Staff and the playerbase, as well as each player individually. This breach of trust is unacceptable, and warrants in a ban.

We, the Staff Team, have read and extensively discussed your ban appeal. Not only is it lacklustre, but any trace of apology is immediately dissipated by your own acknowledgement of the fact that, although you know and knew what you were doing was wrong, you "don't even know whether I would have [reported it]".

Your childish behaviour should, can, and will get in the way of your experience. We hope that this ban will allow for you to study yourself and your actions, and allow you to grow from them. With this, we hope that you will return as a positively contributing member of Hollowworld.

Your Ban Appeal has been denied.

As an aside:

Please do not comment on Ban Appeals.

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