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My Whitelist Application [Accepted - Jase]


Minecraft Username: ArcAsuno

Age: 19

Country & Timezone: EST+12

Read the Kings Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides?: Yes

Define Metagaming & Powergaming?: Metagaming is when you use information not received in character to affect the roleplay. Powergaming is when there is an attempt to use moves or attacks that does not make sense rply, or an ability that you character cannot do

Do we allow Xray mods or X-Ray texture packs?: No

Tell us about yourself!: Honestly I enjoy good and awesome story. Especially stories that are well thought out and have purpose. I enjoy various kind of music, and don't really have a preference of genre. I just enjoy what sounds good

Referral: A friend FizzyDrinks


{Character Section}
Character Name: Wren'yer Na'i'lo

Age: 18

Race: Silver Elf

Appearance: Jet Black hair. Fair skin tone. Emerald green eyes. Body physique is mostly lean.

(Optional) Picture of the Skin: Attach on the thread

Written Test (Min: 400 words): "Quickly Henry we do not really have much time... the guards will return soon" Wren'yer said as he watches the corridor, his voice seemingly desperate. "I'm trying! This lockpick is far more difficult to pry than I thought!" Henry whispered whilst his hands moved rather swiftly with each turn. Celia was just outside the keep, using her charms to seduce the guards while Wren'yer and Henry lockpick the door. After a few moment said door was unlocked. "We're in..." Henry whispered tugging on to his sleeve. Wren'yer simply nods as he followed him into the room. Despite being a keep the particular room they are in is very much a mess. Tables and chairs laid about seemingly as if someone was throwing a fit. The walls had huge cracks with small creatures crawling in and out. The chandelier was decorated with cobwebs. "Henry... are you certain this is a good idea... if we are to be caught" Henry cuts him off by placing a finger on his lips. He then lowered his index before speaking "You worry too much... now help me open this chest"

Wren'yer simply sighs. He took out his own set of lockpick and made his way to open the chest. Unlike Henry, Wren'yer seem to be rather skilled with lockpicking, his hands moved gracefully and almost in rhythm with each click that is heard from the chest. It opens. The two looked inside and they frown in disappointment. "Bloody hell... seems this place is more dead beat than we thought" Henry commented "Nay I find that highly unlikely, the fact that there are guards protecting this particular room... Doesn't that strike you as a odd at least?" The Elven boy said a hand on his chin. "Nay we simply have looked hard enough, check the bookshelves our answer might lie in there" Wren'yer added as he pointed to the rather tall bookshelf. Henry nods in agreement and made his way towards the shelfs slowly removing the books one by one. Wren'yer sighs and examines the room. Hopefully a clue would emerge out of this gutter of a room. He spots something shiny behind the flipped over table. He goes over and realize that it was a small bronze button. He smirks and presses it, a rather soft creaking sound is then heard from the bookshelf which startled Henry. "Bloody hell Wren! Could at least warn me" his brows furrowed. Wren'yer simply chuckled and pat his friend's shoulder "Tense are we? Not too long ago, you told me not to worry, yes?" Wren'yer teased as he placed both hands on the edge of the shelf "Now help me with this" he added. Henry shook his head and chuckled as well, helping his friend to pull the shelf



"Something need doing?"


I'm pleased to announce your application has been approved. I hope you enjoy your stay in Altera. Before logging on make sure you read the Survival Guide. It will help you on your way to get established in our World. If you need to know any additional information, everything can be found in our King's Law. Make sure you consult either of these two before asking a question in-game or on discord.

+You are probably eager to jump into the game, so there is no need to read all the links. Just use these as a reference for later.+

Survival Guide - Read this to help when you login!
The King's Law
How to Create a Character
The Official Lore
Town Census
Plugins Command Guide
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